16th Nov 2009, 16:54

I'm stuck in a rut with the C3 Pluriel (manual). I bought the car May 08 (53 plate) and loved it... until it rained :-( I'm not looking forward to winter because I'm dreading driving my car around with a boot filled with water and a soggy passenger seat. I am so embarrassed by the smell and dampness that I refuse to offer lifts to people, which is not practical. What can I do to stop the leaks, please help!!

17th Nov 2009, 06:39

My wife has a Pluriel 03, leaking roof, boot and a crashy ride to it. Replaced the tyres to non Michelin (Tigar) and ride vastly improved. Just priced up new door/ roof seal, as there was a modification, £169.11 + vat without fitting. That is over £75 a metre. I think I will try the vaseline route first.

23rd Nov 2009, 12:39

Hi all.

I'm just having a depressing time reading all of your comments!

My Pluriel is an 06 plate 1.4 manual petrol. My warranty expired in April 09 and I experienced my first boot leak in May 09. Typical of course.

I was on holiday in the Lakes when I had the first leak. It rained very hard one night, and when I found splashes of water in my boot the next day, I thought maybe I hadn't shut the rear screen properly (though the car did lock).

Since then I've noticed the odd splash of water on the bottom of the boot (the lowest shelf that covers the recess where the roof cassette sits). Through the summer I would just mop it up. I rubbed Vaseline along the seal, inside, where the fabric part of the roof meets the plastic around the rear windscreen. At the time, this solved the problem.

However, now that it's winter and it's raining a lot, I'm experiencing problems again. I've removed the lower boot shelf as I wasn't sure how well it would withstand frequent soakings. My boot carpet has little patches of mould on it, which every so often I go and scrub off. I can't remove the boot carpet fully (not sure if it's really well fixed down or if I'm just not trying hard enough!) so have covered it with thick plastic in an attempt to protect it, and I have a large, shallow plastic box in position in my boot, to catch the rainwater.

Water seems to come in on the left hand side of the boot (as if you were stood behind the car looking at it, the passenger's side in the UK). I haven't really investigated this further, though I found a few more tips on this website:


Which I'm going to try. My Pluriel is booked in to my local Citroen dealer this Wednesday, 25 November 09. I'm just going to wait and hear what they have to say. I certainly will not be paying £3000+ plus to fix it: I'll just have to drive around with a leaky boot. Luckily I have a garage, so I can lock her in there on rainy nights!

I haven't had any other problems with my Pluriel: no leaks over the doors, no cutting out, no stuck tailgates etc, just this leak. I do love my car, it's such a shame about this and I'm dreading what the dealer will say. I have had it serviced with Citroen so I'm hoping this gives me some sort of sway, though reading all of your comments I'm pretty sure it won't.

I was aware of leaky Pluriels when I bought my car and clearly remember asking the dealer:

Me: So it doesn't leak?

Dealer: It doesn't leak, not since they changed the design.

Me: So I could go and throw buckets of water over it on the forecourt?

Dealer: We can take it through the car wash if you like.

Perhaps I should have got this conversation in writing before I handed them my money!

I'll let you know what they have to say for themselves and what I decide to do!

Emily (emily@besottied.com)

29th Jan 2010, 03:18


As far as water leaks are concerned, living in South Africa does have an advantage, but it was parked outside in a storm once, and no water inside was visible, but the opposite now is that my roof takes a lot of sun beating.

Does anybody have some advise on how to protect the canvas?

It's sad to hear about all the problems you all experienced. I just love the car, and have not had any problems.


4th Apr 2010, 10:31

Not just a car, it's a way of life. AL F... UP.

10th Apr 2010, 10:16


Am on my 3rd Pluriel... Am I mad?

I think not! I think the design/style is great, and the economy from them is exceptional.

All 3 have been diesels, and have been great fun except for one thing... the leaking problem.

05' model had all seals replaced twice under warranty.

56' model water just dribbled in through the quarter light on both front windows.

06 model, just left today at Citroen dealer, for all seals to be replaced. This Pluriel was bought 2nd hand through a Citroen dealer, and has a Citroen used car warranty sold with it.

I've had Citroens for many years and had/still have a 2CV. They also suffered from water leaks. So I guess I'm used to leaking cars.

All cabrio's leak.

Great car... Please could we have some positive news.


10th Apr 2010, 11:51

I've had various cabrios, and only the Citroens leaked.

The Pluriel was a great idea, terrible execution.

At least the diesel is a reasonable performer, but tying in the poorly designed roof and hopeless back-up with the downright dangerous and hugely frustrating sensodrive (no-sense-to-drive) auto-box is a recipe for automotive masochism.

It is such a shame that such a nice design idea was so thoroughly stuffed by the engineering.

A missed opportunity, and a pity for all the owners who liked the idea, but are horrified by the reality.

14th Apr 2010, 15:52

Hi, I have a 2004 53 plate.

Wondering if anyone has had any problems with the top part of the boot (not the tailgate) refusing to open? And it's not jammed, as otherwise the car wouldn't lock.

Also the roof is only opening and closing to the first section (which could be because of the boot). Citroen reckon it might be the electrical mechanism of the actual button.

Has anyone experienced this? Hoping it isn't a £3000+ job.


20th Apr 2010, 10:56

Hi, I have had my C3 (53) for 2 years now and loved it at the start, great in the summer... THEN... leaks started, and it started getting a puddle on the floor in the passenger side. I need a big towel to soak it up, and the seats also look terrible, absolute nightmare when it rains. Also when it is frosty, it drips around the seals when it is melting.. not good when you are driving.

Most recently I went to open the roof and it will not open, the boot also will not open, there is nothing jamming the boot, and I am hoping that it is just this that is stopping everything from working.. but also my orange light on the dial of the roof control is not on.. could it just be a fuse?

All advice greatly appreciated. Thank you.