2nd May 2010, 03:30

Only had my Neon a few days, and got the knocking noise, and the ticking noise first thing on start up. The bloke where I bought it from said it needs an engine flush and an oil change, because the oil wasn't getting round the engine. He didn't seem to know much about them, because it's a rare car, not many about. Don't know if he's right.

Glad to hear it seems to be the norm. I thought I had a bad engine problem. The car has only done 61k miles. Anyways, I am pleased with the car. Everything works and it's a nice car to drive. But never had a knocking noise on a car before on start up.

Took the car in for an oil change at the weekend and told him to put 5 to 30 syn oil in. The bloke in the garage said it could make it sound more noisy, but it didn't. The engine is not knocking so much. Made it a lot better. He said next time try a engine flush, it might not be picking the oil up, they do sound like diesel engines people have told me.

Update 4th May 2011.

Had the car one year now. Had an oil warning light come on 3 months ago, on tick over. Yet there was plenty of oil in it. So had an engine oil flush done. Seems OK now, but have an oil sensor to fit as well.

Also, last month got a knocking noise under the car, and found both front wishbones have gone. Not cheap, but that's all in 1 year.

The car is still good, to say it's 10 years old. Has never let me down..

3rd May 2010, 11:47

Can't complain about the engine knocking sounds. My older Chryslers sounded like sewing machines when they started up. noisy lifters. You want to hear engine noise, listen to my wife's Dodge Cummins diesel. Now that is serious noise...


3rd May 2010, 17:25

My '95 Neon developed the same engine knocking as everyone else's around 80,000 miles. It only knocks at idle, once it reaches 1500 RPM it disappears. I now have 90,000 miles. The knocking has not affected power or gas mileage. It hasn't thrown any trouble codes or had any issues since it started. I'm glad to hear it seems to be normal though, I was a little worried at first. I'll just continue to change the oil every 3,000 miles with Lucas Oil as I always have, and not worry about it.

18th Jul 2010, 10:32

I've had my Neon for over 6 years, and the only problem I've had is the instrument cluster goes out about 3-4 times a year. When this occurs, I disconnect one of the battery terminals for a minute, then reconnect the terminal and the instrument panel works again. Aside from this, the car has been great!!

18th Aug 2010, 07:06

My 2002 Chrysler Neon had its transmission replaced. Later on, the transmission wires got caught in my fan which blew my rad into pieces. The fan was 260, the rad 600. It also took out my main coolant supply, which has worn out my engine considerably because all this happened in Toronto, 4 hours away from me.

To the guy who's air conditioner doesn't work, you better check and make sure your fan is intact and spinning, because if it ain't, you're going to blow the motor. If the fan for your air doesn't work, the fan for your motor will eventually die too. Watch your heat gauge carefully.

18th Sep 2010, 09:10

My Chrysler Neon makes a hollowing noise from the back. Any ideas? It's driving me mad.

24th Sep 2010, 14:32

I first owned a 2001 Neon. I loved driving the car, even in the snow. It was second hand when I got it, and it was great, then all of a sudden things started going wrong. I got the knocking, thumping, things like that. Then the electrical started acting up, lights would come on, then off. My electric door locks would lock and unlock.

Now I have another one, same year. You can take the ignition out, the car still runs, and it's the electrical again. I do like driving a Neon, but honestly, if I had a choice, I would never buy one again.

20th Nov 2010, 10:22

I have an 02 Chrysler Neon LE. I don't experience any knocking noise from my engine, there's a few squeaks and rattles here and there. My handbrake light is coming on randomly when I'm not using it lately, and I can never get my engine light to go off for more than a few weeks when I reset the battery.

10th Mar 2011, 05:20

I bought a Neon Chrysler 2002 last week and there is a knocking sound. It seems to be coming from the back or the boot.

Any suggestions?

1st Aug 2015, 01:48

Do you have an indicator light for when the fuel is low?