1972 Chrysler Valiant Ranger XL 4.34L 265Ci Hemi from Australia and New Zealand


Fast, smooth, high powered brick on wheels


Since I've owned the car, which is not long, nothing has gone wrong with it.

But one time it wouldn't start, not to sure on the reason it done this, but I've been told that the gear box overheats which dis allows it to start so no damage is done.

General Comments:

My ranger has a 265 engine, standard ranger has a 245, therefore is a lot more powerful.

This car has plenty of power, like all American muscle cars, i'll only ever drive it in wet grass once, I was barly even touching the accelerator and the car was wheel spinning all over the grass, lucky not to get stuck.

I find the car very reliable, nothing seems to go wrong with the engine if you treat it well.

It handles very well once moving, its very hard to turn the wheels if you're not moving for it don't have power steering, the air shocks (gas on the front) and leaf springs work together very well making a smooth comfortable ride, its as smooth as a new car if you keep it to the speed limit.

However, the body's tend to rust quick, mine hasn't tho, mine is in very good condition for it was repainted with a thick coat long before I got it, the paint job is practically buggered now, chips easily, looks like the panels has ripples in it, but they are as straight as ever, I plan to get it repainted as soon as I get the money.

And its alrite on gas when your driving around town, but once your cruising at 100 km's it starts to eat the petrol, but what do you expect for a 4.3 litre Hemi engine?

I find this car great, I have a 2nd car I use to go to work in, and only use my valiant in the weekend, so its rather cheap to run in that case.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2004

3rd Sep 2004, 19:02

First of all, Valiants are not American, they were made in Australia and New Zealand. They were designed from a Dodge Dart And Charger. They I also owned a Ranger with a 265 but they no were near compare to a Dart or a Charger. They are pretty good cars if you look after them, but still need a lot of work to keep them going. they go through piston rings like nothing, eats (burns) oil like petrol. So they cost a fear bit to keep running.

7th Apr 2005, 21:25

Your comments on fuel efficiency intrigue me. As a general rule of thumb a cars economy will increase on the open road as opposed to around town running?

13th Jan 2013, 00:29

Rings -

If a motor goes through rings & 'eats oil like fuel' there must be an engine problem. That sounds like fouled rings, or severely tapered bores if quality rings don't last.

The main useful engine tip I would like to add is about the mushroom valve guide seals - they go brittle & break off after ~150,000kms, or during a bout of overheating. Oil getting sucked in will eventually foul cylinders & clag rings. Recommend replacing with a Viton or Silicon type material, easily ordered from the USA.

I own a Valiant 265 for over 30 years, just replaced valve seals thrice, rings twice, after running half a million kilometres. It has been running on LPG from ~160,000Kms, the block is standard, & still within 'rough' rebuild tolerances (one thou per inch piston diameter) after 500,000km - only needed honing, thanks to no bore 'washing' with 'dry' gas fuel using LGP suitable oil. A durable donk that probably will outlast me!

1972 Chrysler Valiant Charger VH 265(4.3L) triple carb straight from Australia and New Zealand


Hey charger!!!

General Comments:

Seriously quick, fastest production car in Australia (still is after more than 30 years). Can beat a 351 V8 Falcon over the quarter mile!

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2001

28th Oct 2002, 19:43

The review is true. I have owned an E49 Charger for the past 17 years and they are the fasted Australian production car ever built - as long as you don't go over 230 clicks. Who would want to anyway? For all those people who claim the GT-HO Phase 3 is the be all and end all are full of it. The things guzzle the juice like nothing else and they don't welcome stopping very readily. Chargers rule! Go the immortal six pack!

-Alan Parsons, Victoria.