2003 Citroen C3 Exclusive 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Whine from compressor air con, replace, belt, bearing, conpressor, loan car supply.

Front light change as mist up in wet plus upgrade software gearbox.

Full marks service.

Mini from BMW dealer brought same year toy town service, a real joke.

General Comments:

Good all found car.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2004

2003 Citroen C3 Exclusive 1.4 from Australia and New Zealand


Really fantastic except slightly underpowered


Nothing has gone wrong with this car at all.

General Comments:

This car is a brilliant commuter and also an excellent highway cruiser. The fuel economy is mind numbingly good. The only fault is that the 1.4 motor is slightly underpowered - so definitely go for the 1.6. A really great little car.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2003

2003 Citroen C3 Exclusive 1.4 Hdi from UK and Ireland


Citroen-chic economy with Citroen-cheap quality control


This car is only two weeks old, so these are delivery faults:

One door mirror doesn't fold;

The alarm goes off intermittently;

The fuse box cover was missing;

There was duck tape on the inside of the rear sunroof;

The clutch is a little jerky at the top of the pedal travel;

There is twitching noise from the sunroof seal.

General Comments:

This is an excellent car in principle, very comfortable and economical with excellent performance from the engine which has plenty of power for passing.

It looks real good and is practical.

The ride is smooth and the handling reassuring, but the seats are not as comfortable as they could be.

I love the lazy drive and appreciate the cruise control and light steering.

There are lots of goodies on the car, but some of them don't work as they should (is this a fault of the multiplex wiring?).

The price was good, but the car is let down by poor quality control.

The instruments take a while to get used to though - it's as if there are some missing, somehow.

Auto climate control is a treat, needing very little attention.

We shall see if the dealer is a happy in dealing with the faults as they were to sell us the car.

We're averaging 61mpg driving in the Welsh mountains.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2003

2003 Citroen C3 Sensodrive 1.6 petrol from Malaysia


A good looking car, but need quality improvement


Oil level on the speedometer show fault sparingly during engine start.

Rear bumper came dented with a length of about 2.5 feet.

Brake squeaking sound from driver side wheel.

Annoying electronics noise (seems like a fan noise) behind the small warning speaker beside the CD changer.

General Comments:

This car is cute and turn head.

However the seat are not comfortable at all with lousy fabric, bad lumber and hear rest support.

The air-conditioning unit is very good, especially in the hot Asia weather.

Sensodrive is cool to drive, but the gear change timing is off most of time in low gear.

The plastics interior look cheap, especially some part has different toning... look like recycle stuff.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2003

8th Mar 2005, 20:54

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