15th Jan 2003, 08:21

I Have a 1995 Concorde and it has 187,000 miles on the odometer. The only problem I've had is the air conditioning also went bad at 140,000 miles...Randy.

21st Jul 2003, 13:08

I agree that the car is a piece of junk. I own one to, it goes to the shop every 3000 miles for an oil change, and is religiously maintained. To date the car has had three--that's right, count them--3 a/c replacements. And before you tell me it's because of something I've done, know that my Chrysler dealer informed me it's because of the way the part is designed--cheap plastic in the evaporator. But don't think that has stopped them from charging me for the labor cost on the last one I had replaced. Now, after only 85,000 miles, it appears I, too, am beginning to have transmission problem! I would NEVER EVER EVER again purchase another Chrysler product!

19th Oct 2004, 20:35

I, too, had a 1995 Chrysler Concorde. It was a pretty good performer for its size (very large) and was pretty efficient when it came to gasoline.

The car ran perfectly for 71,000 miles, then just about everything seemed to fall apart on it. The brakes went spongey on me, the AC went out, the front end almost fell apart, and the transmission started slipping. Power door locks became erratic before quitting altogether. At about 95,000 miles, the engine started to burn quite a bit of oil. Soon after that, for some reason I couldn't keep the battery cables from getting corroded. Any time it rained, the next day the engine would stall when I let my foot off the gas. Sometimes the rain wasn't necessary and all it took was normal, Texas heat and humidity.

I never drove the car hard, so the oil burning, front end, and transmission all came as a surprise to me. I've always been very good about maintainance, and I can't say it was a lemon because it ran virtually problem free for the duration of its warranty.

I'd suggest some caution if you're considering buying one of these things used for your teenage son or daughter or whatever. It could be that my experience was unusual, but do you really want to find out?

3rd May 2005, 10:06

I think that you just got a bad one. I own a a 1996 Dodge Intrepid and I will admit, the air conditioning did go out, but besides that I have had no problems. Also, not that I'm proud of it, but I'm not the best at maintenance, and to be honest I have beat the heck out of it and it is still running great after 148,000 miles. And By the way, tell your friends to read a few reviews for Oldsmobile and Buick. They'll be sorry they wasted their hard earned money on a General Motors product.

19th May 2006, 10:09

Hey I have a Chrysler Concorde 1995 and I'm hearing a thump in the front end when I accelerate does anybodyy know what it is?

3rd Nov 2006, 20:59

Yeah that thumping sound is your inner tie rod bushings...

Get them replaced! The bushings are worn out... Buy new ones for about $13. Labor is about $60-$300 dollars depending on how much of a rip off your mechanic is... CALL AROUND. Also get the split piece set... so your mech. doesn't have to press them into the inner tie rod... Saves your mech. time and you a lot of money...

Good Luck!


24th Jul 2007, 00:37

1995 Chrysler Concorde. 130,000 miles. A/C needs to be recharged before summer.

AT went out and cost 1,200 to rebuild.

The paint is thin, I've buffed it out and detailed it. Looks nice.

Average of $120 per month in repairs. Better than a new car payment.

Died once and needed a two. It was a 'crankshaft sensor'. Other than that, never been hooked to a towtruck.

I'd do it again.


22nd Feb 2008, 03:33

Hi I own a 1995 chrysler Concorde which I love!! Never had any problems with the car till Recently when it started missing so I replaced the plugs and wires. But Engine still sounds a bit rough. A friend of mine said it could possibly be a burnt valve?? If this is the possiblity how do I fix this problem without going broke?? And if not What else could it be??

Thanks for your Help,


5th Jun 2008, 21:21


Don't know if I will ever be back here again, but I too own a 95 Concord. I love the car, but I have had to fix the A/C every 18 months (not just freon).

I have replaced the plastic lined radiator every 18 months, and the tranny was replaced also (got the dealership to pick up the tab on that one).

Tie rods have been replaced, alignment is always off; just had the e-brake tightened, man the list goes on.

I have the oil changed every 3,000 miles, and I don't drive harder than 75 on the freeway.

I have almost 200,000 miles on it.

The paint is going and my temp gage is not accurate anymore. But all in all, it's been a great car, and I more than got my monies worth out of it. I bought the car in 2000 and have had it since.

I also agree that something is always wrong with it.

Thank you, Steve.

27th Dec 2008, 19:11

I own a 1996 Chrysler Concorde 3.5L LX and today the second transmission in it went. I replaced it in April of 2008 and it went already.

The A/C doesn't work anymore, was going to get that fixed before the summer but now instead of spending another $1,000+ on a transmission I will get a different car. My 1997 Intrepid worked like a champ until it got rear ended and sent flying into another car. Even though these cars are similar, only a year apart, this one is much worse than my Intrepid.

20th Jul 2009, 16:39

I own a 95 Concorde, I bought it used in NJ about 6 years ago and at the time had 69k miles, which is low for NJ, it has all the bells and whistles, plus child window locks.

The car was very well maintained, IMO. Never broke down on me, but... 2006 AC controller freaked out, got one on ebay cheap,. the AC needed recharging 2007 (What car have I ever owned that had AC, but it didn't work? Every single one!), 2008 compressor clutch melted. May be my fault for using the car to drive from building to building at work with the windows open cause I smoke.

Now the power steering pump with leaking/squealing, not loud, but $50 for the pump.

Runs rough and has an internal oil leak, I know, changed plugs and found oil in the top side of 2 plugs. Either way, at this point, I will drive it til it dies, I wouldn't fix the tranny or engine, 14 years old & not worth investing in, only cheaply to keep running, til I can replace it.

I do my own auto work if I can, but overall the car is reliable, at 120k now. I never blame the car as a lemon, it's mostly owners that neglect a car. They are machines, and need to be taken care of, inspected regularly. You can get your oil changed every 3k with any car, but if you don't have a mechanic that will let you know he sees a potential problem coming, it's because he wants you back again & again. It's up to you the check fluids regularly. AC's lose freon, Ebrake needs adjusting, brake pads need to be changed eventually,. Does anyone think that a car will never need anything? Ever?