23rd Jan 2009, 13:22

I am actually glad in a strange way that it is not just me that has these problems with the Pluriel!

53 plate, bought from new, I returned it at least 6 times to try and fix the leaky roof until I gave up. Now it leaks so much I keep a mac in the car.

The boot randomly decided to stop working 6 weeks ago, and the garage have tried all sorts of spare parts. Now they have all but given up.

The roof won't shut properly, so it is extremely loud on the motorway.

Has anyone any ideas of how to open (and then shut) the boot so I can stop driving around with an incessant beep and flashing light?

25th Jan 2009, 15:37

Re the billowing roof on the motorway, I ended up buying loads of gaffer tape and keeping it in the car, just keep taping it up. It's good too, as it's really obvious to other road users what a piece of crap the Pluriel is. I'm just glad I'm rid of mine. Worst car I have EVER owned by a country mile, classic concept over function, they really just did not think it through. It's a shocking 'hommage' to the 2CV by Citroen.

They are getting their just deserts though (look at their sales - LOL!), and I hope they continue to suffer for all the cost, hassle and time that loyal Citroen customers have incurred through the ownership of the C3 Pluriel. What goes around comes around.

17th Feb 2009, 19:14

Thank you all for your comments. I was very excitedly on the verge of buying this car. It doesn't rain much in Australia, so the leaking roof would not be a problem. However, the comments about the atrocious after sales service you have all had, signals to me that I should have nothing to do with Citroen. Good luck in your dealings with them!

10th Mar 2009, 16:49

I have purchased a 2006 Pluriel Cote D'Azur on a 2006 plate. The driver and passenger doors leaked a bit near the roof arch join, but a smear of Vaseline has fixed the small leak. I LOVE MY PLURIEL, and make sure my roof tracks are cleaned out regularly, smear a little white grease in the rail tracks and spray a little Graffite grease in the window cassette hinges.. all operates smoothly and trouble free. If a piece of roof does break, then I will be visiting a local engineering firm to get the broken part re manufactured... YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY CITROEN PRICES. The reason the replacement roof costs so much is that it is not manufactured by Citroen, it is made by and independent company.

I have owned 2CVs to Citroen XM's, and realised a bit of improvisation is required when maintaining them.

The early Pluriels are known for leaks, the 2005 series 2 addressed most of the leak issues with revised roof and seals.

I 100% recommend a Pluriel to a car enthusiast who wants something different, but if you're the type of car owner that can't change a spark plug.. avoid it and buy a Ford Ka.

The Pluriel is a car full of character that needs a bit of TLC and a competent owner.

11th Mar 2009, 19:31

Erm, getting a whole section of roof assembly reverse engineered by a specialist CNC milling is not equivalent to changing spark plugs or rubbing some vaseline on the seals. You may have been lucky with your Citroen purchases. All well and good for you to tell us to go down and get the parts milled, but firstly, that's not going to be a £5 job in itself (have you had much milled? Do you know what a template costs to get made? Do you know how much time you would have to spend getting that template made?).

Crickey, how very quaint of me, not wanting to remake all the parts of my car from scratch in the 21st century.

18th Mar 2009, 17:16

I think the Pluriel is a great car let down by owners who love to moan about all of the bad things in life but not sing about the great things.

Nobody stated the roof parts have to be milled, there are more is more than one way to re manufacture parts.. I am currently working on a 2CV style rolling roof as a direct accessory.

PLURIELS ARE GREAT, don't be put off by everything you read, make sure you purchase a series 2 for the best experience.

20th Mar 2009, 14:19

Great Poem, I agree Citroen don't seem to give a stuff about Pluriel owners roofs... I get the feeling the dealers hands are tied by higher powers. As for my previous comments, I will probably eat my words if, no when my roof goes wrong.

If I find any solutions or re manufacture parts, I would happily make them available to you all.. we are all here to help each other... I am currently trying to get hold of a faulty roof so that I can dis-assemble it and find out what makes it tick. I may also contact the manufacturer of the roof (apparently not Citroen)

Watch this space.

31st Mar 2009, 14:21

I have learned something, if I had paid for the car by Visa then I could have returned the car and let them fight it out, as I would get my money back.

Second hand Pluriel and the roof leaked the morning after we got home from the independent garage. Local Citroen garage says the roof needs to be replaced at cost of £3500 inc VAT and labour, so we offered £2500 for the car as a trade in, and yet it's only 2 weeks old. Anybody know what the sale of goods act really covers me for?

31st Mar 2009, 14:29

Does anyone know how much the roof seals cost to buy (are they easy to fit?), and how much Citroen charge to fit them in one of their garages?

2nd May 2009, 12:59

The power steering in my C3 has just failed. Can anyone tell me how much this will cost to fix?

5th May 2009, 09:02

Having read all your comments with interest and I won't bore you with the same array of complaints. My Pleuriel is 5 years old, and was in the garage getting a new radiator/oil sump/brake pads when they told me the power steering didn't work when they did the final test drive... am dreading the bill...

My daughter is 17 and has just passed her driving test, she is so excited about driving around in my car in the summer.. not sure I should let her any where near it now...

4th Jun 2009, 14:56

Hi, We bought a Citroen C3 1.6 Automatic (05 plate) in October 08. For the last 2 months we have experienced the car "stalling" sometimes when slowing down. The engine remains on but we are unable to select a gear. The AUTO sign flashes, there is a horizontal line under this which also flashes, as does the snow crystal. After about 40 seconds to 90 seconds it engages 1st gear and we can set off again. We have literally been to Lands End and back in May and this fault has landed us in some very dangerous situations. We are taking it to a Citroen dealer tomorrow and, given what I've read on this website, I will be very interested in what happens. I will let you know the outcome! Chris Adamson.