1992 Chrysler Dynasty 3.3 litre torqueflite 604 from North America


I love it!


Replaced 2 serpentine belts, rear wheel bearings and one front bearing, water pump, and one fuel pump. That's all, and I drove it pretty hard, and it stayed on top. Still drives and looks great.

General Comments:

The transmission feels like a standard when it shifts. Quick running car, tough motor and tranny if you know how to drive it.

I would buy this car again if they still made it.

It's a sleeper; embarrassed Cavalier Z24 drivers with my 3.3 V-6. Does the quarter mile in high 16's to low 17.2 seconds. 0-60mph in 8.6-9 seconds.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2005

10th May 2007, 20:00

I know what you're talking about. I've got a 92 Chrysler New Yorker with the 3.3 litre, and when I stand on it, it blows away most anything with a V6. And when it's got a Flowmaster 40 series exhaust, it sounds alright, but for what she runs in the quarter mile, I really dont know.

I was told that after 90 thousand miles, the tranny lets go, so I try to take it easy sometimes, but I've been told that she'd run about 10 seconds from 0 to 60, and around 17 seconds in the quarter.

1988 Chrysler Dynasty from North America


Good for elderly who own a poodle.


The ceiling material slowly started to sink in until it eventually looked like a huge bubble of air bubble was on the ceiling of the car.

The corners of the roof of the windshield leaked every time it rained or when it was washed (which wasn't too often).

The battery died and had to be replaced.

The car would start one day and not the next. Twisting the wheel left and right quickly and then screaming loudly would sometimes get it started.

It leaked oil like mad! Repairs cost about $1000 (so not worth it)

It smelled like burning quite often and was really loud when accelerating.

The car couldn't be turned too sharply to the left or right while pulling into a parking spot or else it would stall.

General Comments:

The dynasty lasted me about three/four years and in those years took a pretty good beating.

This car helped me get from point A to point B for a good three years.

Probably would look better with some dice hanging over the rear view mirror and a poodle sitting on your lap.

It's a Dynasty alright. It eventually dies. The long death process of the car isn't pretty. It's nasty.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2004

27th Aug 2005, 00:11

That's a funny part at the end. I always thought they were called Dynasty because the car was so nasty you wanted to kill yourself because you were driving it.

21st Mar 2007, 20:29

I get a kick out of how you say this old car took a "took a pretty beating" (sounds like you were less than nice to the car), but give it a 0/10 for reliability. That's some fair marking...

8th Apr 2009, 18:25

An excellent car at a fair price. We had it converted to run on natural gas and got 11 years / 200,00 km out of it without ever having a problem.

1993 Chrysler Dynasty LE 3.3L V6 from North America


I love my dynasty


The only problem that I have had with the car was a small wiring problem, some wires got we and were fused together. it was fixed for 300$ and I haven't had another problem with the car.

General Comments:

This is one of the best cars ever made.

Its reliable, very nice looking, and its fast when it has to be.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2004

1991 Chrysler Dynasty 3.3L from North America


Sleeper hit


32 days after I bought it, (1 after 30 day warranty expired) the engine blew due to a water jacket leak. This was a 1600$ repair/ block replacement job.

Front right brake piston crumbled at about 165000 km. These are Kelsey-Hayes and piston was made of bakelight material. Fixed this myself for about 100$.

Speedometer gauge stopped working due to a flat spot on the gear in the transmission, 25$ at a wreckers to replace.

Dash lights are now working intermittently, a loose wire that needs to be tracked down.

General Comments:

This car runs well especially on the highway where I get approximately 100km/7L.

This beast also loves to eat rice-boy cars from light to light.

Its been more costly than I anticipated,4000$ purchase and over 2000$ spent so far. but should be more economical to run this year. Because I couldn't afford to do the engine right away it sat for 8 months before I could afford the new block.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2003

13th Feb 2004, 05:51

Rice boy cars? Who are you, Don Rickles?

14th Sep 2004, 08:08

So far its OK. just a starter and an alternator. likes to show up kids.

10th Jun 2012, 01:15

Who is Don Rickles?

1991 Chrysler Dynasty LE 3.3 V6 from North America


A great car overall


The muffler rusts out every two years.

The transmission fails roughly every 90,000 kilometers.

Some interior door trim pieces starting to come loose.

General Comments:

I have owned this car since new and, other than the muffler and transmission problems, have never had anything else go wrong with it.

On long trips, the mileage on the highway has been in the 36-40 miles per gallon range. The engine still starts easily, runs smoothly, and only burns about 1 liter of oil per three tanks of gas.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2002