1999 Chrysler Concorde LXi 3.2 from North America


Nice to drive, but it was a nightmare for me


Both head gaskets blew at 140,000kms, along with the intake manifold.

Electronic problems galore.

Transmission case cracked at 160,000kms.

Altogether I have spent over $9000 on maintenance and repairs over the last 2 years.

I can't stand feeling the road through my accelerator pedal. My Nissan Micra had a more substantial pedal.

Hot start problem that no dealer can figure out.

General Comments:

Nice to drive, good paint, but just like most Chrysler products, they're unreliable. I have been stuck on the side of the road 5 times with this car.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2012

6th May 2013, 09:25

With this hot start problem, run a ground wire from your negative battery terminal directly to your starter; this will fix the hot start. I've done this on 3 of these cars now... PDP.

1999 Chrysler Concorde from North America


Quite satisfied


Oil light comes on when stopped.

Sound system confusing.

Steering wheel alignment.

Driver window makes weird noise when rolled up.

General Comments:

This is my first official car, and for what I paid, I am extremely satisfied. Sure, there were some issues. When I went for a test drive, the brakes were very touchy, but the dealership replaced the brakes and gave it an oil change for free. Pickup is awesome. Comfort and style are fantastic.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2010

6th May 2013, 09:29

Your light is coming on because your engine is full of sludge, and it will be quitting soon. There is a massive oil sludge issue with these cars. PDP.

1999 Chrysler Concorde LXI 3.2 litre from North America


Never buy Chrysler


So the good ol' Chrysler Concorde... Well let me start out by saying the car blows. I bought it from a dealer with a warranty for the transmission and engine. Well those weren't the problem, it was the front end; first the tie rod went out.. then the stabilizer arm went out.. then the control arm went out, then the wheel bearing went out. Now the struts are going out in the back.

Oh, and the plastic between the windshield and hook is on its last legs, and the windows barely want to go up.. and when they do, they make this screeching sound that will wake the neighbors.

Oh, and can't forget the lovely power leather seats.. mine are special; they stopped working and fell back. Nice, but I mean it's a good car; I recommend it to everyone who wants to spend their money on a car, get a few months out of it, and then use it as a lawn ornament.

General Comments:

The car blows.

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2010

2nd Sep 2010, 22:29

What is the world coming to when you can't buy an 11 year old car with higher miles and it doesn't drive new?!

I'm sorry, I don't doubt your issues, but a lot of those front end things are typical maintenance with a car of this age and miles, especially if the car was exposed to snow/harsh weather. I do feel bad that you think you got taken by the dealer, but you have to understand that used, older cars are going to need some work.

I have a 2008 Impala that I spent 27K on, and have had much worse issues than the ones you are describing, that GM refuses to do anything about. Am I happy about it? Of course not, but it's one of the joys of owning a car!

1999 Chrysler Concorde LXi 3.2L from North America


Beautiful car, questionable design


Power window motor went out on passenger side.

Strut out on front passenger side.

Trunk struts are shot.

Wire harness for rear lights (brakes, turn signals, etc.) shorted out.

Cracked windshield.

Digital climate control screen went out.

Rear sway bar link snapped.

General Comments:

Let me start off by telling you that I bought this car with some front end damage, the only parts of the car it affected were the bumper and the left turn signal. The car had also sat for some three months prior, most likely leading to the problems in the suspension.

For such a high mileage vehicle, it has served me very faithfully, I have never had any problems starting the car, driving it, or working on it. I do admit though, the car is truly a mechanics nightmare, the cab forward design makes the engine bay like a can of sardines. Just to get at the battery, you must jack the car up and remove the wheel to access the wheel well panel.

Electrically, the car does have its flaws, I had one instance where the gauges and dash lights would not work whatsoever, I quickly learned that ice likes to get up in the bumper of the vehicle, cutting the wire harness, I quickly purchased mud flaps.

The ride was incredible when I purchased the vehicle, but the rough roads in this area quickly destroyed that, new struts are in order as well as a new sway bar link, as soon as I can afford them, trust me, never try to load your own springs, it is a death wish.

The sound system was complete junk when I bought the car, the three front speakers were all blown (I suggest removing the dash speaker, as it does nothing for the sound quality) and the rears were well on their way, new 6 1/2s were put in with 6x9s following soon after. I eventually added a Kenwood deck and some subs. The sound system is now in check, but I warn you, rewiring your speakers is very tedious work, because there is a factory amp that must be bypassed, and aftermarket speakers do not take to well to the stock 2 ohms it pushes out.

Overall, I am happy with this car, it has a few nuances (gas mileage), but has performed beautifully for me in the time I've had it.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2009

29th Mar 2011, 20:05

Have 1999 LXI. It is the best car ever. 359000 kilometers on it. Only uses half litre oil in 5000 kilometers. That's less than a quart for 3000 miles on a motor with 200000 miles on it. WOW.