14th Dec 2008, 15:54

Another stumbling 807 owner looking for parts to fix the 807.

I have lost faith in all dealerships after giving several of then the opportunity to fix my car.

Mines is the 807 2.2 HDI. I have had it for an amazing 5 years. With literally 1000's of miles spent going back to the dealers.

All the same problems as everyone else; seats falling apart, door handles replaced several times (which now means the interior door covers don't fit), spurious lights flashing, doors with a mind of their own, alarm going of in the middle of the night, air con broken down completely i.e. no fans at all (this problem still exist and have purchased hair dryer for car; works perfectly), wiring looms disintegrating before my very eyes, of course the Eco fault allowing you to limp to your destination, and the diesel additive which, if you take it to the dealer he will kindly rebuild your car at all your expense just to find it light up a week later.

All of my faults occurred, luckily within the warranty period and then again a week after it ran out.

23rd Dec 2008, 11:21

I have a 2003 52 early 2.0 HDi Manual. I purchased the car with a broken cambelt 2 years ago and rebuilt the engine myself. The cam belt went at 122k; not sure if the aux belt went and caused the cambelt to break, or just the belt needed changing.

Lots of big surprises; ticking injectors are only available new. Anyone telling you they recon them are lying. Bosch do not do any spares or didn't 2 years ago. New they are £1300 a set. I eventually found a new set at a Bosch centre for £650 after I had spent £400 on a recon set.

To say I am unhappy with the car would be a unfair, as generally the car is good. At now 144k the car has all of the above faults, but one fix for the peeling handles; I had sprayed the car colour.

My sunroof is now leaking and coming out of the overhead vent.

So thanks for any advice, you don't buy a Citroen for its reliability or build quality, but its character.

13th Jan 2009, 07:59

I too wish I had read this site before purchasing a Citroen C8.

I also find that the MPG is totally incorrect, even when going on a long motorway run we struggle to get more than 27MPG.

People read the technical data so they can estimate how much it is going to cost running a car, if the details are wrong Citroen should have questions to answer.

Do not purchase a Citroen C8 auto unless you want extremely high petrol costs.

15th Jul 2009, 14:40

Three months ago I got a C8 from a used car dealer.

After doing 2000 miles on top of the 55000 it had, the cam belt snapped, damaging the injector and other things inside the engine. The cost for the repair is 1600 plus VAT. This car is not 10 years old; it's only 6 years old and it's been serviced every two years as stated in the handbook. When I put this to Citroen about this they said that the handbook is only recommendation and it's no guarantee. However if the fault was caused by a design on the car, they would pay something to the cost, however I would have to pay for the car to be towed to their dealer and then pay for their dealer to look at it, and then they would make a small payment that may not even cover the cost of the towing, never mind the repair.

My advice on this; put your family on a bus as all of the dealers will run a mile from payout cost.

29th Jul 2009, 13:21

Hi all. My CAM belt has just snapped doing 70-80 on the motorway. I had it removed by the AA who were great to the dealer. Bryan Brothers now City Motors who advise me that the engine may be ****** I will update you when I found out. It has been services on time every time. I may be luck or may have 5-6k new engine. which is a shame as I still have 2 years to pay for it @ £260 per month.

James Parkinson


07973 710190.

11th Aug 2009, 14:28

I have a C8 on 03 plate, bought it with 40k miles 3 years ago, now done 88k.

Had anti-pollution fault 2 years ago. They said it was a heating cold and replaced it and the seal for £450. Seemed OK.

Handbrake problem - wearing indicator on all the time and beep warning, they charged £160 to rewire it to computer.

Overall not too bad until this summer. Had Diesel Additive Minimum level on for a bit. Saw a chat room that made you wonder what to do next. Took it to Citroen specialist who stated get it done if you wish (he was the boss), but not really necessary it only helps emissions, but rarely does a car fail MOT for it.

Went to France on holiday towing a caravan. Got there OK 1250 mile journey. Out and about and anti-pollution warning came on with significant loss of power in lower gears and became noisy. Call insurance breakdown who spoke to French garage for us and booked it in for 2 days later. Message disappeared but trouble starting when warm, OK if cold. Spoke to French Garage and my diesel specialist. With the latter spoke to elderly mechanic who said get additive done. French garage could not see anti-pollution fault, but did additive which included particle filter 927 euros. Rest of holiday anti-pollution on and off, still starting problem.

Got home, took car to Citroen specialist who was baffled. His advice was to ignore Citroen main dealer as they would not know and recommended a diesel specialist. They had car for 3 days - "insufficient pressure in the common rail" they stripped and tested two injectors and repaired one. Put it back together and problem fixed £340, estimate for main dealer about £900. Followup advice from diesel specialist - somehow get the software upgraded otherwise some error messages will not completely disappear. Lo and behold ESP/ASR not functioning. I'll wait to build the bank balance before the next garage visit!!!

6th Sep 2009, 06:28

I have had my 2.0 petrol C8 LX since new, and it is now over 6 years old and has done about 65000 miles.

In that time I have had many of the faults mentioned above; seat base replaced, flaking boot handle and the indicator, light stalk replaced all under warranty. As mine is a lowly LX spec, I have not had the power door problems and sun roof leaks, and as it is petrol, none of the associated problems.

The petrol engine gets in the high 20's to the gallon, which is not too far away from the claimed 31. Tyre wear is about 20K miles for a set, they all wear evenly for some reason.

The main problems are the rear exhaust boxes only seem to last 30K miles, the middle box about 40K, and the parts have to come from Citroen, and so are in well in excess of £300 (last one went the other week in France and cost 440 Euro) fitted. This seems very excessive.

All the other door handles are starting to flake now, and I have the doors unlocking themselves from time to time.

In summary, much as everyone else says, nice looking car, but let down by numerous faults.