30th Nov 2006, 06:05

Hy, I am very excited after reading all your comments about the NEON. I have just bought one 1998 LE with 175.000 Km, first owner (65 years old couple), original paint, just in good shape. And the best thing, I payed only 17.000 $ (about u$ 5.500) for it. I love japanese cars and have a Lancer with 375.000 Km in perfect conditions, but I needed a second car. Can you please tell me if I have to suicide or something else, or I have to re sale the car at once??? In Argentina (I live in Buenos Aires) middle class people agree to think that the NEON is quite fine. Is there any chance that the make NEON is different here from there, and you´re speaking about another model??? My car says at the driver´s door "...for exportation" or sth. like that!!!

Thanks anyway.

20th Apr 2010, 03:57

I just got myself a 1999 Neon and I couldn't disagree more with you guys... I love my Neon...

I have had a BMW 320i 1988, Toyota Corolla 1988, BMW 320i 1987, a Chrysler GS 2 Daytona Turbo 1989, and a Ford Mondeo 1993/94...

The first BMW was rotting away from the inside.

The Corolla blew the radiator and always had an inch of water in it.

The second BMW was rotten as well, had problems in everything else than the engine (because I replaced it).

The Chrysler Daytona; well I couldn't say a bad word about it, except that the reg taxes on it were about $10,000.

The Ford Mondeo, oh my god, what a legal deathtrap on wheels, this car is the WORST buy ever I ever made. I put about $5-7000 in it so far, and it only stopped because my parents forced a new car on me (they were so worried for my life that they said "find a car, we will pay for it"... no thanks... "Shut up and do it!")...

Now I have my Neon and I can already feel the quality is from another world... I have tried Honda cars before... agreed they're good cars... but they do have some serious issues with their... well... everything that's underneath the car except the engine itself (that's godlike)

But enjoy your street racers favorite cars, I'll enjoy my Neon ;)

20th Apr 2010, 19:49

To comment 3:57.

I felt the EXACT same way when I bought my Neon. I loved it! It was peppy, had good handling and was fun. I didn't understand why everybody hated it so much.

Then my head gasket blew a few days after I bought it.

Then I found out my entire power steering rack required replacing. Followed by some struts.

Then the starter went, followed by the alternator, then the PCM completely failed.

After a few breakdowns and $1800 in repairs, it ran great. Then it developed a very heavy knocking, which I figured was the main bearings, however I've discovered it's actually piston slap. It knocks so heavily when it runs I've had people ask me if it's a diesel.

Just wait, you'll join us.

10th May 2013, 15:18

If it were not for bad luck, you'd have no luck at all. Are you secretly advertising for Honda?