16th Sep 2003, 03:08

I have owned a C3 diesel elegance for 6 months and covered a little over 5000 miles which have included numerous journeys to France and Ireland. Throughout, it has been totally reliable and averaged 60 plus miles to the gallon.

Otherowners that I meet are equally delighted.

7th Apr 2004, 05:53

Citroen don't seem to be able to maintain any kind of consistency with their vehicles - they're either decently put together and relatively reliable, or complete dogs! How come the Japanese can pioneer a system like Total Quality Management, but when a European company tries the same they make a pigs ear of it?

13th Apr 2004, 15:23

We purchased a Citroen C3 1.4SX in March 2003 and apart from the first service we have not been back to the dealer. It is a pleasure to drive in all conditions. My son and his wife also own the same model and apart from one small problem (software upgrade needed) they have had no problems either. A splendid little car.

25th Jul 2004, 16:07

I purchased a Citroen C3 1.4 Desire in March 2003 and interestingly, it recently suffered a 'limping' problem. I too had to return the car to the dealership for an injection pump problem. I asked the service centre if this was a common fault for this type of vehicle, and of course, was told it wasn't...it obviously IS some form of design problem if others are experiencing something similar. Happily, I am 'road perfect'...for the moment.

29th Jul 2004, 09:20

I have a C3 SX on a 52 plate I'm sick of the car I feel really cheated by it. it has been in three times for the engine. The power steering, air conditioning, brakes and lots of rattles and bangs.

I have found that my local dealer is not been very helpful, I have asked them to take the car back, but they only offered me half what I paid for it, and that was only if I bought one of their cars; what a laugh.

Well I'm not laughing any more; the car is yet again in for three days. I say to friends I have a friday five o'clock car. I have to say this or I would be in tears.

21st Aug 2004, 14:29

So GHS bought a lemon C3. My wife and I bought a lemon Toyota Camry in Australia 2 years ago. The first engine lasted 100, yes one hundred, km. Several weeks and several unroadworthy loan cars from the dealer later, the second engine lasted about 40km before making similar unacceptable noises to the first one. The panels didn't fit and it never stopped rattling. We demanded our money back after a few days, and were offered about two thirds of what we paid. It was humiliating, embarrassing and frustrating.

This was the third new car I have ever picked up. The first was a 93 Peugeot 106 (14000km, no faults except when I caught a piece of trim on the footwell with my foot and it came off) and a 97 Nissan QX (brilliant, literally faultless over 60000km, and we still miss it).

The problems with the Camry had less to do with the car than with the manufacturer and dealer. The engine, panel fit and rattles could have been fixed, but neither the dealer nor company were interested in bringing their product up to the standard I presumed and expected after my personal experience of the 2 cars listed above, plus a multitude of 2nd hand vehicles, none of which gave half as much trouble as the Toyota. Oh, and did I mention I spent years as a mechanic...but I draw the line at opening the bonnet of a car I own that is covered by warranty.

The solution is at the bottom end of the car market. I could buy a new car if I wanted to, but after the Toyota experience (the slogan was "Oh, what a feeling" in Australia) I will never buy a new car again. I have bought cars from 2nd hand dealers in Australia, and had good deals and found them willing to fix faults, no problems. Here in England, it's even easier. Our wheels for the last few months has been a fun but thirsty old BMW 7 Series (net cost £200). We've now got an old Citroen AX, cost £200. From the sublime to the ridiculous, but I can afford to walk away if it fails.

And tip two - the best made vehicles ever were Japanese built models by Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Honda and Toyota (yes, even Toyota despite the above) from the late 80s to the mid 90s. Anything later, from almost any manufacturer seems to be less reliable - lately they've been making them too cheap, and the electronics are too complex.

25th Aug 2004, 13:05

We purchased a c3 1.4LX in May 2004 from a dealer in the Scottish Borders. The past two weeks have been an utter waste of purchasing a car, as at least every other day the engine management light is staying on, on returning the car to the garage for the 4th time this month I am told 2 reasons reason 1 is female driving reason 2 computer can't find anything, so apparently there is no fault with car (what are mechanics for if a computer supposedly can find every fault.)

From 1 really disgruntled C3 owner.

27th Aug 2004, 13:34

I have owned a C3 HDi Exclusive for two years and 18,000 miles. It was purchased new in June 2002 and has performed without fault ever since. We have just returned from our latest journey to Sweden in the little C3. This year, we covered about 700Kms on Swedish "B" roads - clay and gravel road surfaces - without any faults or rattles occurring. The fast overland journey along the E4 from Esbjerg to Jonkoping via the belt bridges was carried out quickly and in comfort thanks to the cruise control and the climate control. The 8V diesel engine returns a steady 65+ mpg and seems to use no oil between services. My only "niggle" concerns the alloy wheel/tyres combination which thumps and crashes on any lateral road imperfection. I continue to be amazed at the awful stories people keep telling about their C3 experiences - can this really be the same car that I have found so reliable, economical and trouble free?

10th Sep 2004, 14:07

I have a C3 HDI which has been a perfect car... until today.

It's an 03 plate and has done 26000 miles, but has been serviced at all the correct intervals.

Today when driving home the engine management light came on and white/blue smoke poured from the exhaust, I also had to call the fire brigade as smoke started pouring from the engine.

The cars now been recovered to a less than enthusiastic dealer who stated "Can't really take any more in at the moment as were busy until the 20th of September, we'll see what we can do".

We have 2 C3's and we really love them, I just hope that Citroen UK treat us right or they will be the last Citroens we ever buy.

26th Jan 2005, 15:37

I have a 52 reg Feb 03 Citroen C3 1.4i SX Auto Tuscan Blue. It has been a nightmare. When the Car was two weeks old the Drivers Electric Window switch broke.

Aug 03 The engine cut out when I was coming down a hill with no breaks or power steering. Lucky escape. Took it to Dealer computer finds no faults.

Oct 03 15,000 miles needed new brake pads.

Dec 03 20,000 miles Service. Needed a new Third Stop light bulb.

Jan 04 The fuse kept on blowing for the windscreen washers.

Feb 04 Driver's Window switch broke again.

Mar 04 Automatic gear box kept going into snow mode. Took to the dealer. It needed a small new part because oil had started leaking in to the gear box.

Apr 04 Needed a new RDS Stereo Radio CD Player.

May 04 It wouldn't go over 8mph.

Nov 04 The gear box was slipping so I phoned the dealer on 22/11/04 to book the car in. Oh we are fully booked for 2 weeks, but it sounds like your Automatic Gear Box needs replacing so can you stop driving it and get the RAC to tow it in. I said no because I need a car and whats the point of you having it if it will be just stuck on the forecourt. So I phoned them on 29/12/04 by this time the gear box is going into snow mode all the time and it will no longer go up hills. The Dealer said oh we are fully booked for 3 weeks. I said look I have given you a chance to book me in. He said Oh I see what I can do. He said I can get you booked in on the 18/1/05. I said right how long will I be without a car. He said about a week. I was not happy, but I just wanted it done. So in the mean time you never guess what? My Drivers window switch had broke again no surprise. The car finally went in on 18/1/05 and I had it back on 21/1/05 but it also needed 2 shock absorders. Well I got the car untill 24/2/06 so lets see what this last year will bring.