8th Mar 2007, 12:10

Yes, lovely car, Mine is 2001 Exclusive SE 3 litre. Low miles at 40k. Anti pollution warning last summer meant I had to have a coil changed then same warning came up only a few weeks later. This time I told the main dealer to change the remaining five. Also have the wheel pressure sensor missing warning. I have NOT had wheel balance problems. Just been told radiator corroded £320+. and need exhaust censor pipe and rear silencer etc, £1900+. I have a few classic cars and can buy a complete R-R or Bentley system for 1980/1990 cars for that! Anyone any sensible suggestions where to get an affordable exhaust?

Regards, Peter.

22nd Mar 2007, 09:28

I have Citroen c5 2.2 hdi exclusive and I have a problem. On the screen appear: Engine immobiliser fault. What is problem and how can I fix it?

Thank You.

11th Jul 2007, 13:48

Hi, I have a 2002 C5 1.8 petrol.

The back passenger door has locked itself. Does anyone have any ideas on how to open it?



20th Jul 2007, 11:30

Hi, I own a second hand C5 2.0 HDi LX.

I love this car, but now the expense seems to be attacking my passion, numerous electrical faults are very off putting.

First one was the car refused to lock which was a problematic drivers side barrel, now the car is back with the dealers with a speedometer problem, rev counter and odometer works, but actual clock fails to read much more than 5 mph when travelling at what can be guessed at the correct speed of the road travelling on, yes the fault occurred whilst driving, with all the speed cameras and safety issue I would be a fool to drive any further than straight to the dealers once the problem was realised. Thought it meant to be a dash issue (£230-£280) turned out to be OK, but the wiring loom appears to be at fault. at £63 an hour I'm not sure if I can afford for the dealership to carry out further diagnostics. For any one else the dealers do a globe test for unusual problems, but the current issue is not showing on the Globe test. I am worried if the expense is really worth it...

22nd Jul 2007, 13:37

Hello everyone, I'm a 2002 2.0LX Estate driver.

My (glass door) boot latch is now shut and will not open. It was one of my favourite features. Have tried to consult the book, owners manual and logical people's brains to solve to no joy just yet! Is there something I am missing? A little hidden catch on the inside? A magic phrase or password?

The second problem is my radio; the CD works fine. However the radio just suddenly loses signal for no reason? Some days it works, and others it cannot find any signal, with or without the RDS on? Very annoying, especially when about to be stuck in traffic and need to know traffic reports!

Might this be a problem with the "Traffic Master" system that's installed?

If any one can help, that would be brilliant?

13th Aug 2007, 12:33

Sounds fair to me.

13th Aug 2007, 12:38

I have a Citroen C5 Elegance with colour satnav display; this has failed and my local Citroen dealer tried to charge me £450 to tell me they couldn't pinpoint the problem; could be multimedia ECU, screen, radio sat nav or a combination of all.

Anyone else had this problem, and what is the cure?

26th Sep 2007, 14:32

I've had the dreaded coil cut-out on my 53 V6 3 litre, losing one cylinder in the rain. I pulled over and turned the engine off for 15 minutes to let the engine heat dry the coils – and then continued my journey – an anti-pollution fault was reported for about two weeks (no doubt while the unburned fuel contaminating the cats had burned off). It's been okay since.

As for £1000 rear silencers – I bought an after-market Sebring exhaust box for £300 delivered to the UK – Sebring exhausts are quality items and will probably outlast the car! Despite being a “sports” exhaust, it's just as quiet as the stock one – the chrome tail pipes look a bit boy racerish, but you can't have everything...


Sebring Part number : 012241-TS4.

21st Oct 2007, 12:27


I'm sitting here with my C5 in Botswana. It is a very beautiful, smoothly running car. But just today I got the message: Engine Immobiliser Fault. How can I fix this problem?

4th Jan 2008, 18:40

Hi. I have a 2002 2.0 HPi Exclusive. I bought it end of September 2007. It is absolutey horrendous on fuel, 18-22 mpg. It also misfires and loses power when driving around town. it has also broken down twice, once with anti-pollution fault, the other time was down to an immobiliser fault. it has been into the main dealers 6 times since september, but they are unable to cure the running faults. Does anyone know if these problems are normal or am I just expecting too much from the car?

13th Jan 2008, 09:14

Hi there,

My C5 is now running again. I had on the 21th of October an engine immobilizer fault. At first, I took it to the Citroen dealer here in town, but they were not able to fix it. Afterwards I took it back and went through the car by myself. I discovered that the release bearing was bitten and flowing pieces of metal destroyed the crankshaft sensor.

Then I flew to Germany to visit my parents and other relatives during Christmas time. During this time I bought a new clutch kit and the crankshaft sensor in Germany by a very competent dealer. Yesterday I replaced all the parts and the car is now back on the street.

In the last few weeks before December, I drove a lot of different cars, because of my job... Toyota, Nissan. Isuzu, Mercedes Benz and other boring Japanese, German and Korean crap. I'm telling you, the Citroen sometimes has problems, but if you are after a while driving in a Citroen, then you will enjoy its beauty and you will never give it up.

Cheers from Botswana.

14th Jan 2008, 10:14

Hi I have a C5 exclusive 2.0 petrol, Let wife take the car to Birmingham, 330 mile round trip, Filled car up with petrol and off she went. On her way back she drove through very heavy rain. Next day I went to start car up and exhaust fumes smelt of old eggs and engine displayed anti pollution fault, after a few moments smell disappeared, so drove car to lakeside, car driving OK no loss of power, but still displaying antipollution fault after reading comments on here took car on long run and gave it a bit of welly, car performing really well, but still displaying anti pollution fault. Disconnected battery left for a few moments reconnected and restarted car anti pollution fault now gone.

25th Feb 2008, 05:32

Hi, I own a 2002 2.0 l Hpi Exclusive and I have suffered from the anti-pollution fault and intermittent ESP failure which was all part of the same fault, which resulted in the car misfiring and eventually going into "limp home mode". Only the main dealer's computer can diagnose this fault which ended up being a combination of High Pressure Fuel Pump replacement and new spark plugs being needed. Now I have a screaming noise when I depress the clutch - any ideas?