11th Nov 2008, 17:13

I've had two 1997 Jxi Convertibles, both basically have the same problems.

The dashboard lights go out after awhile.

The drivers rear window motor went out on both cars.

I've had to change the distributor cap on both cars; that causes the car not to start after a while driving, but when it cools off it would start again.

The fan is not working properly, in one of the cars, and it was running hot. I changed the thermostat, but that wasn't the problem, it still ran hot, then I took it to a dealer, and they told me that it had two locks on the hose leading to the radiator??? I called Chrysler and they told me that because that year of car had a total recall, they don't make those parts anymore, go figure, so now I need to get a new car, no more Sebring for me. If anyone knows anything about locks on the hose, please let me know.

5th Dec 2008, 23:29

97 Sebring Convertible 2.5 L Jxi, bought with 99000 miles, at 164000 now. It started overheating recently and I took the thermostat out; still overheats. A mechanic told me because of the color of my oil, that she is leaking water into the engine. Any possibility that it's not the end for my baby? All I did for 65000 miles was change 1 belt, oil and tires. Let me know if there are any ideas before I put her to rest.

28th Dec 2008, 14:44

I have had the car less than a year, and have put in a water pump, timing belt, power steering pump, all 4 wheel bearings and rotors, alternator, and starter.

It fills with water every time it rains, there are numerous electrical problems, and the head lights are very dim.

I have owned a number of performance sport cars, and this is far and beyond the worst made car I have ever seen. Chrysler should be ashamed. Maybe it's time they just threw in the towel and saved us 7 billion in bailout money.

15th Mar 2009, 20:36

Mark here in Vancouver BC with a 97 JXi red convertible. After reading the hundreds of reviews, I wished I had an idea of who was writing the review.

I drive my car hard, male, 45, and with top down as often as possible - in the winter too, park outside, regular oil changes and send it to my mechanic for repairs - no dealers.

My first was a 98 JXi red convertible. It went the way of a gentle head on - twisted the frame - toast - $2000 in salvage. The second was 'borrowed' and returned with cosmetic damage (they caught the %&$#@'s stealing from a liquor store). So with the recent damage, it's time to replace it with - guess what?!? Another late 90's Sebring convertible.

My first was bought used in 2004, the second in 2006. I've loved the cars despite the irritating electrical problems. And both got to the over 150's km mark, and ran beautifully except when a battery or starter or alternator went. $200-300 later and I was up and running.

I've read much of the reviews here and on other sites - excellent info, and although I'm a little discouraged about buying another based on the various sites I've scoured (for hours), I'm willing to gamble and pick another. I'll aim for a 1999 this time.

BTW, I know personally two other cars owned by friends (a 97 JXi & a 2000 LX) who tell me their experiences, and they're both very happy with the cars.

MY PROBLEMS: Nothing major like tranny or motor or the rag or stalling. All smooth there except sometimes after starting cold the tranny wouldn't engage for a few seconds (my 97 JXi). I'd put it in reverse - it would engage - and then drive would engage.


Electrical; tach and odometer and interior lighting intermittent on both cars - usually not working.

As mentioned, the odd battery, starter, alternator, washer fluid bottle crack, the front spoiler busted after catching a curb, squeaky rear brakes - occasionally on the 98 - nothing to be concerned about, leaks at the front window-top after the front window was replaced by an incompetent, brakes wearing a little prematurely, a tie-rod end... blah blah... the usual.

Oh, one more thing, the frost plug went on the 97 - I decided to replace them all - $$$ ouch.

And another - all of you should insist that your mechanic clean THE DRAIN CHANNELS from the rocker panels, otherwise you too will suffer an inch or two of water swishing from front to back on the INSIDE of your car. It got my nice shoes soaked. A very minor job - do it when you get the oil changed - my mechanic does it for free once it's on the hoist.


6 CD changer sounds fantastic.

Handling is superb (don't like the 2001 and beyond - they're too heavy - and I've spent probably 2 months of my life over the last 5 years looking for just the right Sebring).

The styling of the 96-2000, love it.

I preferred the 98's velor over the more recent leather - the leather is too slippery, and now has a sun crack in the passenger seat.

Big back seat and relatively big trunk.

The power to weight ratio of the Sebring - I looked at a Mustang and felt out of control around corners - too heavy.

BTW, my mechanic was adamant about regular oil changes - he's an older and very trusted man - very experienced.

Anybody have a connection for a driver's side rear taillight lens 1997? I bumped mine the other day. I don't know if I'm allowed to post an email here, but I'll try thesolutionist at hotmail.com.

I'd like to thank everyone for their contribution, and I hope I've passed the audition for mine.

Mark in Vancouver BC.


5th May 2009, 11:40

97 Chrysler Sebring convertible: I am 6'4" tall and would like a little more leg room. Any suggestions for adapting the power seat rails so I can move it a little further back??

5th May 2009, 12:54

97 Sebring convertible: I am having difficulty with the on/off button-volume control button for the am/fm/cassette radio. Specifically the volume control does not seem to work to adjust up/down... unless you very carefully pull it out and adjust up/down... any other suggestions/replacements?

Also: is there a replace dash gauge package which would have an oil pressure gauge instead of the "idiot light"?

15th Sep 2009, 17:44

I just bought a '97, with 250,000 kms on it. Except for a few small issues, I absolutely love the vehicle! I'm getting rid of my '99 Explorer Sport, because after all these years, it is now starting to show all the expensive little problems that they have after 10 years. I have always had convertibles and I have to tell all of you that are complaining so much, this is without a doubt one of the best-designed ones I have ever had. The rule is, "when you buy a convertible, expect leaks".. I think the most of the issues I hear here, are the high level of moisture causing electrical faults. Keep the drains open, and if there is water, open the windows as much as possible to dry it out. (if you want a convertible nightmare, try an '83 Cavalier... JUNK!!!)