1996 Citroen AX Dimension 949 from UK and Ireland


Cheap and nippy. A complete bargain


Noting yet has happened to the car. I have only had it for a week.

When I bought it, there was a full tank of fuel. I've not filled it up yet and I've done quite a lot of traveling. It must be about 70 miles so far.

General Comments:

The car is nippy for its size.

I have not pushed it yet, but easily got 60 out of it.

Insurance for it is quite cheap, being a small engine.

Nothing to complain about so far.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2003

1996 Citroen AX 1.0 from UK and Ireland


Nice small car, very economical



General Comments:

The car is lively enough with just the driver, additional persons affecting the performance / handling noticably. For a town car it is lively enough, fun to drive and is fantastic on fuel economy returning a maximum of 58 mpg on a motorway run, and very good economy around town.

It is a "pretty" car, especially with metallic finish and colour co-ordinated bumpers.

Having previously driven a Sierra, the interior compares favourably for size and feel, I am still amazed at its small exterior size to interior "feel".

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Review Date: 10th July, 2001

1996 Citroen AX Spree 1.1 from UK and Ireland


French piece of crap on wheels


Pretty unreliable for a major manufacturer and mass produced model.

Binding rear brakes.

Constant whistling noise from door seals above 55mph.

Faulty fuel gauge.

Window winder fell off.

All this paid for from my own pocket!! Should have bought something German or British instead of this French piece of crap on wheels.

General Comments:

Wouldn't advise this car as a good piece of reliable transport. It never let me down but the niggling faults sadly made it an annoying traveling and ownership experience.

Don't think I would buy from Citroen again. If I did it would be from a main dealer with a warranty.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2001

14th Sep 2001, 12:04

I have driven an AX Spree for 4 years and had no problems with it. I only sold it because I now have 2 little kids and needed the extra space, so I have now got a Citroen Xsara Picasso 1.8 SX.

2nd Oct 2002, 16:08

...And come on- it must be better than a Talbot Horizon!!

2nd Jan 2004, 13:32

I have had a Cirtoen AX Spree for nearly 10 years and it has NEVER let me down. I refuse to buy a new car much to my husband's embarrassment.

27th May 2022, 11:38

The Horizon is a much more substantial car than the AX. Both cars I think are good if you get a good example, but incomparable.

1996 Citroen AX Image 1.5 diesel from Belgium


A unique, still very advanced design

General Comments:

The Citroen AX 1.5 diesel is a small car with the feel of a larger car. It has excellent roadholding, extremely economic diesel engine and excellent gearbox.

It's design, which started as one of the "3 litre / 100 km" projects back in 1980, was and still is quite advanced. The design combines relatively low weight, excellent streamlining, excellent comfort and excellent mechanics, especially for a car of this size.

This diesel car should never have been taken out of production (in 1997). Although it lacks airbags and other things considered "safety enhancements" which only add to weight and hence fuel consumption, it has an enormous amount of built-in safety because of it's behaviour on the road, once you understand how to drive it.

The BX diesel I have owned was a very satisfactory car, but the AX certainly has a uniqueness the BX lacks.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2000

2nd Dec 2000, 16:02

This totally reliable AX 1.5 diesel has now travelled 120,000 km and has just undergone a major 60,000 km service including a camshaft belt change and full adjustment of everything.

Over the last 10,000 km it has remained ultra-economic with an average fuel consumption of 4L/100km = 75 mpg or better (with the driver only).

Worst fuel consumption has been 4.7L/100km on a faster (70-80 mph) motorway run and 4.3L/100km with one passenger on a fast country road trip.

24th Oct 2001, 14:48

Unfortunately my Citroen dealer has let me down on so many occasions that I must add a comment on the appalling standard of workmanship in Citroen workshops. I have friends with Citroens in various European countries. They all like their cars, but they all complain about their Citroen workshops.

Although at not-so-low hourly rates, the standard of workmanship appears to be well below the acceptable, and when commenting on this low standard, the customer is made to feel unimportant (unless he buys a brand new C5 of course). I hope Citroen management will wake up one day.

1996 Citroen AX Elation 1.0i from UK and Ireland




Throttle Problems: Car developed 'hiccups' at 44,000 miles. Potentiometer replaced at a cost of £260. Now the throttle cuts out completely for several seconds fairly regularly. 'Hiccups' still remain although less often.

General Comments:

Fairly nippy for a 1.0 litre engine, but is still underpowered and could use 5 better ratioed gears too.

Very easy to drive though; easy gear-change and good handling, although it feels fragile on fast corners.

It's an OK town car but nothing special. Fuel economy is fantastic though, it'll do 350 miles on £25's worth of unleaded.

Throttle problems are becoming very annoying.

Scratches and dents appear from nowhere, and the bodywork seems fragile.

Depreciation is a major worry too, with the car losing £2000 in value over two years.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2000

14th Jan 2002, 03:05

I've had my 'elation' for 2 years now and it is nothing less than a truly superb car!

P.S. Reliability is 10 and NOT 3!!!