1988 Chrysler New Yorker Landau 3.0 V6 from North America


One of the best cars ever made (much better than Lee's Mustang)


I have owned two of these 1988 model cars; one brand new and one bought used years later (the 1989s look the same, but have bad 4 speed transmissions). I've had the chronic oil burning problem with both of them. However, other than that, both cars have been great, and one car is still running fine.

Good points are: Relatively easy to work on. They don't rust out. They were built really well at the Belvidere plant (Lee Iaccoca saw to it). Not too big, not too small. Great luxury, i.e. heated side view mirrors, information package, full gauges (except a tach, which I don't care about), auto temperature control, etc.

They came with the best warranty of any car made at the time: 5 year, 50K everything's covered, then a 7 year, 70K powertrain warranty.

Other than the crummy McGard wire-wheels & locks (don't lose the key!) and the need to regularly clean & lubricate the power antenna with silicone spray (otherwise it will stop working)... these are extremely reliable cars.

One thing though, my first one had the ($1000) 4 wheel disc, ABS brakes option. It worked excellent for 7 years. But I'm glad the one I have now does not. The Bosch ABS master cylinder/ pump is unobtainable. I consider myself a very good driver... but even I'd have trouble driving a car with no brakes.

Actually one more thing... the BCM (Body Control Module) went bad (interior lights, compass, door locks etc. went berserk). Removing it entirely actually improved things. Despite some automotive companies saying they can fix it, when push comes to shove, they can't (or won't). This is another one of those unobtainable parts. I just happened to get lucky and found one from a Dodge Dynasty. It is missing some things (bells & whistles), but most major functions it controls have been restored.

General Comments:

The red velour interior reminds me of Rod Taylor's AKA H.G. Wells' 1899 "Time Machine".

The Infinity Sound System still sounds great (especially if you clean the tape heads and use metal-type cassettes) and (only) the Landau's even had rear-seat head-rests (much more important than the rear-seat headphone jacks!).

And who needs headlight washers when you have hideaway (concealed) headlamps?

These cars were and still are a winner!

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Review Date: 5th December, 2017

5th Dec 2017, 23:56

Best thing about the New Yorker of this era (along with all the other K-car derivatives) is how cheap they are to buy as used cars. Even the really nice examples with low miles only bring around $1500-$2000.

6th Dec 2017, 13:29

And like an Aries, if they are rusted out, they make a perfect candidate for a rat rod.

6th Dec 2017, 18:13

We must be approaching the alien Apocalypse when people start praising 1988 Chrysler New Yorker Landaus...

These things were ugly and outdated when new and haven't exactly "mellowed" with age either.

What's next... a glowing review of a Pontiac Trans Sport?

7th Dec 2017, 09:43

My dad had a new 1958 Chevrolet. Quickly appeared dated with the 59 tear drop taillight model following and never did get the appreciation of the prior 55 or 57 Chevrolet. For years considered an ugly car. But that has changed today. Now very collectible and highly valued, especially a Convertible. So what you may find ugly may be desirable in the future. There’s no apocalyptic issue. Cars are bought and sold every day. Some people buy cars over sentiment vs desirability. Maybe it was a car a grandparent had that you may have really enjoyed riding in as a kid. Not the end of the world. A friend of mine has a Calloway and a very plain low mile 67 Dodge original sedan in his garage. He inherited it and it is an heirloom to him. I look at comments this way. I do not have to buy it, but someone else is well suited for it. There certainly is a vast variety to simply buy another. Cars can quickly appear old with the next new body design as well.

7th Dec 2017, 13:17

Sigh. Why do comments like this get to appear almost daily on this site, yet my pithy observations are routinely deleted before ever seeing the light of... well, LED screens?

7th Dec 2017, 23:08

18:13 painted a pretty bleak opinion of this review vehicle. End of the world? Hardly think so, it’s just a vehicle that someone likes.

1988 Chrysler New Yorker Mark Cross Edition from North America


Money well spent

General Comments:

The best new automobile I ever purchased. The reason we traded it, was we started a family and purchased a minivan. I have purchased 14 new automobiles over the last 31 years. This was by far superior in appearance and ride, and it seemed like it drove itself. Far better than the Town Cars at that time.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2015