6th Aug 2012, 07:39

The windows thing is automatic closing; my sunroof does the same thing. Not sure if you can override that, but I find it useful.

Most garages don't have or don't use the right centre-less hub to balance the wheels. Hence the vibration problem.

Not sure about the fuel gauge, but mine's a diesel and it works fine. Might be sticking or maybe has a float that leaks (and therefore fills with fuel). Again, not sure on moderns, happened lots on my old MGs!

Agree, they are good cars (for the money), and I've had mine 8 years, and have done 190k miles in it.

6th Aug 2012, 07:41

Common problem. The little bulb under the passenger mirror gets water in it after a few years. Easy to fix though, and the parts are cheap. I just cut the old cable off and soldered the new one in place after removing the mirror cover to gain access. Yes, it does seem to affect the air con, as mine works great again, now the sensor has been replaced.

6th Aug 2012, 07:44

You may find that you can leave another of the doors open, then use the plip to lock. The car tries to lock, finds it can't due to the open door, and then releases all the dead bolts.

To fix the problem, you can try soaking the lock in penetrating oil and then lubricating - otherwise the solenoid is the problem, and needs to be replaced.

6th Aug 2012, 18:06

Never buy a Citroen (or Peugeot - same engine - same problem) again - I have spent over £3500 trying to solve this limp-home problem - get rid of the DPF with an ordinary piece of exhaust pipe - have it re-mapped without the DPF and bypass the EGR valve with a blanking plate that costs £3.99 (you can fit it yourself) and fits onto the exhaust manifold that feeds the EGR (exhaust gas re-circulation) valve - saves thousands. The Citroen garages and Citroen Head Office haven't a clue, but will put your car on their computer and charge you the earth!!! My C5 is worth about £1500, and according to Citroen it will cost nearly £2000 to fix - but no guarantee!!!

21st Oct 2012, 14:45

Hi mate. I have a Citroen C5 Exclusive. I have had the DPF removed, and had it remapped. It still goes into limp mode if I accelerate hard; all the lights come on i.e. engine management service light and ESP and anti pollution fault. I'm taking the car to a Citroen main dealer, not with much hope. I fear your remedy does seem to fit the bill. I would appreciate an email with your remedy.

Thanks, bigcarphunter@yahoo.co.uk

27th Jan 2013, 09:18

Those with the HPi engine that cuts out; it is most likely the pressure regulator. If it just goes into limp home when warm, it's more likely the HP pump.

24th Feb 2013, 17:59

I have loved cars since I was 14. Have built my own, and owned everything from American cars to Jags, including 5 Citroen XMs.

The Citroen C5 is the biggest piece of electro-mechanical junk ever put on four wheels. It's dangerous, a potential killer when it goes into crawl mode, which it does on acceleration or at an incline. It's an inbuilt unfixable inherent fault between the BSI and computer. Ridiculously expensive to repair, that's if the main dealers can fix them (which they can't). Citroen should be ashamed, and it's no wonder they have lost 5 billion producing overly complicated, unfixable junk.

22nd Oct 2013, 12:31

Did you find out what was/is up with your Citroen, as I'm having the same trouble?

Ian, North East.

17th Nov 2013, 10:59

Had the same problem with the radio on my 2002 2.2 HDI Exclusive.

Quoted about £400.00 for new radio by the main dealer. Bought a 2nd hand radio on eBay for £20, which was tested and fitted by same main dealer for £26.00. Works fine.

29th Nov 2013, 14:24

I missed buying a DS, but bought a manual CX2200 Pallas in the late 70s - a failed engine cost me AUS $3500 (substantial in the early 80s). Dreadful build quality, however it performed brilliantly in the hostile environment of Australia's Northern Territory, and was retired to a Sydney Francophile.

Then bought an XM V6 auto - endless electrical issues and lost a great deal when sold.

In July this year (2013), I bought a 2001 build C5 HDi auto for two grand with grand plans to address its several paint & body problems and an array of warning lights, and then gift to my wife in August. The duco/body repairs returned it to a fine looking vehicle - then a detailer did goodness knows what and the vehicle could not be started. Replaced the Comm200 (?) and a number of minor parts (totalling AUS $3500+) and the vehicle was driven on road for the first time since late last year. The auto functions erratically, fine one trip, then a loss of power & has to be driven in manual mode to get home.

But wait, there's more! It refused to re-start - the gear selector locked (where exactly do you release it?). I searched under the chrome finish selector panel with no success and called a road service organisation. Unable to assist in rainy conditions late at night, I returned with a tow truck the following afternoon, but the valiant efforts of the driver to release the gear lever were unavailing and I called the local road service again (NRMA). The gods of motoring were on my side - the chap who turned up (in 15 minutes!!) was an intuitive, intelligent, lateral thinker - he bridged something or other to get the starter motor to work AND THEN disconnected the gear shift under the bonnet and manually selected reverse to get me out of the parking space, then D to allow me to drive home, THEN drove me back to the car park so I could retrieve my own vehicle!!! I will ensure I can duplicate this method to avoid being stranded again. I applaud the splendid bloke who effectively demonstrated that the wretched computer control of the C5 can be bypassed without incurring expense or collateral damage.

I will stay with the C5 for now, but the experiences set out elsewhere above are a worry. My wife has retained her old vehicle (a faithful Toyota Echo), just in case.


16th Jan 2014, 15:27

If go on the GSF PARTS website, you will find reasonable wipers.

17th Jan 2014, 05:02


It is January 2014, but I think I have your old C5 now, as all the faults you mention are with me, but it's a great car...

28th May 2014, 12:40

The sat nav/radio/CD changer and radio steering wheel controls are all linked, and I have had issues with them all at one point or another. The sat nav eventually failed completely, and I have tried three replacement radios (all correct model and had them coded to the car), but they all developed the same faults. Currently my radio works mainly on AM frequencies, occasionally on FM, and the CD and CD changer don't work at all. My advice is get a TOM TOM (other devices are available!) sat nav, a non Citroen standard radio and just go with it...

All the best, Steve W.

13th Jul 2014, 21:06

Anyone can repair these cars; they are no more difficult to repair than any other vehicle on the road. Mine is a 2003 HDI and never let me down, not a fault in 180,000 miles, and all the servicing was carried out by myself.