Stratus LX 2.5

If you don't need insurance and want a side car, the Stratus is great

144 words, Brazil

Stratus LE 2.0 SOHC

2.0 economic, suspension sporty

99 words, Finland

Stratus LE 2.0 16V

It is good to sail it

50 words, Brazil


Stratus LE 2.0

Good car for normal use :-)

51 words, Norway

Stratus LX 2.5 V6

Do not buy a Stratus

37 words, Turkey, 3 comments

Stratus ES 2.4

Don't wash your car, it might break down

107 words, North America

Stratus LE 2.5L V6

Stylish, well-equipped 4-door sedan with a lot of pickup!

176 words, Finland



24 words, Switzerland


Do not buy this car!

101 words, North America, 1 comment

Stratus LE 2.0 16V

102 words, Netherlands