1999 Chrysler Sebring Coupe LXI from North America




Lousy car for wheel/rim/tire problems.

General Comments:

I should have received free shares in Goodyear with this car. Not meant for day to day use.

Have had to replace 3 tires due to air leaks from lousy factory wheels/rims. This car is not equipped for anything other than low profiles... a very bad move.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2005

1999 Chrysler Sebring Coupe Lxi 2.5L 24 valve from North America


A great car if you can afford to repair it


There is a black tar that leaks from both the driver, and passenger door.

The passenger side airbag cover is popping out.

The materials used in the truck are very low quality. The hooks for the net that hooks across the trunk pop off easier then a soda can top.

The brakes, including the emergency brake, all had to be replaced a little after a year of owning the car.

The sunroof leaks.

I can't seem to get the home link automatic garage door opener to work.

A year after ownership the car was difficult to start in the morning. It would take four to five seconds to turn over as opposed to when all I had to do was turn the key, and the engine would start instantly.

General Comments:

When I saw this car it was in perfect condition. The interior, and exterior were perfect. The previous owner had tinted the windows, and it had after market chrome rims. The sound system was nice for stock coming with Infiniti speakers, and an amp in the truck.

I thought it was the perfect car for me because it was fully loaded with all the features you would expect in any luxury car, but the sticker price was very friendly to any first buyers pocket book. I paid a little over 13,500 before tax and licensing.

A few months after I bought the car the black tar started comming out of the doors leaking onto the plastic panels. I thought no biggy, got some bug and tar remover, and scrubbed it off. Most of it came off, but I was still shocked that the doors would do this comming from a big name like Chrysler.

The big money came when I had to replace all four rotors, brake pads, and the emergency brake. The mechanic was astonished at the damage that the previous ones had on them. The majority of my driving is back and forth from work, and that is all on the freeway. I don't go off road attempting to four wheel as some younger people may do in their cars.

Another problem happened around the winter time. The engine was taking too long to start for a car that was only a few years old when I bought it. When I took it to the shop the fuel injection was clogged, had to be flushed, and had to have the engine flushed as well. I have done this now several times just for the fact that I fear the problem may happen again.

Other than that, the car drives great, even when going 80 cross country. No vibrating steering wheel, or sudden jerks. I wish it had better gas mileage though. 13-19mpg... you think it had a V8 or something.

I was considering getting a Honda for my first car, but this car isn't too bad if you can afford the high maintenance on it. My advice to anyone who buys a Chrysler is you better make sure you have some savings in the bank otherwise you will be in a real pickle.

What still has me sold on this car, even with the problems I have had, is its unique design, sleek interior styling, and eye turning looks I get.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2005

19th Aug 2006, 08:55

No cars are maintenance free - I would expect to replace brakes. Did you have the brakes checked when you bought the car? Should be the first thing you do - I would expect to see them worn at 40-50k depending on driving. The rotors need replacing when you drive too long while you need brakes.

The fuel injectors needing cleaning is primarily a function of the gas you buy - the injectors do not plug by themselves. Cannot blame that one on the car. Good idea to every few tanks run some injector cleaner through (from your local discount auto) to avoid paying a mechanic fees.