7th Jan 2005, 11:47

I am in the same boat as the above commenter. Toyota here we come. Post warranty - A/C compressor out which fortunately Chrysler finally acknowledged was their fault and we didn't have to pay, 58K transmission out and a $2700 replacement just because we got a deal from a mechanic friend. New problem today which we suspect is the power steering pump. Have been trying to sell this van at a loss for several months with no choice, but to trade it in since apparently everyone else has heard what a lemon this car is. I didn't bother to list all of the things we had repaired under warranty.

3rd Mar 2005, 03:06

Same idea here - air conditioner compressor went out at 30K miles. I had received the "extended coverage" notice from Chrysler stating that the compressor would be covered if it failed up to 70K miles. The "free" repair started out at about $400, then after calling corporate offices, the free repair turned into about $250. Next on the list is a loud whining noise coming from the power steering pump when initially starting the van. This only lasts about 3 - 4 minutes until it quiets down. I'm not talking about a "do you hear that" kind of noise, but when I start the van in a parking lot, people are looking around to see where the noise is coming from. The front end has a clunking sound anytime you are driving over anything other than smooth pavement. The dealer wants to install new struts. ($1200 repair) I have had a couple of independant mechanics look at this problem and one of them advised me to "get rid of the van as fast as you can"!! The fan control switch for the front only works on high speed. The rotors were warped causing shaking while braking. Rattles are growing more and more. The transmission is starting to act like it is slipping. Please do yourself a favor and STEER CLEAR OF CHRYSLER/DODGE/PLYMOUTH PRODUCTS!!!!!!!! I can honestly say that this van is the most UNreliable car I have owned!

15th Jul 2006, 14:11

I received my 2001 T&C from my mother after my father died. To be honest, I wish I'd never taken it from her. First off, even before I'd taken possession of it, at roughly 15,000 miles, the front driver's side window stopped working. Had to get that repaired. Somewhere around 20,000 miles, I had to have the ignition switch replaced. Couldn't turn the key at all. The A/C quit cooling at around 27,000, a leaking condenser - using a recharging fluid with a stop leak additive seemed to have taken care of that problem, for now. (Took almost an entire year for the stop leak to do its thing.) Then, the rear hatch motor quit working. Have yet to get that repaired because it will cost around $800. Now, the transmission has died. Something to do with the solenoid, but dealer required the transmission being rebuilt at the cost of $3100. Unfortunately, although the dealership seems to think so, I'm not made out of money. Meanwhile, my former mechanic said it would be okay to drive while waiting for a replacement part. (Hah. Notice I said FORMER!) The former mechanics did get the service engine light turned off. When the vehicle died on me in a parking lot, my husband called the former mechanics only to have them say the dealership couldn't provide the part and we needed to take it to the mechanic where we have it now. (This is the mechanic where they normally send transmission problems. Why they couldn't tell us this to begin with... argh!)

I had to have it towed 45 miles, at the cost of $122.00. (Insurance paid the hook-up and first 12 miles.) Now, I'm waiting on a new transmission to be installed by a private mechanic. NEW transmission, at the cost of $2100, not a rebuilt one, at $3100. Still, it's not money I have to spare. It seems a part sheered off inside the transmission. If I'd known to take it to this mechanic to begin with, I might have saved a lot of cash. Moral of this story, don't always trust the mechanic you've been using for 14 years.

After looking around the web I see there are others who have experienced the same problems. I also noticed there are other years where the same problems surfaced.

Local Chrysler service department person told me the transmission problem was common, then, when I questioned that, she backpedaled saying it can be normal for any car to have this kind of problem.

Wow, Chrysler Co, do you suppose you just MIGHT have some kind of faulty parts in your vehicles?

I'd like to see States Attorneys General come down on Chrysler for these problems, or any other government entity who can force them to fix their mess. Not much we, as consumers, can do.

Meanwhile, we're refinancing our house in order to purchase a replacement for our Chevrolet Astro - which has almost 300,000 miles on it, and had to have very few repairs over the years, but the cost of gas is insane. I'll miss that van! We're also going to replace the Town and Country which has around 83,500. What a piece of junk. First Chrysler I've owned. Last Chrysler I'll ever own. I'm looking at Honda, Toyota, or Subaru. Because of gas costs, hybrids are very tempting.

My parents had 10 Subarus - 9 wagons - beginning with a 1972 hatchback. Great cars. Very few repairs. The only reason they got the T&C was because my father had a stroke and my mother needed a van with lift mechanisms. Although he couldn't speak, my father used to stare longingly at Subarus whenever they'd pass one.

15th Aug 2006, 10:45

Read the reviews on the Honda Odessy before jumping at that.

Apparently that is another wallet bleeder. I looked at the reviews as we are thinking of a minivan. They all start out good for the first year, then go down quickly. Leasing is probably the best thing to do with any of these garbage trucks, if you can keep the wear and tear down. The cost of that at the end of the lease will make turning it in prohibitive.

10th May 2008, 22:56

Sorry to say that I, too, own a Chrysler Town & Country, LTD.

I bought it new in 2001, and today, 7 years later, I have only 32,600 miles on it and have had to replace the battery, in seat heaters went bad twice, driver side power window motor went bad, the rear passenger power doors work only once in a while, the rear A/C was repaired under warranty, the rear door rubber gaskets fell off and the lower rubber gasket on the outside front windshield is loose.

Tonight, while driving to a church function, the transmission started to slip very badly. I paid $32,000.00 to buy this pile of junk!!! I would like to say to the engineers and assembler's at Chrysler, get a job at a bakery, because that will be the only place you will get any "dough" in the future. NO LONGER A FAN!!!

26th May 2008, 22:13

Wow - I read all these negative comments about the T&C - I have one - the LXi edition and it is a 2001, has 63,000 miles on it and (knock on wood) we LOVE IT! Only when it gets cold out do I notice the key sticking in the ignition. But other than that it's wonderful and luxurious. We want the Aspen next. Sorry to hear all the bad luck on here.