23rd Jun 2005, 17:13

Here is how to prevent the biggest problems with the 2.7.

The 2.7 engines do have a problem. They are about 155ci and generate about 205hp. This means they run hot and your regular conventional oils cannot stand the heat, and will begin to break down and lose viscosity, which is what causes all that sludge, and it does not lubricate very good. It is like using water to lubricate your engine.

To prevent build up and many other problems, you need to use a different oil with a higher flash point. The best oil we have found is Mobil 1, 15w 50, a fully synthetic oil. If you use this oil, your engine will last longer and will not have sludge build up.

If anyone is noticing any sludge build up, you need to have your motor flushed or cleaned, then run the Mobil 1, 15w 50 oil. Anyone whose motor is clean should still do the same thing.

This is the only oil for the 2.7.

15th Nov 2005, 16:33

I bought my 99 Concorde Lxi 3.2L from an on-line auction, and have been pleased with it EXCEPT:

(1) Right rear window motor quit working week one.

(2) Infinity speakers sound horrible on lower bass notes.

(3) The AC evaporator leaks. That's $1000 repair pending.

(4) Two recalls so far, on shifter and seat bolts.

(5) The paint job has faded and is flaking off the top.

(6) Black paint on windshield frame flaked off.

On a good note, the engine is a workhorse and runs like a dream. Coming up on the 100K overhaul and it hasn't skipped a beat. All in all, a $12K car I paid $7700 for and it's paid off. Not a bad deal... we like it! :D.

1st Oct 2007, 13:50

I HAD a 1999 Concorde and got rid of it. The wipers would sometimes decide that they did not want to work, as well as the front passenger window. Found out about the window when it was about 20 degrees out. The check engine light was a usual occurence - just shut it down and restart and it cleared itself. I had an Intrepid before that - loved it, but was the most unreliable car in the world. I finally got rid of the Concorde two years ago with 175K on the odometer because the engine was leaking so much oil it destroyed the garage floor.