1997 Chrysler Sebring Coupe LXi 2.5 V6 from North America


A Sleek, Stylish, roomy coupe that looks and handles like cars twice the price


Nothing really to speak of. The past 2 years have been trouble free (knock on wood). The engine light comes on and off every once and a while, but that's seems to be the norm. A squeaky belt can be heard a bit on damp days, or when the car sits for a little while, but nothing big.

Oil changes are pretty much all that is required.

Watch out for the front end. Very low. Any obstacle or bump over 3 1/2 inches or so tall, and your gonna scrape! With caution, you can survive daily obstacles, but occasionally, I have to park it on the road, and walk up the driveway (if entrance is too steep, which doesn't take much). That is the price you pay for the cool looking low front end. A fair trade off in my opinion.

General Comments:

Overall a great car. Very roomy for a coupe, big trunk (carries 2 sets of golf clubs + gear no problem). Folding rear seats let me take just about anything I need to.

Seats are comfy, yet really supportive thanks to the heavy side bolstering.

Although it isn't a "rocket", it relatively quick. Likes going well over the posted speed limit (which I don't recommend). Handles great on twisty roads, even at 85+mph. I have driven a lot of cars, and the handling on this one is the most well rounded. Corners fantastic with the 17s.

Very few of these can be found were I live (no LXi's with the newer 97+ front end). My car is the only one like it, none even close to it. It gets a lot of compliments, as most people don't know what it is. They think its something just recently out.

Love it's style, sleek and with the 17s, looks better than a lot of the new stuff out.

Just as long as you take driveways on an angle, and keep quality tires on it, especially on the 16 & 17' wheels... they're a great car. I don't tear the crap out of mine, and I give my cars what they need (factory parts, nothing cheap). That's probably why they're cheap to maintain. If something does break (which I hope doesn't happen), it is still cheaper to maintain this, than a car payment.

Great overall

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Review Date: 15th March, 2007

1997 Chrysler Sebring Coupe LXI 2.5L V6 from North America


Good look but reliability issues cannot be ignored.


The battery died when first got the car, however that could be a dealer issue rather than the car itself. Had numerous electrical problems with the car. Car would not turn over, had to bring the car in 3 times before it was fixed.

Sun Roof has sprung a leak (electrical tape around the top frame was a temporary fix).

Alarm system malfunctions. If you open the door with the key (has wireless entry as well) the alarm will sound. I actually have to open the trunk to shut it off.

Check engine light would turn on and off intermittently.

Bad O2 sensors needed to be replaced.

Front of car is too low and is completely unavoidable with making contact with the ground (IE driveways, etc).

Left front control arm snapped with no detectable warninig while traveling very slowly over a speed bump. If this happened on the highway this could have caused a very serious accident. Chrysler is notorious for supplying sub-par bearings, control arms and tie rods.

My biggest gripe with this car however is it's handling in the snow. It's absolutely terrible and in my opinion a dangerous car to drive in icy/ snowy conditions. ABS brakes are very sub-par, sliding and the ability to stop with this car at a respectable speed is nearly impossible. The wide low profile tires have a lot to do with that.

General Comments:

A very stylish car that overall I have enjoyed driving. However, the various nagging problems of this car are hard to overlook, and can burn a continuos hole in your pocket. Considering it's price range and Chrysler's motto of being a more "high end" vehicle, this car has not come close to matching the reliability that I thought chrysler would have. Again very stylish, but there are certainly more reliable cars (at a cheaper price) available.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2006

21st Mar 2007, 19:24

I have had no problems with mine. My engine light comes on and off every once and awhile, but goes a way with premium gas. It must be the amount of sulfur our gas (at least where I live). But it's just a light, if nothing is wrong, I forget it. As far as the "sub-par bearings", these are actually Mitsubishi parts (not just the V6 engines were Mitsubishi, many other part were as well). I feel for you and your problems, but I found mine to be great in snow, and I live in Eastern Canada, so snow Id something I know well. Besides, it's impossible for any front wheel drive to be considered "dangerous", with the right tires, anything can be ok in snow.. even a tiny 2x4 Dakota with a 5.9 V8, which I also have. The front end issue isn't really even a problem. It is very low, but that's the design. Looks after all are probably what attracted you to it. And finally, it's not new, it's a 97. I have replaced transmissions (among other things)...and I still thought them to be great cars. Things break, things wear out, it's never convenient, sometimes hazardous, but that's the way cars are. I have owned a lot to be able to say this (many brands, some cheap, some posh). I just prevent it as much as I can by having a garage that I trust. Hope you have better luck, as they are, in my opinion (and all my buddies who own them) great cars.