2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring from North America


Buy this car. It's worth it


They only thing I could say is that my front wheels often get brake dust on them, and I have to take the time to have them cleaned.

General Comments:

I am in love with my car. Sitting in it the first time, I couldn't believe that as ugly as it was on the outside, it was this amazing on the inside.

Comfortable seats.

Great storage space in back, and much bigger than it looks.

Speakers are great.

Gets about 25 HMPG.

Fun and easy to drive, I'd imagine a great starter car.

A great price for everything you get.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2011

2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring 2.4L from North America




Used as a rental car, traveled 2500 miles. 2009 touring edition.

General Comments:

Absolutely horrible gas mileage. We averaged 23mpg. How can they classify it as a touring edition. With bad mileage and a fairly small gas tank.

The passenger seat was squeaky when going around any turn or bump.

The vehicle needs a larger engine for the size. 2.4L (and a weak 2.4 at that) is not enough to pull the car up hills without the transmission having to regularly down shift.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2009

7th Dec 2010, 13:22

I just can't get over how many people gripe about 20+ miles per gallon. I guess I'm the only one who remembers the days of 10 to 12 MPG from the seventies. I get 20-21 in my 2001 PT and I'm very satisfied with it.

7th Dec 2010, 16:00

Any 4 cylinder car that was made in 2009 should get over 30 mpg unless it is a turbo. I would be disappointed as well if I owned this car and got only 23 mpg. V6 cars do much better than that these days, and they aren't underpowered like this car seems to be.

My V6 RAV 4 regularly gets in the mid twenties for mixed driving mileage. It certainly has enough power and is more of a utility vehicle than the PT is. Yes, I'd have to agree the mileage is pitiful on the PT.

29th Nov 2011, 15:22

Well, we own a 06 PT Touring, and during our recent trip to MI got 30 mpg. 100% freeway driving, and we only used gas (regular) from BP Amoco. I don't know if that matters or not.

We average around 22.6 mpg during our regular mix driving. We use a mid grade gas from Holiday since we don't have a BP close by to our home.