2001 Citroen C5 SX 2.litre petrol from UK and Ireland


The automatic gearbox shudders intermittently on changing gear. It has been back to Dealer four times in as many months and Dealer accepts that a fault exists, but as yet has not given me a fix.

Automatic headlights come on in dull conditions, but frequently stay illuminated in strong sunshine. Has been back three times for this fault, but as yet no fix.

General Comments:

A very comfortable car, but manufacturers do not seem to be able to get in touch with its various computers.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2002

2001 Citroen C5 LX 2.0 HDI from UK and Ireland


A very comfortable to drive, but unreliable with poor service from the dealer


A rattling and knocking noise from the rear of the vehicle.

A faulty temperature gauge.

Remote central locking system failed.

The alarm system drew excessive current resulting in a flat battery.

Flashing indicators for alarm arming or disarming works only intermittently.

General Comments:

Perhaps I could bear all these faults if the dealer knew how to fix them. The dealer seems to lack technical knowledge of the vehicle. The rattling or knocking noise is a general problem with the C5. Citroen now say they can fix the problem however communication between Citroen and the dealer is poor. The mechanics in the Citroen dealership are poorly trained fitters rather than mechanics. I have dealt with two different dealerships and have had similar problems.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2002

7th Aug 2002, 05:16

I purchased my C5 Hdi in June 2001 shortly after launch here in Ireland having previously owned 3 Xantia's.

My problems to date have been as follows:

1. My A/C unit did not function from day one and has been rectified to my satisfaction. This was due to a faulty seal which allowed the Frion Gas to leak. No problem since.

2. My next problem was the rear suspension rattle which was rectified and was satisfactory for about 10 months, but this problem has now re-appeared and my C5 is presently in the garage for a further upgrade to rectify this problem. This must be a design fault?

3. Recently after my C5 was laid up for a couple of weeks at the aiport whilst on holidays and on my return it totally lacked power. This problem was also rectifed with a software upgrade and is actually going better than ever it did.

Apart from the above I've had no other problems I like the car especially on long journeys. Around town I find it slightly cumbersome especialy for parking.

5th Dec 2002, 03:40

I have spoken to a Citroen dealer regarding this noise coming from the rear of the C5. They say if you call Citroen they will send you 2 pieces of foam with instructions on how to fit it underneath your spare wheel and ratling will stop.

22nd Dec 2002, 16:07

I live in the Netherlands and own a C5. My C5 also suffered from the rattling noise in the rear suspension. After a lot of tinkering in the garage and some software upgrades, the car was finally fitted 2 new, different suspension spheres and the rattling stopped. The ride has become much smoother too, although I had to get used to the much softer dampening...


29th Sep 2004, 12:17

I purchased a used C5 2.2 HDI SX auto estate with 26000 miles on the clock. I like the car very much and think it is under rated. Unfortunately a few problems have occurred that spoil the driving pleasure.

Head lights that go up and down in brightness, dealer says he could not make fault appear.

Squeaking brakes, very annoying to other drivers in slow traffic. Dealer says too much metal in the brake pads, won't happen when non Citroen pads fitted. Lost engine power when "antipollution alert"displayed on screen. Power restored after the alarm was cleared with a computer software reboot.

2001 Citroen C5 SX 2.0 HDI from Australia and New Zealand


Quiet, comfortable, effortless and economical to boot


Low hydraulic fluid. This was caused by a very poor first service by the local agent. It's worth noting that the local agent has substantially improved their service quality since this experience.

"Clunking" sounds from rear when driven over poorly maintained sealed roads. This was solved by installing factory specified sound proofing and a modification around the rear suspension. (The car is one of the first C5's to come to New Zealand as shown by the miles instruments.)

General Comments:

To step from the Xantia to the C5 is to move to quite a different driving experience. The C5 is quiet, so quiet that one can hear the smallest of sounds in the cabin. Since owning a Citroen DS many moons ago, I have not experienced the head space, ride and such a comfortable driving position as that of the C5.

Economy is excellent though noticeable a little more thirsty than the Xantia 2.0 HDI over the same trips. Acceleration is very good for a diesel.

Seats excellent. Like the arm rests on the long trips, the double sun visors are very useful and the instrument blackout is great for long night driving.

Great boot space, luggage for four adults for a week away, all in the boot, and still room for a several cartons of wine to return with.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2002