15th Aug 2007, 05:58

Have left numerous posts already detailing the numerous problems with our C8 2.2HDi Exclusive. Hopefully this will be the last, because as soon as we have time to research and test drive the alternatives, and decide which to go for (probably a new Galaxy) the C8 will be going. The latest problem takes the biscuit!!! We were locked out of our own car outside a French supermarket, and no, we had not lost the keys, or locked them inside, nor had the key fob battery gone flat!!!

Let me just run that past you again... we were locked out of our own car!!!

Pressed the unlock button, all that happened was the door mirrors unfolded, and hazards flashed, but the doors remained locked. Tried the rear door remote buttons; nothing. 'Oh well' I reassured the family 'it will be okay, I'll just use the good old fashioned key in the lock'. Nope, that wouldn't unlock it either. Messed about for ages with key fob remote and drivers door lock; nothing. Finally realised that unlike many other cars, C8 has key lock on passenger side. What an inspiration, it opened!!! I could then open the drivers door from the inside, but no matter what I did, the rear doors and boot remained firmly shut and locked. Kids had to clamber over from the front to the back.

Now, I ask you, in the event of an accident, how safe is a car where the rear doors won't open from the inside or out? We certainly didn't fancy driving the 700 miles home to the UK like that!!! When we got back to where we were staying, I opened the battery compartment. Ever wondered why the positive terminal is quick release? Yup, its cos when you disconnect the battery and reconnect it again, it seems to clear a multitude of problems, including the door problem. Clearly Citroen have included this feature so that owners don't have to call the RAC quite so often. Oh well, at least we can use the doors and boot the rest of the holiday. Wonder how long before it does it again?!!!

As someone else said, how can Citroen be allowed to get away with such shoddy quality and reliability? A major reason we purchased the C8 in the first place was for its supposed safety features. Come the crunch, you have to wonder just how many of those features would actually work?!!!!

20th Aug 2007, 09:19

I have seen a 2006 C8 Exclusive with six captains seats and all the bits and bobs for sale at what seems a very good price. Having read the posted comments, I will now do a lot more research before buying. I currently have a C5 3.0 V6 Exclusive SE, which is superb. Every extra you could want and no problems, although I agree main agents are VERY expensive. I use a Citroen specialist near Cambridge who are brilliant.

14th Feb 2008, 07:44

We have had a Citroen C8 2.2 HDI for over 4 years. We really like the design and look of the car. My major gripe with it at the moment is the turbo function on the engine cutting out in a random way. Citroen advised me to replace the Turbo, but I have an independent Citroen specialist looking into this problem and he is convinced it is something to do with the engine management system. He reports that he knows someone who replaced their turbo twice, having had the same problems I experienced, and still had engine faults and turbo cut-outs following the replacements. I would be very interested to hear from others with a similar problem, as my car is now out of warranty. Is it a generic fault, or am I just unlucky? Has anyone experienced this problem and had it solved? If so, I would be grateful for a heads-up on the solution, on this website.

16th Apr 2008, 08:52

We bought our C8 in June 2005 so it it just coming out of it's warranty.

Right from the start we had niggling problems. Nothing major but really annoying.

We have had the drivers seat replaced 3 times because the foam perished (we kept finding pieces of foam under the seat. (I had to wait for a seat to come from France

The trim along the sides does not sit right and had to be replaced twice (again the part had to be brought in from France)

The rear wiper does not clear the top middle of the window. (On both these points the dealer was happy to point out to me that the problem is not with my car - he showed me the same problem on the other C8's he was selling)

A rear door handle came off.

The electric window sensor on the drivers door is faulty. I sometimes have to make 3 or 4 attempt to close the window fully without the sensor triggering and sending the window back down again.

The dealer I bought from appears not to worry about after sales care. I can never get it booked in quickly and when it does go in there are problems. The last time it went in for a service and told them that the 'Brake Pads Worn'. I was asked if it was front or rear (there is only one light and it doesn't specify)

Last Friday I phoned to tell them the rear exhaust had come apart from the rest. I was told they could book it in till next Friday to look at it, couldn't order any parts until they had seen it and couldn't give me a price until they ordered the part.

I rang the independent garage who services my other car. He gave me a price, and ordered the parts from my description of what was wrong and I booked it in for last Monday.

He rang me in the afternoon to say the parts wouldn't arrive until Wednesday (today). He has just phoned me to say that Citroen have now told him there are no parts in the country and he wouldn't get them 'til Monday

Like so many other people making comments here, I will never buy another Citroen (Like so many other companies I am sure Citroen don't care whether I do or not)

3rd Jul 2008, 12:37

Ours is now out of warranty, just as well as we don't now have to trek backwards and forwards to the dealers on an almost daily basis... would never buy another...C8 or Citroen as Citroen UK simply don't care!!!

4th Dec 2008, 18:38

I wish I had seen this site before I bought my C8. I had a Seat Alhambra before this which had done over 100,000 miles, saw the car on a forecourt, was convinced by the guy selling the car that it would be the best one to go to, so I purchased the C8 Exclusive Automatic, book stated that fuel economy would average 36mpg, I could not get any more than 26mpg and as I travel some 25,000 miles per year I couldn't afford this rubbish MPG. Liked the car but crap mpg, I was then told that the Manual would be much better. So after 1 month I stumped up yet another £1000 to go to a lower spec manual only to find that my mpg had gone to 28/29mpg, so why did I change. It annoys me greatly that Citroen put out these widely inaccurate figures for their cars, I buy my car on the back of the mpg figures and feel that something should be done to prevent companies like Citroen widely exaggerating their fuel economy.