19th Dec 2013, 14:38


It's now 2013 and I've been looking to buy my daughter a C3 Pluriel. I have been to see 15 in total so far, and every one had a roof or boot leak problem. 12 of these had paper work stating that they have had the upgrades and still they leak. What is this all about? Citroen are scum if they do not sort them. I have seen on a site where someone says that they do now put a new roof on as long as the car has done less than 60000 miles? Not sure if this is true.

My email address is admin@dontwantit.co.uk

30th Jan 2014, 04:57

Hi, I have had the same problems. Mine's an 04 plate. The driver's side roof leaks and drips on me while driving. My seat is soaking now, and the interior light won't stop flashing, and it also keeps telling me my boot lid is open and it is not. Also, when you start the car, the CD player grinds. My 4 month old gets dripped on too. It's a damp cold car.

26th Mar 2014, 16:58

James at Brewood is fantastic with these cars. If you are travelling from a distance, he will drop you into the village and fix your C3 for you... Knows exactly what he is doing.


14th Jul 2014, 22:15

Hello, what happened when you went to the dealers? Mine looks a bit like this on my 05 on the passenger rear. Roof and boot do not open. Going to get it to the dealers when I get the chance?

14th Aug 2014, 20:24

Anyone with a problem Pluriel roof should contact Chevon Citroen in Staffs; they did mine when my roof went and it would have cost £3000 for a new cassette. My local dealer sorted it all out with them for me. My dealer is brilliant.

Mine luckily doesn't leak at the front door since my local Citroen garage adjusted the front windows and my passengers know not to close the door by pushing on the window, which is what causes the problem.

I love my Pluriel diesel. I've had it from 8,000 miles to 63,000, it's now 8 years old, and I won't part with it.

6th Jan 2015, 16:06

I have a Pluriel 2004. The roof works OK. The problem that I have is that the lining at the front has become detached from the roof. Does anyone know how to reattach it? It looks like it should clip on, but how? As there does not appear to be much room.

9th Jan 2015, 17:46


I had the same experience today (exactly same speed). I found a part from a car scrap yard for £18. Not sure how to fit it on though? If anyone knows, please let me know!

19th Feb 2015, 03:43

Hi all, I have a Citroen C3 Pluriel 04, and my roof began to go faulty, then when shopping I opened the boot and my back boot window fell down on the right side, pulling the roof from the front right side. A kind, helpful man jammed my boot closed safe enough for me to get home. My son and husband forced the roof closed (which I might add I was told you must never do that as it damages it more, you apparently should tape plastic over it to avoid rain leaking in).

I have just found what appears to be a genuine garage who fixes all of these cars and is a lot cheaper than Citroen dealers; they will even help you over the phone if possible. It's called French Diagnostics in Talford, Shropshire. Look it up, I am going to.

Good luck. From Rosie, Flintshire. X

16th Apr 2015, 07:35

I had this problem. The garage said it was because people shut the door using the glass, and that pushing it out of true, creating a gap. The garage did some fixing and it has been OK, but now I shout at anyone trying to push the door closed on the glass.

26th Jul 2015, 09:58

I just bought a Citroen Pluriel a few days ago and have the same problem... The roof stopped sliding down till the end, and to get it back it takes some time, just works very slow, and to completely get the roof back, I've noticed that I have to switch off the car, remove the key, and again I switch on the ignition, and after some several times it starts working again.

Also I noticed that I have a rod from the soft top that is damaged from its hinge... Is this a big problem to fix?


24th Dec 2016, 10:47

I totally agree Citroen have got away with murder on this. A one euro broken component will cost you 3000 euro. Citroen will not sell you individual components to fix the roof, just a complete replacement as I was quoted from them. Who in the EU has stepped in to protect Citroen, when they should have been forced to do a recall on this.

20th Oct 2017, 21:24

Hi, do you still remember the address or phone number please? I need my roof sorting out.


25th Jul 2020, 12:50


The contact number to A1 mechanics at Small Heath Birmingham?

Appreciate your reply.


14th Sep 2020, 13:00

I have a Pluriel built in 2003, so 17 years old now... amazing engine... chassis too.. but electronics are not good... nothing works and more. Such a shame as I LOVE this car and never want to change it... but Citroen needed to find ways to fix the problems and never did...

14th Sep 2020, 13:03

Putting tape around the roof helps keep the water out in winter. In summer just take it off...