21st Jan 2003, 01:04

Like others have said, you kept it that long and logged that many miles, but you still hate it? Why didn't you buy something else then? I've personally never heard anything, but good things about these cars. Stuff wears out after 300,000 miles.

8th Feb 2008, 12:49

Any car that goes to 300,000 is impressive. Many things will go wrong with any car at that mileage. Was your engine original?. If it was, you did quite well.

21st Jul 2008, 15:59

I have the 1985 Chrysler Fifth Avenue, and that problem where you hit the brakes and it stalls is the electronic fuel control system. I had the same problem; you have to bypass the PCM with a new one, and also have to get a vacuum distributor. But after that it ran good.

16th Jul 2012, 19:40

Could you be more specific about the stalling problem? I have an 85 5th Ave, and it has been burning a lot of gas. But it never starting dying until the weather got humid, and now it can't keep an idle... Help me?

9th Apr 2013, 21:12

Thank you for the tip on the braking stall out. I guess I am very lucky or even blessed. It's 2013 and my 1985 Chrysler Fifth Ave. is still running like a champ and looking great inside and out. I must replace the electronic fuel control system and bypass the PCM with a new one. But that is the only problem.

My car has just 180,000 miles on it, so I will just laugh over to the bank while I get some money for these very minor repairs.

What are you folks doing to your ceiling cover? Mine has no nick at all, and my antennas come up too.

Stop hating old Caddy owners. It's nothing to repair like my old Lincoln Mark IV. I call it "White Lighting" and I drive from Houston to San Antonio in 3 hours cruising at 78. It is such a good ride that I usually make it back the same day.

Keep it in your garage. It's a winner.