13th Oct 2002, 10:39

I own a 1998 Sebring. I also have had a lot of problems with the front brakes. The only thing I can figure out is not to let anybody use a air wrench when putting the wheels on. I had the door handle break also. The front end is broke also. The car is to low to the ground! The LXI rims bend very easily. I have 88,000 miles on the car now, and the car is starting to smoke a little. I thought at first it was the PVC valve clogging up, but now I am not sure.

Good luck to all that has one! I am thinking of selling, but I am not one to give up easily.

5th Feb 2007, 15:10

A few more comments on the 98 Sebring LXI... The first thing to go was the driver side power seat mechanism. Next went the front grille (it is wayyy to low to the ground and catches on EVERY single parking stop)! Wait... not to mention the electronic rearview mirror... it just leaked out fluid and ruined my console. I found it this way when I got in my car on a hot day. Let's see... the driver's side door handle broke off when I tried to open it the other day... I am not a large woman only 5'2" and 110 lbs. so I KNOW it didn't break because of my great strength! Speakers are ruined (front ones) I am not one to listen to loud music soooooooooo... not sure why that happened. It is using some oil and I do have the car serviced RELIGIOUSLY, I guess it MAY be time to get a new one! All in all, I have had good luck with it as far as the engine goes!

Could someone comment on HOW to fix the door handle or the possible cost involved? I would prefer to fix it myself if it isn't too complicated. It looks like there is one bolt holding that outer door handle in place??? Thanks for your help!

3rd Sep 2007, 10:09

I have a 98 Sebring with 80,000 miles on it.

It appears that most everyone has the same problems!

Mine just started smoking; my rear view mirror is toast; my driver's side door handle is broken; my tires go flat because of the cheap alloy rims; the front underneath is broken because it's so low to the ground; my front brakes squeal constantly.

However, I have been very lucky to only have had these minor problems. So far, the engine still runs like a top. I am very pleased with the car and am told it has another 100,000 miles to go!