2007 Citroen C2 VTS 1.6 from Finland


Fun, nippy car



General Comments:

I was a bit concerned about getting a C2 VTS after I'd rad previous reviews on this site. However, I was quite happy with the test drive so I bought one - and I'm still happy with it now.

I'd considered the Fiest ST, but went for the C2 to save on petrol as I'm driving 116km daily. The gearbox isn't as solid as the Fiesta's, but I can live with it.

I'd say the car is 'nippy' but not fast. Then again, I'm used to motorcycles, so my opinion may be a little biased here. Like an inline-four motorcycle engine, the C2 1.6 engine needs to be wound up in order to give its best. Saying that, the engine can also be driven quite happily and easily at lower speeds; around town, for example. This was something that was quite important to me. I didn't want a rev-happy engine that was a pain to drive around towns.

Brakes are great. Then again, I think any small car with disc brakes all round would be.

The steering is extremely light.

Petrol consumption seems to be spot on what the official figures say.

You can fit more into this can than you'd expect. I've had a drum kit and a PA system in the car at the same time (using front seat and rear load area).

The gear lever needs the occasional shuv to go into reverse, but that's probably just me as I've had similar problems on other cars (even after coming to a complete stop and waiting a second).

The paintwork doesn't seem to be as good as some cars in the same price range, but that's not such a big deal to me. I had more paint chips on the C2 during a year's use than I did with previous cars.

But, all in all, I'm happy with the car. Ignore the comments about misaligned panels, etc. Just test drive the car and make your own mind up (as everyone should when buying a car).

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Review Date: 12th March, 2008

12th Jun 2012, 12:54

The car has now been driven 146,000Km, and is still going strong. No major problems. Rear discs and pads were recently changed, but nothing else other than regular service changes and replacements.

21st Jun 2014, 20:28

The car has now done over 200,000Km. A broken front suspension spring was replaced about a month ago, as well as the boot's upper wiring loom (7 years of opening and closing had broken the loom, causing the rear electrics to take on a life of their own).

As well as a standard service, the following will also be replaced next week as the car's now 7 years old:

- Front discs and pads (rears also look like they'll be changed again. 3rd set so far; they don't like harsh winters).

- Both from arms (due to the rubber bushes wearing).

- Anti-roll bar bushes (due to them wearing and causing the bar to slacken).

- New handbrake cable (moisture has got inside and it sticks in minus degrees Celsius).

Overall, I'm still happy with the car. If I get to see 250,000Km on the clock, I feel I'll have got my money's worth out of it. But I still intend to keep it until it dies.

16th Jan 2016, 15:56

The car has just driven over 250,000Km. I just replaced the original battery, as its ninth winter seemed to finally take its toll on it. Other than that, the car is going strong. I'll miss it when it goes...

2007 Citroen C2 VTR 1.6 litre from Australia and New Zealand




Not a thing, but I have only just got it.

General Comments:

I have only had this car for just on a week now, so not very long. So you might ask why I am posting this review? Well in answer to your question, when I was looking at buying a new car, there were just a few things I wanted from a car; cheap to run. looks nice. good build quality and reliable. So like most people, I jumped on the Internet and started to research vehicles that I was interested in, one of those being the Citroen C2.

I didn't really find much help other than this web site. But even after reading these posts, I still was unsure on this senso-drive thingy. Even after test driving it, I was still going do I like it or not.

Anyhow, after lots of deliberation, I bought the C2 VTR with the senso-drive and I love it. It's great fun and it is so easy; why anyone would have a normal manual when you can have these paddles? I just wouldn't understand. It's just as smooth as any other manual gear shift, but it has the option of being an auto–manual as well the best of both worlds.

The car is great, and also the finish is great.

The 1.6 engine is strong, and it handles with grip.

So that's that; I hope this helps others looking for info, and I will be adding another review in a few months or so just as an update.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2008

14th Mar 2008, 17:51

I am taking delivery of a C2 1.6i 16v VTR Sensodrive in Poseidon Blue next month as I am a fan of the sensodrive gearbox, after owning my 05 C3 1.6i 16v exclusive sensodrive for nearly 3 years next month. It just had its mot and flew through it with no problems. If this new car will be as good as the C3 I've got now, I will be pleased.

24th Feb 2010, 13:28

I am planning to buy a new Citroen C2 VTR, and I found this site, which was very helpful for my decision. I believe that all the gearbox problems are due to software, which is something easier to fix than if it was mechanical. I'd like to ask here does somebody knows if there is any upgrade or improvement in the engine, since this car model appeared till this day, or is it still the same? I'd appreciate your comments. Thank you, and thanks to this comment site.