1999 Chrysler Concorde 2.7 from North America


A high priced lemonade


Two weeks after I left the lot with it, the transmissions sensors had to be replaced because the car would not change gears.

Three months after owning the car the catalytic converters had to be replaced. Both of them.

Nine months after owning the car, the fuel pump had to be replaced.

A year and half after owning the car an electrical problem kept the interior lights from working properly, they would just come on while driving it.

Two and half years after owning it all the warning light on the dash board lite up and remained on, costing $1,400. to replace the cluster assembly.

Almost three years after ownership the weather strip around the headlights had to be replaced along with one of the rear door seals.

Three years after ownership the control for the driver seat went bad and had to have it replaced.

Three years after owning the car the seat belt bolt the seat bolt had to be replaced because of a recall notice.

General Comments:

Chrysler car they look great. The total quality of the sub products that go into Chrysler cars is below satisfactory conditions.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2004

1st Jul 2004, 10:17

I have a 1999 Chrysler Concorde, and we had to have the fuel pump replaced, and also after that, we had to have the motor replaced, and our inside lights flash on some by themselves.

The rubber around headlights has always been loose.

The driver's side window sometimes won't work.

Had the air conditioner worked on last week; it was out of freon, and now it's out again, and we were told it needs an evaporator coil, and that the dash will have to come completely out to repair it, at the cost of about 800.00 bucks.

I will never, never, never ever buy another Chrysler product as long as I live. What a major waste of my hard earned money. Always had a Ford before, and it looks like I will go back to a Ford.

8th Feb 2006, 17:50

Going back to a Ford will be even bigger mistake. It will suck your hard earned money. Newer Ford is no longer your old fashioned reliable Ford.

8th Feb 2006, 23:36

To make such a broad statement as the one above is ridiculous. 1, there is no way that that could be universally true for all Ford cars, old and new. Plus when you look at JD power Ford has come a long way in reliability.

28th Jul 2008, 02:15

All I can say is I would never ever buy another Chrysler car or truck. Here is why.

I bought a 2002 Concorde LX 2.7LT. My wife was driving the Concorde. On our way home, the car over heated and the smoke was all over the place. When we checked under the hood, the water outlet was blowing out. I had to tow it home, now the car won't even start and all the warning lights are on. Replaced some sensors and the water outlet is still no good. Called the dealer; they won't take it back because cos it was used car. We purchased this car just 45 miles from our home and it didn't even made it home. Chrysler said it's out of warranty. All our savings went down the drain + I lost my job...

So don't buy any Chrysler. If you don't believe me, go prove me wrong.


1999 Chrysler Concorde LXI 3.2 V/6 from North America


Great value for the money


The power steering pump went out the first week we owned it and was a BIG hassle to get fixed at the dealer. The service was horrible. Had to be taken back three times. Started going to a different dealer and the service there was good.

Both rear power windows went out. Fixed under warranty.

One of the electric cooling fans went out at 55,000.

Front headlight weatherstripping came off.

General Comments:

Overall this has been a great car.

It has tons of interior room and trunk space. It is very comfortable and has been on several vacation road trips.

It handles good for a car it's size in all weather conditions.

This car has plenty of power and a smooth ride.

I live in the country and the headlights on this car really light up the road better than anything else I've ever driven.

This car was priced evenly with the Chevy Impala when I bought it in 1999. Bought the Chrysler because it was bigger with more interior and trunk space. The same or better options at a lower price and Chrysler stylists make some great looking cars.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2003