1993 Citroen AX Echo 1.4D from UK and Ireland




Exhaust after leak was discovered - cost £40 complete.

Dashboard bulbs - changed all, but one cost nothing. Got them off a scrap AX, and the same with the speedo cable.

Speedo cable broke during changing of the bulbs.

Front brake pads and handbrake cable.

General Comments:

This car has been in the family from new, and I will keep it until it dies, as it's such a good little car, which does 65-70 mpg and has never let me down. I've been up and down the country several times.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2007

1993 Citroen AX Jive 1.0L (954cc) SPi from UK and Ireland


A great first car, with good tuning potential


The battery was being drained when the car was off, traced to a a short circuit or faulty wiring at the rear window heaters.

CV joints are starting to knock loudly on tight corners (constant velocity joints), need replacing soon.

Clutch appears to slip at high revs, but it might just be me not releasing the pedal quickly enough.

General Comments:

Nice and nippy car, feels damn fast for a 1.0L.

Took it for a track session at Silverstone Race Circuit, and apart from immense body roll, it has great handling and good gearing (4 speed box), I was doing corners at up to 60mph!!!

Not much head room for my helmet though, a tight squeeze.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2005

1993 Citroen AX HighLight 1.0i from UK and Ireland


This is the best cheap-to-run car you'll ever have


Small radiator leak at 45000 miles, it had rusted through at bottom hose point.

General Comments:

Cheaper than getting the bus to work. This car is amazing at saving me money. It was the boss's wife's car so I knew the low mileage and one owner story was correct.

The placing of the foot pedals does make long drives uncomfortable for me (but I'm six feet tall)

I don't like the added 'dotty' decals down each side and on interior fabric.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2005

1993 Citroen AX 1L from UK and Ireland


Great budget car and cheap to run


At the moment nothing has gone wrong, although starter motor sound suspect.

Radio tuner button broken, will only tune down.

Back window screen wash jet prefers to spray cars behind rather than window, nothing that can't be fixed.

General Comments:

Brought car from girlfriends work mate.

Was expecting a white rust bucket.

Actually was a little AX dream.

Great car for local driving.

Especially to round town, supermarket etc.

Has got a nice tiny bit of poke for acceleration.

But motor way driving stick to the slow lane...

Fantastic car to drive.

Small enough to park anywhere.

Paid £350 and in condition it's in it's a bargain.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2004

1993 Citroen AX Debut 954cc from UK and Ireland


A Bargain that will start every time and not let you down


Faulty Alternator at 91,000 miles.

Accelerator cable snapped at 97,000 miles.

Rust appeared fairly quick (wing, bonnet above headlight). Too quick in my opinion for a car under 10-yr.

General Comments:

This car, due to its engine, is not quick. But is a very reliable car and has never failed to start on a cold morning.

It starts straight away, no problem.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2003

1993 Citroen AX Debut 1.0i from UK and Ireland


A cheap, characterful and durable little car!


The original alternator, radiator and water pump (and radio!) all packed up after an amazing 103,000 miles of slightly leaky service (the radiator wasn't actually broken, but more sludged up than any the guy who fixed it had seen in a long while and beyond repair).

The brakes appeared to have been thrashed and maltreated in the past as they failed the MOT for heavily warped disks, seized calipers and worn pads - this would explain the appalling noise and startling lack of braking ability.

The engine is still going strong at this mileage, but is sounding less than healthy now - it is noisier than previously and makes all sorts of knocking whistling noises which I hope don't mean anything too dire.

The engine hesitates on and off regularly when cold which is annoying, but also not worth the expense of a new ECU part to fix - apparently the fuel sensors are breaking up with age.

General Comments:

This is an update on the original review for the same car ("A decent, frugal and likeable small car")

I still love it to bits, BUT! A word of warning to any AX owner/buyer!

These cars (particularly injection models) do not appreciate neglect and the last 6 months have shown up a dire lack of attention on mine by the previous owner - get some service history!

Still, it's a joy to run, isn't rusting very much (I've seen Novas and Fiestas with holes in them for this age) and has only broken down twice in 10 months.

Despite the drama list its had a hard time with me - lots of bombing up and down high speed roads, lots of country lanes and lots of sitting in heavy traffic - so I'm not complaining.

If you see one you like & it has some service history, don't even stop to ask how much - just buy it! Great little car!

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2003