4th Sep 2001, 15:04

My recent private purchase of an AX 1.4L diesel has been traumatic. Head blew on the very first journey after I had parted with the cash. £250 to re-face the head, grind and re-shim valves, and buy gaskets. Refitting it tomorrow. Praying it will work and the whole thing not a complete write off.

Will report any impressions of how it drives when I get the chance to do so.

Bought for the very cheap fuel costs. So far the deal has somewhat backfired.

Anyone know of any good newsgroups for info on working on the AX diesel engine? Haynes, thorough but frankly way short of being comprehensive and crystal in its advice (What has happened to Haynes? Ever seen/used an old copy? Gorgeous exploded diagrams of EVERYTHING and relevant photos. New versions not a patch on them. Come on Haynes, you should have stood by the motto, "If it ain't broke don't fix it").

16th May 2002, 15:35

1995 AX 1.5 Diesel.

I have owned the above since 1998 when I bought it with 22000 miles behind it. I love the car, and it is so economical. I have lovingly serviced it myself since the local Citroen dealer stopped dealing with Citroen.

I was shocked recently however to discover that after 55000 miles the engine was lacking compression on several cylinders, which was leading to poor starting when cold.

I currently have the engine stripped to the tappets. I have discovered that the tappet clearances on all four inlet valves is zero. The exhaust valves are OK. I am re-shimming the followers in a hope that this will cure the loss of compression, but if the valves are burned then the cylinder head will have to be removed and reconditioned (about £250).

I don't understand why this should happen on a low mileage engine that has been looked after. Has anyone else had a similar experience?


25th Feb 2004, 05:19

I bought a citroen ax 7 months ago since I bought it I have had nothing, but problems including 1 new alternator, 1 valve blown 6 bulbs blown, brakes failed, handbrake failed, locks on both sides fragile a snapped of, both driver and passenger seat will not adjust, cigarette lighter broken, fan belt snapped, water overheated, balancing a tracking terrible, and finally last night my clutch went, I will honestly say this has been the worst car I have ever owned!

22nd Aug 2004, 07:36

Citroen AX

Does anyone know how to replace the dashboard bulbs.

8th Sep 2004, 16:52

I bought my Citroen AX 14D Echo one year ago. So far I've had to replace the battery, costing 50 pounds, the rear brakes had to be renewed including the cylinders costing 200 pounds... Head gasket blew today for no reason at 85000 miles. Going to try and do the job myself as I've been quoted a stupid minimum cost of 800 pounds!!!

A lot of hassle but the car is nice to drive and gets me from A to B. Does regular motorway journeys, is very efficient on fuel.

31st Oct 2004, 13:13

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to covert a manual choke on my ax, to a automatic choke.

15th Feb 2005, 19:54

Bought an AX 1.5 Diesel approx 3 yrs ago (M reg 1994) with 75,000 on the clock. Used it to get me to the Airport for work each day ever since rather than use my new car. Have serviced it regularly and fitted all new brake parts on purchase. Fitted all new bulbs on purchase and new wiper blade. Despite minimal other attention the car has run like a dream ever since and now has 101,000 on the clock!until 2 days ago it started first time, every time with never a complaint come rain, snow and sub zero temps. One new set of glow plugs fitted at £24 and performance is 100% again. On a run I can get 76 mpg. Normal motoring returns 56 mpg minimum!! Never uses a drop of oil or water and everything still works. If you disregard the lack of Air Con, Power Steering and a heated front Windscreen, it knocks my new Ford Fusion into a cocked hat!! The car has years of service left in it and I intend to keep it. The best £800 I ever spent quite frankly. If all Citroen Diesel engines are built like this, other manufacturers could learn a thing or two.

Regards, Gerald.

25th Jan 2006, 05:43

Citroen ax 1360 diesel jive, bought 6 months ago £175, done 8000 miles so far, major problem replaced rear rear axle as these tend to go on the ax, with the tell tale sign that the tyres bind on the arches when the body is raised cost £35 (scrap), repaired bend in sub-chassis on front, replaced front wish bone £5 (scrap) (oil/filters/drive shaft seal/small jobs) taxed it etc, whole cost with MOT/TAX and initial cost of vehicle about £420, just done rear brake cylinder £22 and front pads £13, total mileage of car 152000 and rising, average about 62mpg.

4th Jan 2007, 10:22

Ax 1.5 Echo D Plus M reg (95), bought for £400 about 5 months ago. Does 45 - 55 mpg, makes funny noises on bumps, driver's headlamp decides when it wants to work (but whacking it usually gets it going), MOT until this May... Best £400 ever spent on a car, apart from £35 (Oil/filter at garage, rest myself) and £50 on front two tyres and road tax, it hasn't cost anything (touch wood!!!).

So all about luck! For sale is anyone interested!!!

6th Jan 2007, 10:10

I have a problem with headlights. When I switch them on they are not exactly bright. I have checked the battery, alternator and the dim/ dip relay situated under radiator grille. Cannot locate problem. Headlights are fine on highbeam only problem is when on normal headlights I can barely see the car in front of me!

Any suggestions as to what it might be?

As for the rest of the car------ I bought it for £600.00 approx two years ago. Covered about 40000 miles and have spent very little on repairs. It is the 3rd one I have owned and I can honestly say they have caused me little or no grief whatsoever!

12th Jul 2007, 17:03

I think I've been quite lucky. I've had my Citroen AX for a year now, and I need a gaiter seal and 2 headlights for it to pass an MOT.

It has never broken down, nothing has gone wrong except the alternator belt has snapped.

I paid £300 for the car, and it has done 145000 miles. It eats petrol, but that is my fault though cos of the K&N air filter and a huge exhaust. Before they were on, it was very good on fuel.

Altogether I think it's a good car.

13th Aug 2007, 10:06

I purchased an AX in Jan. As it's only my first car, I got a little 1 litre.

I have no problems so far, but recently the CV joints have been rattling a lot; does anyone have any idea of how much this might cost me? I have been told to get them both replaced, as if I don't it might put strain on the other one, and I would be having the same problem in a few months time.

Can anyone help?


1st Sep 2007, 15:25

Very interesting and helpful to read the comments! I well my partner is in the process of buying a Citreon AX 15D Echo Plus. My Nephew who is a mechanic said that the Diesel engines on these cars were known for blowing the head gasket, but he thought that it was the 1.4 were the main culprits! If anyone know more about this? Thanks Carol.