17th Dec 2005, 08:59

In Finland Citroens as well as Peugeots are well known of their problems with the oil cap and dipstick, caused by an excessive pressure in crank chamber.

Here the origin of the problem is an easily freezing crank chamber breathing tube, which is intended to allow the crank chamber to breath to camshaft chamber and further to the intake manifold. When the tube becomes blocked due to freezing in below-zero temperatures, the pressure in the crank chamber raises and the engine starts to blow the dipstick, oil cap an also some oil.

Although the below-zero temperatures are not as usual in UK as in Finland, I would still recommend to check the breathing tube.

26th Jun 2007, 18:35

I have a 2002 (52 reg facelift) Multispace 2.0HDI, and was initially pleased with it. But I have had a lot of faults:

The ECU that failed upon parking, and cost a few hundred quid to replace!

The locks needed changing after it started unlocking itself on a hot day (known as 'bouncing locks').

Rhe rear center seatbelt locked the seat in its down position at a VERY inconvenient time!

The stupid engine cover rubber mounts keep breaking and knocking out the dipstick.

The CD player packed up.

The indicator stalk is dodgy, and keeps indicating left after turning right.

The engine leaks oil.

Apart from that, it's not bad! Would I buy another - NO CHANCE!!!

16th Mar 2010, 15:00

As we speak, a Citroen dealer has had my Berlingo in the workshop for over 2 weeks. The brake reservoir has now been changed 4 times and the brakes still won't work. They have told me that there are no more brake reservoirs left in the UK, and none shall arrive for 10 days. I've sourced a brake reservoir from ebay today, and will be delivering to the dealer myself. Think twice before buying a Citroen Berlingo.. Feed up!

17th Oct 2010, 12:12

I have a 2004 Berlingo, and have had several problems myself.

Today, after an oil change, the dipstick end has broken off, so for the moment I can't tell how much oil needs to be topped up, and how I'm going to remove the broken end.

Also the rear centre seatbelt locked while folded down. I had to take the seat covers off and remove it, only to replace it.

I also had to have the indicator stock replaced, as when I made a right turn, the indicator changed to left.

This is my first Citroen, and it shall be the last.

11th Dec 2010, 16:07

I have a 2003 2.0 Berlingo Desire with over 76k on the clock.

Honestly, I have never been truly let down by my Berlingo.

My only problem is the engine cover rubber mounts breaking off. I have now dispensed with the cover altogether.

The engine under tray also seems rather fragile, and has broke off a couple of times. I solved this by having the much tougher Peugeot metal one fitted, at minimal cost.

Would I have another? Definitely!