1999 Chrysler Concorde from North America


A 5-star reject from Chrysler


I have had numerous problems with this car. While driving down the road, my lights will come on for no reason, the check engine light comes on and then the car will jerk until it dies. I have had the car in the shop so many times with no satisfactory solution to my problems. I would never buy another car from Chrysler. I am convinced that we purchased one of their many "lemons" that the company produces. I am now waiting to see how corporate feels about my purchase after the letter I just wrote them. I would do anything to unload this piece of junk.

General Comments:

I am sorry we ever traded in a perfectly good car for this one.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2001

1st Aug 2001, 09:52

The 1999 Concorde is a roomy, good-looking car. That's about all the good I have to say about it. I have been back to the dealer 5 times to have power windows fixed, twice on the driver's side! Twice, I had to go back because the heating system controls did not work. That's pretty bad in -20 degree weather! The latest calamity is that I had to replace rotors and pads on all four wheels at 29,000 miles! Although there was plenty of material left on the pads, they rusted and scratched the rotors. That little job cost me $800 on what I consider to be a new car. I also had to replace all 4 tires because of premature wear. I have that awful feeling that I am in for other unpleasant surprises.

1999 Chrysler Concorde LXi 3.2 from North America


Timeless elegance, practicality and good performance at a bargain price!


A bad speed sensor caused erratic shifting. It was replaced by the dealer and the car drives smooth as silk. Dealer service was excellent - they even picked up the car at my home.

General Comments:

This is one beautiful car. I consider it to be a piece of art - a fine sculpture that you can drive. I remember standing (drooling, actually) in front of it for a full hour at the '98 Car Show. Its timeless elegance (outside and inside) always brings a smile to my face.

This car also handles well and is very comfortable. I don't envy the luxury import owners. I turn more heads than they do.

Needless to say, I will be keeping this one.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2001

30th Jul 2002, 06:28

I just bought a used 1998 Concorde with 25,000 miles. Next day, my speed sensor died. My dealer did an excellent repair, but it set me back $260!! There is no excuse for this engineering problem. I only hope this is not the beginning of a long line of stupid problems that will drive me into the poor-house!

I agree 100% about the stare-quality. My wife LOVES the car's body style!

17th Mar 2003, 22:22

My 99 Concorde with 55,000 miles has had a failure each month this year. The car is garage-kept, and has been maintained by dealers.

Two speed controls failed, a rarely-used right rear window motor was replaced, and I paid $844 today to replace the air conditioning evaporator.

The company's customer assistance is unreachable. I do not recommend that anyone purchase a Chrysler product.

Robert Parrish

Pensacola, Fl.

10th Feb 2005, 23:26

I just bought a Concorde LXi. So far so good. I was looking into buying a 1999 Intrepid, but I heard that they were trying to call back the 2.7 engine.

1999 Chrysler Concorde LXI 2.6 Liter from North America


The piece of plastic in front of the windshield wipers came off.

General Comments:

This is a nice car for a large person; very roomy in front.

The car handles well.

I like the position of the controls.

Great acceleration.

Large trunk.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2001