23rd Oct 2010, 16:03

Hi... this appeared in eBay a while back (have no connection with the advertiser myself - merely passing info on).


You are bidding for some used Citroen C3 Pluriel roof cables.

Do you have Citroen C3 Pluriel roof problems? If so, I can fit or fix your Citroen C3 Pluriel roof.

Parts vary from:

Cables at £53 plus labour.

Slides cost £52.83 each plus labour.

Cable ring gear costs £25.41 plus labour.

Electrical faults such as electric roof switch cost £53.49 plus labour.

Boot not working can be fixed by by-passing the ECU box, or the price of a new ECU box is £395.00 plus labour.

Any problems listed above I can fix if required, and give you a quote on the phone if you know exactly what problem you have got.

You can contact me on 0788 7754156, and I am in the Huddersfield area. (cash on collection).

... unquote.

11th Nov 2010, 14:27

I have a 56 Pluriel, and the leak is coming in on the passenger front seat. Now it's November, I expect more bad weather - rain, can anyone suggest a quick fix?

I have converted the car to "spider" and give everything a good clean, but still have rain coming in?

13th Nov 2010, 02:45

I can recommend www.chevroncitroenspecialists.com for roof problems. I went along expecting to pay a few hundred pounds to get my roof fixed, but it was in fact a couple of broken wires. Totally honest garage. I was more than happy!

1st Mar 2011, 15:49

Oh dear I wish I'd read this website before impulse buying my C3 Plurial in May 2010.

I absolutely love the car and haven't experienced any mechanical problems, but like many of you I have been plagued by the leaking roof, particularly on the drivers side and in the boot. I now dread the rain coming and feel very sad every time I look at the watermarked drivers seat.

I am seriously considering trading the car in as no way can I afford the roof repairs many of you have had to sustain. Surely Citroen should be accountable for this obvious design fault!

22nd Mar 2011, 14:54

"Surely Citroen should be accountable for this obvious design fault!"

One would have thought so, wouldn't you? But no, apparently not - having dealt with everyone from customer services in the UK up to the head office and people in the design team, they remain adamant that there is 'no case to be answered'. In fact, they downright lie about this even being an issues, despite their own dealerships telling clients (of which I was one) that the issue is rife.

All we can do is vote with our £. They've gotten a few thousand pounds out of me through their disingenuous behaviour, but I wonder if that's worth the price they are going to pay in lost business. I really do go out of my way to tell anyone I hear talking about potentially buying a Citroen, to make sure they seriously reconsider, and I have published my experiences regarding this roof situation widely.

Thankfully I managed to offload mine to a dealer for a trade-in - I thought I was just going to have to sell it for scrappage at one point.

Typical French design I guess - quite a lot of flair, no thought given to the detail?

11th Apr 2011, 04:48

My power steering is always stalling. I think this is a manufacturing fault.

17th Apr 2011, 04:13

Hi guys, I have a temporary solution to your problems. I had the same problem with my Pluriel roof and was quoted £2500 for the repairs. Just as I was giving up hope, A1, which is a garage in Birmingham fixed the problem for me for wait for it... a mindblowing £30. That's right, £30 pounds, well the price was £60, but we talked him down to £30, so boycott Citroen dealerships and get yourself down to A1 mechanics in Small Heath Birmingham, open between 11-6 Mon-Sat. Hope that helps my fellow Pluriel owners.

20th Apr 2011, 06:24

I totally agree I have had all of these problems including the car cutting out whilst driving, and not restarting. Do not buy this car it is dangerous!

2nd Jun 2011, 13:21


I am very interested in your comments regarding your repair of the C3. I currently have a C3 which has a 1cm gap - the roof is unclosed at the moment and the motor is not working. Can you advise about how to manually move the roof forward on its runners without repairing it to become fully functional? I would be happy to just attain a seal so that it is water tight.

Many thanks.

Elisabeth Stanley.

6th Jun 2011, 08:28

Well... What can I say? I have been considering buying a Pluriel as I love the quirky design. After reading all the comments, I won't be parting with my cash for one of these! So glad I decided to do a little research before actually taking the plunge.

Sorry you all have been treated badly by Citroen. My search for a used car shall continue!

9th Jun 2011, 14:32

Hi, did you find out what was wrong?

20th Jun 2011, 17:14


This was precisely the issue I had with my C3 Pluriel - a snapped block, which meant the roof wouldn't close fully - about a centimeter gap. Citroen refused to repair it, despite it being clearly attributable to the wrong sort of plastic being used which had cracked in the sun / heat. They told me that I had to replace the whole roof system - £2,500 + labour. A total joke - a car being made a write-off by their shoddy design.

I believe there are some people who are now CNC milling the parts required, and you may be able to find a good automotive engineer who can fix it for you once you've got the right part. But Citroen themselves will do nothing to help you, despite this problem being due to the fact they don't know how to design and build cars properly.

23rd Aug 2011, 12:39

Can anyone tell me if or how the Sensodrive problem (cutting out) in auto was solved???

1st Sep 2011, 09:44

I visited this site to see if there was a solution to my roof problems, only to be astonished at the large number of complaints about roof problems.

The cost will be more than the second hand price of my car to rectify this problem. I live in France, and have had a reasonable response to any minor problems.

The way to solve this problem is to send a recorded delivery letter with signature to the chairman of the management board of PSA-Peugeot/Citreon; you can find his name and address at PSA-Peugeot/Citroen.com. You will also find from this site that they have appointed an English person as media relations director, who will commence his duties on October 1st 2011.

Company rules in France require that they must respond to a recorded delivery letter. But keep the receipts for any legal claim.

The recorded delivery is known as an Avis Recommande/avec signature.

I would suggest that a copy of all the complainants remarks on the site is sent with the letter. Very often the people at the top do not see these complaints, which are answered by minions who protect them from little people like us.

Terry.brown @sfr.fr

6th Sep 2011, 07:15

Fella in Huddersfield, help!!! Please e mail your landline number to terry.brown@sfr.fr. My roof is playing up and I live in France, but can come to you.

Thanks in anticipation, Terry.