2001 Chrysler Sebring Sedan LXI 2.6 V6 from North America


Reliable, but poor electrical and chrome


Purchased vehicle used with 23k Miles. Two weeks after owning vehicle, noticed chrome was chipping off in flakes from the rim, at the time, the inside of the rim. Two rims replaced. Also pointed out chrome peeling off the doorhandle. About a month after that, the cd player started saying "error " and refused to surrender my CD's. Replaced by dealer along with heater switch that only worked on #4, High Setting. All these issues, replaced by dealer under 25000 mile warranty.

Soon after twenty five k, the other two rims started to rot. The driver door speaker quit. Fixed that. Then the dash lights started to flicker, now dead. Have to use dome light to see how fast I am driving at night. Rear defroster dead. As with the dash lights, problem is not the fuse or relay. Upper rear shock mount corroded at forty k. Watch the rear upper ball joints as well. I had one break, sending the rear of the car showboating left to right almost out of control at highway speeds. Luckily I stayed calm and got the car off to the shoulder, but it was indeed a violent and dangerous failure, counteracting the load which was ocillating back and forth from lower front driver side to lower front passenger side back and fourth with the rear of the car smoking and screaming (from the tire)! I thought I was hit by a bazooka. I have no doubt whatsoever that someone without racing experience like myself I would bet the farm would have wrecked. It was like the rear wheels were steering by themselves. Replaced them at one hundred k. They are about $60 a piece, but there's a little labor involved if you don't do it yourself like I did. The bearings are machine-pressed in.

General Comments:

Chrysler made a beautiful car, with great suspension (I travel over a winding mountain to work). However the rims should outlast the first original set of tires, come on now. I am currently planning on purchasing custom rims, because my tires are always under inflated because air is slowing escaping from the now-corroding inside bead of the rims. This low-pressure situation has also caused sidewall blowouts when I hit a decent pothole by the tire getting pinched by the rim. Most of the issues above started at 30k miles. With the exception of the control arm.

I would say it is a dependable car. The "multifunction switch", radio, and the heater controls seem to be a common event with the car. Many people complain about the transmission. I know from research there is a problem with dirty residue (sludge) accumulating in the block, causing premature catastrophic engine failure. I use a commercial "flush agent" before I remove my oil, found near the oil section of the auto store, to keep it clean. Keep up with the oil changes and use quality oil.

Other than the bad electrical and cheap chrome, the car has fared well. I have some rims and switches to replace, Not bad.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2007

2001 Chrysler Sebring Sedan LE 2.0 16v from Peru


A large, sleek and very stylish family car that I will never forget!


When it had 20000 kilometres the dealer told us that we had to change the main computer, the warranty covered that, but we had to wait a month.

The dealer service wasn't bad, but it had a very low stock of spare parts, and the maintenance was extremely expensive: $500 for a regular service!!!

General Comments:

I loved the car since the first time I saw it, It's beautiful and very sport-looking.

It performed well for the size and if you remember that it was a four cylinder car, however it was fast enough to race against Volvo's and BMW's with no problem in the freeway.

Inside it was roomy enough to fit five adults and a dog comfortably, with nice cloth seats, wood accents and an excellent Infinity sound System.

The car was OK, the problem was that Chrysler isn't well known in Peru and as very few are sold the dealer always had a very low stock of spare parts and the prices were extremely expensive. Obviously you have to add that the depreciation is too high with this brand, so my dad sold it two weeks ago (with a lot of effort) and the best we got with the money was a 97 Volvo 460 (Imagine!)

But the car was reliable, performed well and very stylish and it really was the best car I've ever had!

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Review Date: 26th January, 2006