27th Sep 2009, 12:48

We bought our C8 10/05/04 from our local dealer, nothing really went wrong for the first couple of years except the alarm going off repeatedly until we eventually stopped using the remote to lock the car, which meant the alarm was never really on. We did this after umpteen visits to the dealer.

We had the 30k service done at the same dealer, the cost was over £500 with a quote for nearly £600 for recommendations of parts to be renewed. We declined there offer of this.

Not long after the service the chrome started to peel away from the handles, the dealer said it was not covered as the warranty had ran out (Citroen uk are looking at this just now)

To top all this off the cam belt broke last week, the car has only done 41k, after reading some of the letters on this web site we cannot afford the cost of that kind of repair bill.

Broken hearted and disgusted with this vehicle, may have to scrap it as the market value is slightly higher that the expected garage bill, the name Citroen makes me sick, never ever will I buy anything with that name on it again.

6th Oct 2009, 05:54

Pretty much a repeat of the previous comment. I am now left with an 04 C8 needing a new engine after the cambelt snapped. Even if I spend the £5000+ that Citroen quote for repair, who is going to want a 5 year old car which has already needed a new engine?? If you have got one, do yourself a huge favour and get rid of it at the earliest possible opportunity.

23rd Nov 2009, 12:57

My Citroen C8 with 56,000 miles rolled to a halt in the middle of a duel carriageway with myself, my wife and four children yesterday. We were towed to our Citroen dealer where were we told the cambelt had snapped and it would cost 5000 pounds. On another occasion the heater wiring for the passenger heated seat caught fire whilst my wife and children were on a day out. Anyone thinking of buying a C8 run a mile, the only thing good about them is their looks, and that will 'flake' away!

5th Feb 2010, 03:51

I have a 2004 C8 SX auto. Had it since new. I have an ex Citroen mechanic service it, and only take it to main dealer for major parts (cam belt, water pump and pulleys). It has now done 167520 miles and only had bulbs replaced apart from normal service parts; brakes, filters.

3rd Mar 2010, 17:16

Citroen C8.

If I listed all the problems I've had with this car in the last 6.5 years, I'd run out of space!

Constantly have an anti-pollution fault - garage finds no problems and re-sets, days later it's back.

Had flaky handles.

When first using back window washer, the water got into the lock and made the alarm go off when locking.

Now, after just having a service, replacing battery, road springs (snapped) and brake pads and disks, my cam belt has snapped. I'm most annoyed because having looked on the Internet, I should have had it replaced, even though it has only done 45000 miles! Waiting for a quote to fix it.

Never again.

6th Mar 2010, 05:47

I am appalled at the reviews on the C8. My daughter purchased one in 2003 and had numerous problems - the main one being the anti pollution fault appearing frequently and NO GARAGE WAS ABLE TO SORT IT! The worst part being the smell inside the car, which is appalling. She has an eight year old, and the fumes couldn't have done her any good!

Also, the cam belt breaking. This has happened recently, and as it is replaced at 100,000 miles and she has only done 56,000 miles, I contacted Citroen regarding the cost, and didn't get a definite answer as to whether they would pay, mainly I think due to the age of the car (6 years) but gave me a reference number to quote when the car goes into the garage. Surely if the cam belt doesn't need changing until 100,00 miles and does so before, then the cost of repair is down to Citroen.

What does anyone else think?

11th Mar 2010, 09:32

Ah, the Citroen C8.

Several problems with the folding seats, which are an expensive fix. Broken springs within the drivers seat.

Anti pollution fault, although my garage did manage to fix this.

Paintwork = horrible as it has blemished in various places. The Synergie we had before this car was much better.

Cambelt failure at 69000 miles and 5 years old. In my case, because it had a full dealer history and it was the start of the year, Citroen UK supplied an engine for free, as long as the dealer did the work at warranty rates. However, we still had to pay for a full set of injectors as these could not be removed.

Just as well as without the help, the car was a write off. We did however, still get a bill for £3,500 being the labour, balance of service, injectors and a new clutch which we had done whilst the engine was out.

However, it took them a week to get the car working because of an issue with the cambelt sensor and the car has not be right ever since.

It is now back in the shop hoping to get the cambelt sensor fixed again so it starts and does not feel under powered.

Overall = Citroen should be embarrassed about the C8. We will be running it into the ground and hope that the kids will be old enough that we can move onto a normal sized car next time. No way will it be a Citroen.

22nd Mar 2010, 16:14

7 year old C8 with 67k miles on the clock. Has a full service history.

Cambelt broke at the end of Jan 10. Citroen will not contribute anything towards a new engine (have been quoted £5.3k for a remanufactured engine fitted by a Citroen dealership). They say that there is evidence of coolant leakage, and this is therefore the reason why the belt snapped. Because they cannot get the injectors out and remove the head, it has been assumed that the engine has had it and needs replacing.

I find it amazing that Citroen have an engine that is built in such a way that you cannot remove the head. This engine is also in a Fiat and a Peugeot 807. The car is effectively a write-off.

12th Apr 2010, 16:19

I was driving my wife's C8 on the M6 on Good Friday; the car suddenly lurched forward and stopped. I had to limp onto the hard shoulder. The camshaft had snapped. It is an 05 plate and done 60K. We were quoted 6000 to fit a new engine at the dealer, but didn't want to pay that, so had it moved to an independent garage. The mechanic there thought he could do it, but couldn't get the injectors out. What a mess! The same situation as everyone else: a car that is worth maybe 6000, but need to spend 4000 to get it on the road. In the last 12 months, we have spent over 1000 on it for various faults. Also got the flaking handles... a totally inadequate car; I am getting a Toyota Verso.