2001 Citroen Berlingo 800 LX 1.9 diesel from UK and Ireland


Best little van anyone could buy


If the allies had used Berlingo's instead of tanks, they would have won the war sooner...

Rocker cover gasket went at a cost of 10 quid if I bothered replacing it.

Rubber mount broke holding the exhaust. 5 quid.

The driver's seat doesn't go back too far, which is annoying on long journeys.

General Comments:

Brilliant van. Runs on the smell of diesel.

Not the most comfortable on long journeys, but it's no Mercedes.

The Berlingo is a better option rather than the Peugeot Partner. There is no storage bay under the seat in a Peugeot Partner, which there is in a Berlingo.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2011

20th Jun 2012, 04:45

How many miles or km does it do to the tank? I am thinking of getting one, a 3 door 2001. It cost me 56 euros to fill it up today; I live in Spain.

17th Nov 2022, 17:38

About 50 miles per gallon for this engine.

2001 Citroen Berlingo 1.4i from Malaysia


Fine car


The car engine often dies suddenly during low speed travel or when starting.

General Comments:

Safety and performance is fine, but it is no good to have the car engine suddenly die off.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2006

8th Feb 2006, 02:42

There is a Citroen site that you can visit in Malaysia, which can assist you finding a way to sort your problem. At least they can guide you to reasonably priced workshops. Here's the site http://forum.autoworld.com.my/, look under Forum for Le Club Citroen.

I have a 2002 Berlingo, which has covered 120,000 kms. When it does get close to the next scheduled service, the car does occasionally go to a lower idle speed, but has yet to stall on me. It hasn't missed a beat in the past 3.5 years.

For me this car is an absolute gem. It certainly beats the rest of the similarly priced cars in Malaysia.

2001 Citroen Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


Spacious car, but you have to live with minor faults


Fuel gauge stopped working.

Cord for rear seat release catch broken.

Rear door seals have come unglued.

Airbag light sometimes stays on.

Rear wheel arch liner came loose and rubbed on tyre.

Rear wheel brake slave cylinder seized on.

General Comments:

The car is comfortable and spacious, it's great for carrying big loads, and the rear seats and front passenger seat are easily unbolted. It drives well.

However, the build quality is poor in places, particularly the electrics which show many minor intermittent faults; definitely below the standard of my previous 15 year old Volvo.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2005

2nd Jun 2007, 01:47

I still own this car, problems haven't developed f├║rther and am very happy with it. The original exhaust lasted 5 years / 50k miles! Only other problems were failed rear wiper. My parents have bought one as well, there seem to have been a number of improvements from the 2001 to 2006 model:-

- rear side doors simpler to operate

- tailgate closes more easily

- number plate light bulbs easier to change

- Better indication of rear screen heater being on

- Radio controls on steering column

- Rubber gutter strips above doors held by plastic clips (the 2001 ones are glued and keep falling off)

- 2 Rear fog lights.

The only retrograde steps are:-

- Instruments difficult to read in day-time if illumination (i.e. side / headlights) on

- Pedal layout has changed (the accelerator arm is now plastic!) and even with size 8 feet I can press the accelerator (via the arm) and the brake pedal together!

I have modified my 2001 car as follows:-

- Extra light on dash to indicate rear screen heater on.

- Variable speed intermittent wipe fitted as an alternative to speed sensitive system.

-Tried to enable 2nd rear fog light, but due to the relay circuit used for the towing socket, this has not yet been successful (I need to fit an extra relay: if the towing socket circuit detects a load of 2 bulbs it thinks a trailer is plugged in and extinguishes the car fog light!)

28th Nov 2013, 02:15

Still own it, and it's still going. No significant rust, but a lot of the lacquer has come off (painting with yacht varnish gets rid of the matte look). Nothing much significant in the way of further problems:-

- Eventually the entire instrument panel went erratic, traced to water ingress into BSI through leaky windscreen. Replacement of BSI and instrument panel solved the long term fuel gauge problem.

- I'm now on the third rear wiper motor, now fitted with cage nuts not rivets to ease replacement. Original type no longer available, so the rear wiper had to be changed to a new type with improved washer plumbing (also had to make up a wiring adapter).

- Washer pump failed, first generic replacement had wrong connector, second generic replacement barely worked, eventually bought a Citroen part and it worked and wasn't expensive (would have saved taking the wheel arch lining out three times as well!)

- Keep an eye on the condition of your exhaust tail pipe; while driving the work Peugeot Partner, a blowhole developed in the top of the tailpipe, and the exhaust melted a hole in the bumper and the entire light cluster, and nearly intoxicated the occupants.

16th Jul 2015, 13:39

I've replaced the washer pump, despite not having done any car maintenance for years; it was straightforward.

Have the same issue with the air-bag light. Seems to be a common symptom of a number of possible faults, including an over-sensitive controller.