5th Dec 2005, 23:45

I'm a HUGE charger fan and I've heard that there were 38000 chargers made, 1300 rt models made and only a couple of hundred rt e49s ever built. are these numbers correct, can anyone tell me and if their not, what are the correct numbers?

14th Jan 2006, 12:16

Fastest GTHO 242km/h 0 - 60mph 6.2 1/4 14.5 or 14.6.

Quickest E49 211km/h 0 - 60mph 6.1sec 1/4 = 14.4.

Modern tyres would make both cars quicker, but not faster.

It really is too close to call.

Of note if the Falcons tested had been fitted with the optional 4.11 diff it would have been slower (topspeed) and quicker (acceleration) by a significant margin.

The 4.11 is not suitable in the Falcon as a road car.

Both cars in standard spec with modern tyres are running mid to high 13's.

I'd buy a Charger if I had the money as in street drags they are far easier to get off the line quickly and use 30% less fuel.

Are you aware of the price of an E49? Hope you are rich as they seem to sell for between $50000.00 and $100000.00 but occasionally you see them in the $30K bracket needing lots of work.

26th Jan 2006, 19:13

OK, in response to the fellow who wanted to know the production numbers of the Chargers and so forth...

Total number of VH Chargers: 17,918

Total number of VJ Chargers: 10,509

Total number of VK Chargers: 1,622

Total number of CL Chargers: 1,815

That's 31,864 that were made in Australia + 2,208 Chargers made in New Zealand; that's an overall total of 34,072 (including Sportsman, White Knight, Drifter Chargers and Police Chargers).

Long live the mighty Valiant, Chargers Rule!!!

1st Feb 2006, 22:48

I was lucky enough to grow up with a father who owned an original E38 Charger (Bathurst model). He sold it during the late 90's (he had been storing for over ten years in the garage) for the cheap price of $2500.00. Yes it needed restoration work.

I have not forgiven him yet.

I suppose my fascination with Charger has only grown since then, but let’s face it, who can afford an E38 or E39.

To end the argument, everyone knows the E39 was the fastest production car. The end.

23rd Feb 2006, 22:40

Considering all the Chargers were 6's not 8's that raced in Bathurst, no one ever stops to think of what would happen if the " supercare scare " never happened. Chrysler Australia would have had Chargers with Hemi V8 R/T engines and lets face it, knowing what a Hemi 6 can do, there would have been no competition and Valiant would still be a major manufacturer today.

Nevertheless, the Charger will never be forgotten.

2nd Mar 2006, 22:50


The E55 Charger came with the 340 V8, auto only, restrictive exhaust and was a cruiser. It matched the manual XA GT Falcon in performance though. Some have been converted to manual and I have read of a manual with extractors (but all else was stock) doing mid 13s down the quarter.

It was planned for release with a 4spd, but the Supercar scare changed all that.

That would have been a car to own.

19th Mar 2006, 03:07

Hey everyone, I wanted to know if you could answer my question for me. I love the mighty Valiant Chargers and my brother likes the Chevrolet Chevelle SS. I think that the Chargers are faster, but my bro thinks that the SS are faster. Can anyone tell me which is faster and the top speed of each?

22nd Mar 2006, 00:03

I'm not the one to say which of those 2 cars are better or faster, but I think the Chevelle doesn't have the history behind it. I mean for a straight six to be performing at the level of V8's is just unheard of, based on the E49 R/T Charger which puts out 302 bhp and standing quarter mile 14.4 and a top speed of 132 mph its got serious power. I'm not a Chevelle person so I will leave those specs to some Chev freak.

Long live the mighty Valiant, Chargers Rule!!!

13th Apr 2006, 02:01

Hello all,

I am very interested in chargers. I was hoping that someone here may be able to help me out with a question...

What transmission was used in the E49 Charger?

Were there options?

I have never been able to find that out and I have always wondered.

Cheers guys.


22nd Apr 2006, 06:22

The e49 charger had the d20 option, this code was a 4 speed floor shift manual. these gearboxes where maid by borg-warner.

Go the charger.

28th Apr 2006, 00:24

Hi guys.

I currently have a weekend car, which is a Lotus Elise 111R MY05, which cost me over $116,000. I love this car totally on the road and on the track. But I am considering selling this vehicle to buy an R/T charger.

You are most likely thinking that these are two totally different cars and what is my justification for the switch. Well my father who owned an R/T charger back in the 70’s just passed away 3 weeks ago. That car was his pride and joy. And I just feel something inside saying you need to get one of these.

I have always loved the Valiant chargers. I remember being a little boy and not being able to see over the front dash while sitting in the front seat. All I knew was that we were going really fast, the raw of the engine and the speed of street signs and light poles flying passed as I looked our of the side windows.

I was wondering whether there is a car club in Victoria related to this vehicle. If so a contact number or name would be great. A web site would even do the job.

Also I have had a brief look on the Internet for any R/T chargers for sale and am starting to be concerned that these are as rare as Hen’s teeth.

What would be my chances on getting one of these? Do they ever come up for sale??

30th Apr 2006, 07:43

Hey guys, I know this page is about Chargers, and don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of the mighty Charger, in fact they are my favourite car, but I also love Monaros; well actually any muscle car that exists will look good in my eyes, but anyway, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how many Monaros were made and what year they stopped being produced?

Thanks, Tom.

P.s I'm talking about the Monaros of the sixties and seventies, not the remake.

7th Jun 2006, 04:47

Hello everyone!

I am looking for one of the following valiant charger models:

VH R/T E37

VH R/T E38

VH R/T E48

VH R/T E49

VH S/E E55.

VJ E48

VJ E49

VJ E55.

I am looking for a car that is in poor condition to suit restoration as I don’t have much money to spend. It would be better with motor and gearbox, even if they don’t work. Must be a genuine car. Preferably in Victoria. Thank you.


Please contact me at rt_e49@hotmail.com.

1st Jul 2006, 05:02

Hey ummm guys... First of all, I will pay you if you find any Charger in any condition under $500! Keep your eye on the Chargers (as I have) and you will come to know that it is impossible. Second of all, this is a survey site probably designed for comments about the Charger, not a free advertisement site such as carsales so please keep it that way, according to me, this is a waste of time of your own and others.

Have a nice day.