13th Oct 2017, 20:32

So drive another new fast domestic. Doesn't have to be Olds. And the Cordoba never was. And if one person buys 3, they may buy 3 more again in another few years. I hit the large auto shows and buy with the latest technology etc. I guess GM felt there were too many overlap models on their line up. Go to your Chevrolet dealer and ask for a fast piece. Or buy a hot Mustang. Or a Mopar with some guts to it. Instead of some slug that takes forever to merge onto an interstate.

14th Oct 2017, 22:50

And "change" means modification of an existing model.

The 80-83 models were not just a "change" on the older models. They were completely new.

15th Oct 2017, 15:49

My brother in law bought a brand new special edition Magnum in that era. Honestly I was pretty impressed with its styling them. It was a departure in styling. Didn't own it, but drove it around the beach on weekends. Pretty decent acceleration and handling. Sticker price was pretty high. You never really see this model anywhere today. As with many vehicles, they are all pretty nice when brand new. I suspect these were not especially collectible and suffered the boneyard fate. Pontiac had some interesting styling as well in that time frame. Cars like this had nice comfortable rides. Horsepower was bleak, but fortunately today it just keeps improving in that area.

15th Oct 2017, 20:15

And completely different, no longer being body on frame.

16th Oct 2017, 11:31

Eh, no. The older models were not body on frame. They were unitized body construction with subframes.

Just like EVERY OTHER Chrysler built passenger car made after 1960 (1967 for Imperial).

16th Oct 2017, 17:56

Wow, you seem to have a wealth of knowledge towards Chrysler vehicles. What kind do you own?

17th Oct 2017, 10:56

Will be glad to, and then you can add yours. First car ever was a 50 Plymouth flathead with 3 on the tree. Next a 64 Savoy with push button automatic. Ordered a new Duster; first new car I ever bought. Over time and with relatives a 70 Cuda Race Car, 3 Challengers; latest one is the SRT-8 with the slightly bigger Hemi manual. A 2002 Viper with 100 shot nitrous engine management card and Corsa cat backs. The newer Challenger has a new exhaust system added with dummy cats, intake and catch can. And quite a few other hot pieces; the majority GM. And your Mopars?

17th Oct 2017, 18:36

Never owned "Mopar" therefore I can't answer your question. Also my comment was directed to 11:31. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you are not the author of that post.

18th Oct 2017, 15:08

If you never owned one, why do you care what Mopar someone has? I was on this review commenting on my brother in laws. But have owned and have first hand experience Mopar maintenance and ownership history myself to add flavor to the review. I also have driven my parents' mid 70s Newports (2) as well as their earlier Fury model with the great 383. As you asked, what full size are you running now?

19th Oct 2017, 16:20

Again, my comment was aimed toward 11:31. With their correct points and hint of sarcasm replied to 20:15. It's OK to ask somebody what they own. You'll get over it. By the way I have seen your comments on Volt threads. Do you own one? I don't.

19th Oct 2017, 17:05

I have however driven actually driven one and a Prius. The latter I only backed out of the driveway to get to my car.

24th Oct 2017, 00:07

You're absolutely right, the Grand Prix deserves more credit. When anybody mentions Pontiac, it's always the Firebird or GTO which is OK, but I'll take a 1970 Grand Prix 455 with the rare bench seat and column shift automatic.

24th Oct 2017, 12:14

I would take the SJ in a heartbeat. Or an early 60s Catalina. Or a 421 Bonneville. You are absolutely right.