12th Feb 2006, 22:00

I love my Chrysler 1983 Standard 318 V8 engine. It is a tough car and runs excellent. Like I said it has been sitting on my uncle's property for about 5 years, behind his trailer. It flood a lot behind the trailer and that Mopar Chrysler still runs. By the way I am only 14, which isn't too bad. I wouldn't trade my Chrysler in for nothing, and that's a promise. Doe anybody know how to fix the headliner that falls and the roof leak.

13th Feb 2006, 17:05

Is there anybody who can give me a few pointers on how to fix the headliner and the leak I have. My roof is leaking from the inside.

16th Apr 2006, 16:06

They suposedly top out at 105 MPH I think its more though.

10th Jul 2007, 14:39

I have this model and am very pleased with it. I'm the second owner and the first was elderly and really babied this car. Everything works very well and it has cold air. Took it on a road trip and had no problems. I like the v-8 engine and it has all the bells and whistles of its day. I love the plush velour seats. It is still very tight and uses no oil. The ride is very comfortable and quiet. I'm planning on having the windows tinted so the seats will not fade. I rate it as a very dependable driver and like the power it has. I saw where this model is still worth 3000 to 4000 in top condition. I would value mine at 3000. She's a cream puff!!!

21st Jul 2010, 19:44

I got my 1983 Chrysler 5th Avenue from my cousin for $300, and I have done very little work to it.

I know the number seven cylinder, piston, and piston rings have been worn heavily, because the spark plug wire rubbed against a component on the firewall until it wore a hole in the wire, and then began to ground itself before ever firing the cylinder, causing unburnt gas to wash away the layer of oil that's meant to lubricate those parts.

Other than that, I have run out of gas twice since I've owned the car, and it seems to do about 120 to 130mph tops.

Great car, and extremely comfortable interior.

Mine gets about 15-25mpg.