1989 Chrysler LeBaron Turbo Coupe 2.5 turbo from North America


I want another one!


The radiator cracked and leaked all the fluid out. I was very lucky to catch the temperature rising, so I shut off the car and avoided blowing the head gasket.

The tranny might be slipping, but I'm not sure. The 3 spd auto is very "loose" to begin with.

The radio display only works when the radio is on. If not, then the clock disappears.

The turbo valve is broken, so it doesn't pick up well over 3400 rpms. I don't know what's wrong, but I want to find out so I can get the full use out of the turbo again.

Muffler fell off.

General Comments:

I'll be clear, despite the problems, I LOVE THIS CAR. I'm mad because the TURBO issue which causes the car to die at 3500 rpms. The Turbo works, but I can't figure out how to fix it to make it fully operational. If I stomp on it, it will cut out and make a terrible sound in the head, like major valve pinging. If I gradually ease on the gas, the turbo kicks in just fine and away I go. I think it's the blow off valve, or exhaust proportioning valve (if it has one, I'm not quite sure). Please help, I want my turbo back.

This car, even without a fully working turbo is very quick. 0-60 in under 7.0 seconds, people underestimate the power of these things. I drove it to 144 near the Bonneville Salt Flats, and it made it relatively easily. I'm sure once I get the turbo back, it'll pass 150.

The suspension on this car is probably worn out, because it has serious body lean and has a super cushy ride.

Gas mileage is decent if you are nice to it. I get about 31 MPG driving it nicely, and 17 if I don't. The tank is huge! 160 miles and I'm still above 1/2 tank.

The car is a total throw away car and is built like a disposable camera. Sure the main components work, but little things like the shifter marker, window switches, hubcaps, emblems, and pretty much anything that's plastic, is broken or cracked.

The cooling system on this car sucks. I'm hoping a larger radiator and low temperature thermostat will keep me in the normal range. This car likes to heat up quickly. It makes it to 215 degrees very easily and never stays at 192 when normally driving it. I think this is why a lot of people blow their engines.

Well, my $800 obnoxious Daytona Yellow Lebaron has got to be one of my favorite cars I've ever owned. It's loud (custom exhaust), obscene (bright yellow paint), and cool. It's pretty, and the interior is nice looking, even with the missing plastic pieces. It's a winner in my book, and I hope to run it into the ground.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2006

8th Jun 2006, 16:39

You sound like a smart guy. Most folks overheat their engines and ruin them. I've had several old Chrysler products and loved them. They are built like a tank and will go forever if you take just a little care of them. I got 240,000 miles out of my last one and it ran perfect when I sold it. The sloppy trans is probably a dirty filter. That was all it was on mine. Also, a cooler thermostat may be all you need to drop your running temperature. I'd try that before a larger radiator. That worked for me too.

1989 Chrysler LeBaron 4 cylinder from North America


Wonderful car for our teenage daughter


The oxygen sensor quit on me a few times. We bought a warranty on it and it got fixed for free, but it was fixed a good 20 times.

General Comments:

It was a great car for a teenager. It was great on gas, we were able to put PL-PD on it and not worry about our daughter getting in an accident. It handled beautifully.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2003