1991 Chrysler Dynasty LE 3.3 from North America


A loyal companion


Belt tensioner gave a long warning scream before I had it replaced.

The accessory belt snapped (there's only 1 on the engine) and I had to drive home slowly so the engine wouldn't overheat, all the while with no power steering.

Water pump also gave a long warning, and actually took a dump when I was about 100 meters from the shop. I made it there no problem, but without any coolant in the engine.

General Comments:

I've grown attached to it. It never gave me any headaches, and it took a lot of abuse.

The comfortable ride and torquey engine make a great combo.

Highway mileage is about 7.5L/100km. I'm guessing around 31 mpg.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2005

8th Dec 2005, 20:18

I own a 1991 Dynasty LE, and the fuel consumption is atrocious. I typically fill up my tank at the beginning of the week; yes, the beginning of every week; and about 400 kms. later, I have to fill it up again. This, for a 3.3l V6 with only 80,000 kms. is ridiculous! However, I have been told numerous times by mechanics that the 3.3 is bad on gas.

I have also noticed recently some problems with the car's battery dipping down, and almost dying out. This happens particularly at stop lights, in extreme weather temperatures, when I have my signal light on. I have yet to diagnose this problem...

Overheating is also an issue on these cars. Mine continually gets hot, in all types of weather. Just over a year ago, I had my entire rad and thermostat system replaced, so I find this unacceptable. Maybe it's just how Chrysler set the dash gauge, who knows.

Watch out for the speedometer and front suspension bushings going out. Speedometer fix is a new sensor, about $200.00, which I have recently done. My bushings are still waiting for repair, and clunking down the road with every bump.

Many of my problems could be due to the low kms., and the fact that the car sat too much. Nonetheless, it is getting very expensive to keep up.

These cars look like a good deal, but beware of "age related" issues.

Good luck with yours.

20th Jul 2006, 11:03

Mileage has a lot to do with driving habits as well. With combined city/ highway driving I can prob squeeze 550-600 km from the car. I'm not saying it sips gas, but I was completely blown away with the great engineering on this car when I saw that it had a lockup torque converter that kicks in at about 70km/h, and a very tall top gear that will keep the engine grumbling at about 1900 rpm at 100 km/h. This results in the very good highway mileage of the car.

And yes, now that I still own the car, the speedo does have its dead days, and the bushings make noises, but for the $600 I spent on the car back in 2003, and the fact that it's running strong at 270000km, I can atest to some great engineering on Chrysler's part.

1991 Chrysler Dynasty LE 3.3L V6 from North America


Excellent first car for student


Nothing, other than regular maintenance I.E. oil and transmission fluids changed.

General Comments:

This is my first car; my parents purchased it for me from an elderly couple who gave up driving due to their age. Due to the low kms., it was in like new condition. It has been extrememly reliable so far, and I have had no problems whatsoever. The engine has plenty of power when necessary, and the ride is very comfortable. The fit and finish could be better, but it is a 14 year old car (I.E. dash rattles, squeaks, some door trim falling off inside, etc) and thus I'm not really expecting a whole lot. Excellent value for the money.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2005

16th Jul 2005, 22:34

I had a 1988 Dynasty with really low miles and the same engine. Watch for low oil pressure or the oil and water pump wearing out, mine went completely without warning and the engine seized up because it got so overheated. It's just a good idea to keep an eye on the temp and oil pressure gauges anyway. Good luck with yours though.