1983 Chrysler Fifth Avenue 5.2 V8 from North America


A beast of a luxury sedan



General Comments:

Bought the car for $200.

It was already inspected, paint and body were mint.

Interior was fair. Most comfortable seats I've ever sat in.

It had plenty of power, decent acceleration.

Smoothest ride I've ever had, felt like you were floating.

All the luxuries, electric everything.

Sold it to the scrap yard for $400 two years later. I didn't put a penny into it, the thing ran excellent up until the day they crushed it.

I regret selling it.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2014

30th Jan 2014, 15:02

What a shame.

30th Jan 2014, 17:27

What a review.

I believe every word of it.

30th Jan 2014, 22:27

Only paid $200??

16th Jul 2015, 07:57

You only put 10,000 miles on it in two years and then had it crushed. Sad indeed.

24th Oct 2020, 00:13

Let me get this straight...

You bought the car for $200, it came inspected, the paint and body were mint(!), it had the most comfortable seats you've ever sat in, had the smoothest ride you've ever had in a car, had plenty of power and decent acceleration, it ran excellent until the last day you had it, you owned it for two years and didn't need to put a penny into it... yet despite only paying $200 for it you had it crushed??? Why? From everything you mentioned in your review it was like the perfect car with tons of life left in it. To find a car that cheap and reliable is literally as rare as hitting the lottery. You should have sold it to someone who actually cared about it. Crushing that car was criminal. What an absolute shame.

24th Oct 2020, 14:21

Sold it for twice what it was bought for, and it had high mileage and was close to the end. Seems reasonable to cash out before anything went wrong with it.

24th Oct 2020, 23:40

So... you actually believed the review?

Would you be interested in buying a bridge?

26th Oct 2020, 13:23

Maybe not worth the insurance cost. Or in the way for newer car.

1983 Chrysler Fifth Avenue aka New Yorker 5.2L 318 V8 from North America


Only Chrysler I would buy again


The power windows are all a bit flaky, and the driver's side one doesn't move at all. The front seats are weathered and cracked (assumed due to rain, etc coupled with the window that doesn't roll up), standard wearable parts (air filter, fuel filter, tires, belts, battery, etc) carburetor needs rebuilding and a transmission service is long past overdue. It passed California emissions tests at a high idle (930 rpm), the idle test is setup for 600 rpm. The timing was also 9 degrees BDC rather than the regulation 16. Liked to stall A lot before putting in a new fuel filter, air filter, and high idle adjustment.

General Comments:

I picked this car up for $500 and spent an additional $300 for general engine repairs. It passed the smog with flying colors (it's emissions are all FAR below the average specs!)

This car accelerates like a tugboat at slow speeds, but after about 45-55 it can really take off! I can't determine max speed as my speedometer only goes to 85.

Gets great highway gas mileage (35 mpg @ 65, 25 mpg @ 80mph) for a heavy luxury car, city gas mileage is horrible (10-12 mpg). Environmentally sound car (I've seen Subaru's pollute more on smog tests).

The handling can be tricky if you're not used to a car practically steering for you. My model included active power steering and suspension (special order, standard?). I can literally drive this car with one finger.

Bad side to the active stuff: if you jog the wheel one way and whip it the other, the active suspension assumes that I'm turning the OTHER way, and leans the car hard in the wrong direction!

I've put a lot of miles on this car as a daily driver. It has been very reliable after the initial repairs, even with an inevitable carburetor rebuild and transmission service. A great daily driver and very comfortable interior.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2002

12th Feb 2006, 17:49

I have a Chrysler Fifth Avenue. It runs good. It is a 1983 V8 318 engine. It had been sitting on my uncle's property for about 5 years. I worked on it in 2005. My aunt gave it to me because she couldn't get anybody to fix it. The only promblem I have is the power windows don't work and I have a manifold gaket leak, and that's about it.