2nd Nov 2005, 01:54

May I suggest that you change the engine oil filter every 5,000 km. Change the engine oil every 10,000 km, but also change the oil filter every 5,000 km.

Keep your remaining new engine oil so you can just top up after changing the new oil filter.

A tips to take care of your "continental" car engine.

FYI, fully synthetics can surely last longer, but that oil filter might not hold up that long. Soon it will not act like a filter, and that synthetic oil will run dirty in your engine.

A friend of mine, a Lube Oil Engineer once said, that engine oil could even run up to 100,000 without ever needed to be changed, but the filter is critical.

Even in my processing Plant, we have pumps that runs with the same lubricant for years. All the operators needed to do is to top up the lubricant and maintaining at the recommended level.

22nd Nov 2005, 01:20

Thanks for the advise on the filters above. About to reach 110K now.

Still enjoying every bit of this car.

The rubber trim on one of the sliding door handle has fallen off. Notice a few Berlingos in Singapore with the same problem.

New battery at 106K (after 3.5 years). Front Brake Pads changed at 100K. Discs had to be re-shimmed at 100K too.

28th Apr 2007, 19:04

Just covered 160,000 kms. Had to change Clutch kit at 150,000kms. It just got spongy and release was not accurate. Otherwise, no other major problems just regular servicing.

Still not consuming any oil. Driver's seat's foam bottom is jutting out a little at the side.

Will be sending in for servicing shortly. Suspect lower engine mount may be cracked as there is slight judder when taking off steep slopes and when fully loaded.

5th Jan 2008, 06:18

It's been raining heavily in Malaysia over the past few weeks and the car has been through puddles and the rear silencer has rusted out internally. Just replaced the silencer and all is well. Car speedo reads 180,000kms. Due for service soon. Windscreen water jet pump replaced too. Still running is faultless.

30th Jan 2008, 18:45

Alternator seems to be giving a problem now. I had it checked and my mechanic says it's better to replace this as a failed alternator will leave me stranded.

Speedo reads 181,000 kms. Will replace the 70 amp alternator with a 90 amp one. Not many places in Malaysia carrying this part.

10th Mar 2008, 08:04

Alternator replaced with a reconditioned one... for about Rm400 (US 120). Initial whine on the recond alternator has died down. Have covered over 2000 kms since. (183k now) Seems to be running fine.

Car runs well and coming up to 6 years now. No complaints except that parts seems to be hard to source now.

4th Dec 2008, 19:29

Hit 200,000km about 2 weeks ago. Car was serviced and the front brake pads replaced.

No new issues to report except that today I could not open the open driver's door from the inside.

9th Jan 2010, 08:22

230000 kms as at 1st January 2010. Just serviced, and was told that I will need to change the timing belt soon. Not much mileage done the past year as my new Fiat Multipla is my main drive now. Berlingo is still very reliable and hardly any issue.

Replaced windscreen (cracked) at 215000 kms.

New alternator at around 210000kms.

28th Sep 2010, 15:40

What a reliable car. Had small problems; front seat had to be replaced after 120000 miles. I use it as a taxi, and small problems with clutch pedal box coming undone, but regular servicing, and she's all good.

26th May 2011, 07:30

Original owner updating.

I am having a problem with one of the sliding doors, seems to tilting a little, causing it to have difficulties shutting. Interior is wearing out, engine still in great condition and I think I need to get some new shocks as high speed is getting a wallow ride.

Otherwise, still brilliant and reliable, it seems to want to stay with me.

4th Oct 2011, 03:11

252000 kms. Original owner updating, found a little oil in water when topping up.. took her to my mechanic and he thought the head gasket was about to give up. Bought a head gasket, water pump and seals, and got it fixed a couple of days. The engine is now running fine with no oil in water. Head gasket was not blown, but mechanic told me that it was very old and time for replacement. She's almost 10 years old now.

16th Oct 2011, 06:55

253.500 Kms.. They are launching the Peugeot 508 in Malaysia this week, had a look at the 508 this weekend. If I do decide to get the 508, the Berlingo will have to be traded in. She's been a good workhorse for the past 10 years (next July she'll be 10!).

6th Nov 2011, 18:59

Hi, I'm wondering how much have you spent for your repairs, as I am having the same problem as well!

Regards, Terry.

26th Feb 2012, 22:50

Changed a tie-rod (track-rod), cost SGD 48 (about USD 40) for an original part, and another MYR 50 (USD 16) for a mechanic to replace it. Wallowing has stopped, and the car now seems to be running fine. Mechanic suggested changing some additional bushes and a link rod.. The car is approaching 10 years now, 263,000 kms already done, and seems to be just as good.

Wanted to trade in this car for a C5, but the trade in value is horrendously low.. Will hang on the Berlingo as a runabout and a goods carrier. Just too good to let go, as I know I will regret it if I let her go.

16th Mar 2012, 21:07

In answer to your query on the cost; the water pump and head gasket were changed; the OEM parts were within 240 SGD (about 120 British Pounds), and the work was around 40 British Pounds. The problem was the age of the head gasket, and a minute leak at the water pump. SKF water pump used.

26th May 2012, 04:56

268,000 kms now. In July 2012 it will be 10 years old. Just used the car to carry some collapsible tables and chairs, very functional and useful car. So good that I have placed an order for a DS4 THP 200 now to mark the 10th year! Keeping the Berlingo though!

7th Aug 2012, 05:04

Original Owner updating:

272500 kms. The car turned 10 years old a couple of weeks ago. Running smoothly and doing at least 300-400 kms a week. To mark it's 10th anniversary, I have just bought a DS4 160THP auto. It's a fully automatic Aisin 6 speed gearbox.

The Berlingo will chug along for the time being. It would be foolish for me to sell it, as it does not cost much to maintain, and resale value is simply hopeless. Considering repainting the car, as the paintwork is original and fading fast on the roof.

19th Aug 2012, 19:59

273,500 kms, made a 1000 km return trip to Kuala Lumpur. On the way back, the engine had a slight jerk as I was stopping midway for a meal break. Possibly the fuel pump. After the 30 minute break, the car started without any problem, and performed as normal all the way home.

My DS4 arrived last Thursday 16th of August 2012. Will put in a review for this car (no DS4 model selection available yet in the review section) after running it in and putting in some kilometers. It's feature packed!

20th Jan 2013, 07:24

280,000 kms - Top overhaul done, as my mechanic advised me that the compression in a couple of cylinders were low. Alternator was also replaced with a reconditioned one as the battery light was blinking too. Overall costs of repairs was about 2,300 RM (about 750 USD). I guess that should keep the engine running for another 100,000 kms. The car is back to running normal now. Drove around 200 kms in it in the past 2 days, so far no issues, and the engine is very smooth now.

29th Jun 2013, 21:55

288,000 km. All's well with the Berlingo.

About time I changed the original shocks.

The rear hatch gas struts need replacement, as they cannot hold up anymore. Ordered parts for them.

The car is running without any major problems, and is used daily.