6th Dec 2017, 18:13

We must be approaching the alien Apocalypse when people start praising 1988 Chrysler New Yorker Landaus...

These things were ugly and outdated when new and haven't exactly "mellowed" with age either.

What's next... a glowing review of a Pontiac Trans Sport?

7th Dec 2017, 09:43

My dad had a new 1958 Chevrolet. Quickly appeared dated with the 59 tear drop taillight model following and never did get the appreciation of the prior 55 or 57 Chevrolet. For years considered an ugly car. But that has changed today. Now very collectible and highly valued, especially a Convertible. So what you may find ugly may be desirable in the future. There’s no apocalyptic issue. Cars are bought and sold every day. Some people buy cars over sentiment vs desirability. Maybe it was a car a grandparent had that you may have really enjoyed riding in as a kid. Not the end of the world. A friend of mine has a Calloway and a very plain low mile 67 Dodge original sedan in his garage. He inherited it and it is an heirloom to him. I look at comments this way. I do not have to buy it, but someone else is well suited for it. There certainly is a vast variety to simply buy another. Cars can quickly appear old with the next new body design as well.

7th Dec 2017, 13:17

Sigh. Why do comments like this get to appear almost daily on this site, yet my pithy observations are routinely deleted before ever seeing the light of... well, LED screens?

7th Dec 2017, 23:08

18:13 painted a pretty bleak opinion of this review vehicle. End of the world? Hardly think so, it’s just a vehicle that someone likes.

4th Dec 2019, 16:15

I had an 88 New Yorker. I was really looking for comments on the miserable transmission. I really liked the car, but could not keep a transmission in it. Went overboard trying. Actually had 5 put in it in the same year. The transmission shop had put a new Chrysler rebuilt in it as my last straw. Didn't last 2 weeks, barely got the car to an auction where I basically gave it away to get rid of it. Beautiful car and loved all else about it.

I always stated that there had to be a connection between the fact that a transmission would not hold up and the speedometer was 7 miles per hour off. I got stopped twice and the clocked speed and what I had my cruise set on, and it was perfectly level, straight interstate condition back when the national speed limit was 55, was 7 mph off. 1st time happening, I took it to the local Chrysler dealer and had it checked, they said it was perfect. I figured the cop must have been wrong. 3 weeks later it happened again. Took it to a different Chrysler dealer and got the same answer. Tires were new and of the correct size stated on the door jamb. Checked and replaced by 3 different transmission shops. Car looked brand new and got lots of comments, mostly like "well you can tell who has the money"? Didn't pay much for it, but it looked upper end.