26th Apr 2010, 14:06

Hi there,

We bought a Citroen C8 2 years ago. There's been lots of niggly electrical faults (doors not closing, sensor warnings, anti pollution fault warning, alarm going off of its own volition). But to top it all... the timing belt broke last Sunday while my wife and four kids were traveling in the passing lane on a motorway! Mileage is 86,000, well shy of the Citroen recommended timing belt change! Happily they were not injured as my wife desperately but successfully tried to steer across traffic to the breakdown lane.

We are livid about it! The vehicle has never been driven excessively fast or hard, has never towed or pulled vehicles or carried heavy loads (the kids are 10 down to 2).

On inspection the belt doesn't show any great wear an tear, apart from the spot where it tore apart. Why have Citroen not issued a recall over this? Why have they not warned owners to get their belts checked before their recommended interval? Why have people lives been put at risk? You buy a car to move children and families/people around. It's a disgrace!

17th Jun 2010, 05:52

We have a Citroen C8 2004.

We have a similar problem when we were on the motorway on May 31 and our cam belt snapped at 68,000 miles, again, well before the recommended change. Our car has been regularly serviced by Citroen dealership.

When we contacted Citroen UK, they said that they would only consider any payment towards repairs if we had it towed to a Citroen dealership, and no contamination showed on the broken belt. This of course was after they had taken the engine out at a huge Citroen dealership cost!

The dealership were really helpful and said said the last time this happened, Citroen paid £2500 and the customer £4500. We are having ours repaired at an independent garage, with an engine out of a C8 write-off. We still don't know the overall cost of this.

We have a court case next month against the retailer for the crumbling front two seats, the drivers seat has already been replaced once under warranty, so this is the second time it has crumbled to pieces on the outer edge.

How can Citroen continue to not care? They will not get our custom again.

20th Jun 2010, 06:40

I have an 04 2.L C8 bought second hand 3 years ago. I have loved the boot size (we don't use back row of seats... but carry an enormous amount of stuff for work.) and comfort of the seats.

However, last week, at 72K miles the cam belt snapped. Luckily I wasn't on a motorway or in too dangerous a situation, and managed to get off the road. The car has been serviced regularly, but the cambelt was not changed as it's supposed to last til 100K... Ha ha. I was looking for a second hand engine, but after reading all the comments on this website, I think I should cut my losses and scrap it.

There have been quite a lot of niggly problems over the last 3 years. MPG average 30, excessive tyre wear, ESP/ASR not functioning, cruise control not functioning, tailgate locking mechanism faulty several times...

25th Jun 2010, 13:53

The C8/807 engine can be repaired cost effectively after timing belt failure.

Try searching on eBay.

28th Jun 2010, 16:57

My timing belt went 5 and half weeks ago on my way to work. The previous evening, I had been on the M1 with my three sons in. If it had gone then, I am convinced we would have all died, plus others as well!

The AA man towed me to the nearest Citroen dealership and said it was the timing belt. My car has done 40,078 miles only, and I have been the owner from new. It was registered on the 23rd December 2004. It is a Captains Chair exclusive and cost £27,000 new.

Citroen UK will not contribute to the £3,000 repair. They said the water pump had leaked, causing the damage. I spoke at length with the mechanic today, and he has shown me all the parts. There is no fluid damage at all on the belt, and it does in fact look new, except where the snap is. I am going to go back to Citroen as he says no way was leaking fluid the cause. Thankfully our dealership have been fantastic, but I am still without my car, though it should be ready tomorrow.

I will never again buy a Citroen, and I am just thankful be alive to tell the tale!

10th Jul 2010, 06:41

I have a 2004 C8, which had done 52k miles with full service history.

Again the cam belt went and ended in a new engine. The main dealer had the car for 8 weeks in total, and didn't provide me with a hire car for any of the repairs. After some very heated discussions and a chat the Citroen UK (head office) they agreed to pay all but £1500.00. The total repair bill came to just over 7000.00. It's always worth complaining to the head office, and not just the dealer, as the dealer only speaks to the head office for any contribution towards the repair. I have also had the following things go wrong with mine: -

Brake pipe broke - brakes failed - £280.00.

Lower pulley - £380.00.

Tyres x 8 (6 of these for the front).

Airbag light on constantly - Can't be fixed.

Spare wheel mechanism broke, wheel fell to the floor whilst driving.

Diesel additive warning light is the latest one!

I love the look of the car and the way it drives, but not the endless list of faults.

17th Aug 2010, 11:59

I have 2004 2.2 HDI C8.

About 6 months ago I had a crank shaft pulley disintergrate on me and had it replaced. Two weeks ago my timing belt went it had only done 80k.

I bought the car second hand and don't have all the history on the car. But the garage I deal with said if I could get the rest of the history sorted out they would see if Citroen would help towards cost.

18th Aug 2010, 15:13

** To anyone that can help with my Citroen C8 04 plate **

I am absolutely gobsmacked to read all the faults people have had with their C8 cars, like me and my family. We went to walk our dogs, when on the way, our car completely cut out with no warning whatsoever. We pulled over and were quite confused as to what was happening - like you would on a main road with 4 kids and 2 dogs moaning about the stop!! We simply couldn't get the car to start, and had to be towed to a safe place by the police, as we broke down on a main road blind corner :(

We had to be recovered 40 miles back to our house, and got booked in with our mechanic. Our fab mechanic couldn't diagnose the problem, and arranged for it to be towed to our Citroen garage for diagnosis of the problem. Our car has been there for 2 days, and unfortunately the staff were shockingly rude and unhelpful, and offered no explanation; simply it's 'complicated' and unusual.

After my mechanic running around after the Citroen dealer, we have now been told that the cambelt tension wheel is broken, and the only option is a new engine, which is going to cost me £5000+!!! After reading all these problems, why haven't the C8 in this age range been recalled!! I simply can't afford this, and would never ever buy a Citroen again! I'm deeply disappointed.

Has anyone got the main office details to see if they can offer advice and maybe some financial help towards this disappointment? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time reading this essay!!