18th May 2004, 09:31

Um, one power window motor had to be replaced 3 times and the tranny went out at 55k miles? How is that not a reliability issue? In fact, that's unreliable in my opinion. Both are extremely common problems on this model car and are obvious defects. Reliable? Nope. My Volvo 740 with 208k miles has the original power window motors and tranny. Now THAT is reliable!

26th Apr 2005, 22:02

Of course a tranny going at 55K is unreliable. The power windows? My 1999 LHS had them go to. My cousin is a used car dealer and he explains it this way... they know it's a defect because they ALL go on the LHSs and the Concords. They know it's a problem, but they won't admit it. Let's see, I've had ball joints go, tie rods, brakes wear out WAY TO FAST, air conditioning gone kaput, rubber seals around the lights, major computer malfunctions, sensors all went, defective paint on mirrors, engine stalling, etc. etc. In fact right now it's in the shop AGAIN - it practically lives there. I've only had this car two years and I've spent THOUSANDS, and all at dealer cost. All on a car that has always been babied and taken care of. If it wasn't the prettiest car and the sweetest ride I've ever seen I would have tossed this one back.

23rd Jul 2007, 11:54

I have a 1999 LHS and it has been a fairly good car. It rides good, handles well, and is sharp looking.

However, the drivers window has been replaced, it still squeaks, closes hard, and the speaker is busted.

Have had it in the shop for the transmission shifter, Chrysler fixed, the drivers seat belt, Chrysler fixed, the drivers seat, Chrysler fixed, and the Air Conditioning system. I paid for this one.

Air Conditioning has had the car back in the shop three times in less than ten months, and each time it seems to be something different. Chrysler paid for a sensor and some other part, but the bulk of the $!,400 was on me. It is back in the shop again for the Air Conditioning and once again it is not related to what the problem was before.

The next issue is the Passenger side of the dash panel. This has a large crack from the bottom to the top of the dash on the inside of the Air Bag section, and I have been informed this will be another $1.600 repair cost. Plus I have been informed that very few repair technicians if any will touch the dash because of where the split is near the airbag. I have tried to find an after market dash, but have been informed that you cannot buy and after market dash or cover for the Chrysler.

I liked this car, but because of the past two years of being in and out of the Chrysler dealership, and the costs incurred, I will not look at buying another Chrysler product.