16th Jun 2005, 08:06

My husband very kindly bought me a C3 Pluriel for Xmas 2003. I wish he hadn't.

The roof still leaks, even though the modification was carried out and the water stains on the front seats have to be valetted out when I can't stand looking at them any more.

Since new, I am on my fourth windscreen. They keep breaking at the same mid centre point at the bottom of the screen - the dealership say it's from stones hitting my windscreen, but as the crack starts below the rubber seal between the windscreen wipers with no traces of stone chip marks I find this hard to believe, and I think it is a design flaw in the windscreen. The nice man from the windscreen replacement centre (we are now on first name terms) says in his opinion it is a stress fracture, as the windscreen is curved horizontally, vertically and diagonally and so cannot take the strain. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, the dealership say they have not had any other complaints.

A constant flapping noise comes from the loose clip things at the top of the rear window, as they are spring loaded, as soon as you get up to about 60mph the wind gets under them and they flap up and down, it took me ages to work out what was making the noise. Also, the engine just cuts out occassionally, for no apparent reason, last time I was going round a roundabout, which caused havoc for the vehicles behind me! Again, as this doesn't happen regularly there was no trace of it when it went to the dealership, so I have been told it must be my driving! maybe it is, but this is not going to win an award for the best after sales care I'm afraid.

Anyway if anyone else has a windscreen problem I would like to know, as it's costing me a fortune in replacements, and my insurance company are thinking about putting up my premium because I am so careless with windscreens! As I don't have more money than sense, I am beginning to think my husband has as he bought the car in first place. So if you are thinking about a Pluriel, I wouldn't bother unless you can

1. get it really cheap and don't mind about the seats being wrecked by the water ingress

2. enjoy getting on first name terms with your local windscreen chap.

23rd Jul 2005, 07:08

Well I bought a C3 Pluriel, 1.6 Sensodrive on July 2003, I was the first in Crete to drive this funny car...

But I have to agree with all the people above, as I faced the same problems.

During heavy rainfalls it leaks a lot from both sides. I called the local Citroen service centre to repair it with the new kit, but still on some occasions and depending the angle of the rain, it still leaks.

I very quickly adapted to the operation of the Sensodrive gearbox, but suddenly when from the reverse I had to change to first gear, the gearbox did not accept any command, and the snow sign was on. It happened frequently, and once I was just in the middle of a road, and I was very lucky that I avoided an accident with a oncoming truck.

The worst was that for almost one year, I could not open the roof, as the 2 angles had not put in the right position, as they said to me, so the satisfaction that I got from this car was zero. It was supposed that I bought this car for driving with open roof, and it was always closed.

I am trying to exchange this car with the new C4, but even the local dealer does not wish to get it as a used car, as they know that it will not be easy to resold.

My advise do not touch this car. Citroen has produced in the past masterpieces, and for that reason I adore Citroen's. This car was a great design idea, but not so good in production.

29th Dec 2005, 05:16

Although I don't have a Pluriel C3 but a 'normal' C3 Vivache from 2003, I also had the same window crack problems, starting at the same location as described in one of the former comments in this topic list. Fortunately, it's only the first after 54000 km. and I sure hope it's the last...

19th Jan 2006, 05:40

I purchased my Pluriel in March 2004 and was delighted with it for a week... until it rained! Since then my car has leaked 6+ times, resulting in various courtesy cars and hassle. I have been assured every time the car goes back to be "repaired" that they can fix the problem this time. However, the leaks have now become far worse than before and I really would advise anyone considering the purchase of a Pluriel to think carefully about doing so. They are nice cars, but only when the sun is shining...

I agree with the above comments that the light grey seats do mark way too easily. My seats are now completely ruined due to the leaks, and valeting doesn't completely resolve the issue.

22nd May 2006, 06:42

I have written to Watchdog regarding the leaks I have encountered with my Pluriel. It has been in for repair 6 times now, and every time the leaks get worse. I feel the whole situation is incredulous, and urge you all to complain - why should they get away with selling us faulty goods!

Web address for Watchdog: http://www.bbc.co.uk.

If enough people complain, it will be on Watchdog yet AGAIN!

3rd Jul 2006, 09:16

We bought our Citroen Pluriel in Jan 2004 and we love it. I am not new to cars; I have had around 25 to date and I have been driving 45 years, but this is definitely the most fun-car of the lot. We do a heavy mileage - around 25,000 miles per year, including one trip to Spain and one to Italy in this car - and we have had few problems. Yes - we have had the roof problems that everyone else seems to have had, but not as severe as other reports. We had early small leaks and had the 'remedy kit' applied and the seat covers renewed under warranty. This worked at first and then the leaks started again, though not as bad as at first. So 12 months ago the dealer did a complete roof renewal under warranty and not a drop inside since. As far as we understand, there has been a re-design of the roof, and if so, that would be our experience. I am not one who cares too much about cars so long as they get me from A to B when required, but I have to say this one is just a pleasure to drive. Could that be the reason that every other Pluriel driver I pass smiles, and most of them wave!!

8th Aug 2006, 03:57

Unfortunately most people don't appear to have had the exceptional service as listed above. My car leaks every time it rains, and I will be getting rid ASAP. Do NOT BUY this car unless you want years of hassle. It's not acceptable for a roof to leak at all - even minor leaks.

My car also rattles like an old tin can, even though it's not yet 2 years old. RUBBISH.