24th Jul 2011, 06:22

The diesel additive message comes up for one of three reasons; lack of diesel additive, a blocked DPF (a section of exhaust), or a problem with the ECU that controls it. The best and cheapest way of fixing it is to have the centre of the DPF knocked out at a garage, and get a DPF removal company to plug your car in; this should cost about £200 and the problem will be resolved. Main dealer would advise a much more expensive option.

4th Aug 2011, 07:28

Hi, did you ever find a fix for your sunroof? I have a C8 triple sunroof option, and the dealer is telling me there is an official Citroen bulletin out to all dealers called a `rapide`, quoting how to fix the problem, but it's £1100 and involves drilling into the A and B pillars, and placing more drains there.


23rd Aug 2011, 15:07

My wife and I bought a C8 Automatic Diesel Exclusive, 2004, (one owner) a few months ago. We paid £3500 (includes a 6 month warranty) and so far our really pleased with our purchase (Though looking at this site, we realise that pleasure may be rather premature!).

Looking at the full service history, the car had very few problems until the cam-belt went at 60,000 miles. A Citroen dealer fitted a new engine (cost £5000+) a few months before we purchased it, so hopefully we will be O.K. for a few miles.

We do have the flaking door handle thing, but we can live with that. As for MPG, we were delighted to find that we could go from Aylesbury to Weymouth and back for about £40 quid!

Every thing on the car seems to work fine, with the exception of one of the sliding doors, which starts to automatically close, and then changes its mind half-way across. We have been told that this can happen when the door motor starts to fail, and that it needs to be replaced. Is this the experience of others?

At the moment, we feel that we have bought a lot of car for very little money. To be honest, knowing what other 7-seaters cost to buy, I don't think we could complain even if we had to spend the purchase price again for servicing and repairs over the next few years. OK, I would complain, and yes, I know there is the inconvenience factor when things go wrong and the loss of confidence in a car when that happens, etc... but at the moment (fingers crossed and stroke my lucky rabbits foot) we do like this car very, very much!

30th Aug 2011, 18:55

I have had the dreaded premature cam belt failure in my Citroen C8 (in July, just weeks before we were due to travel to Europe). Citroen UK agreed to fit a new engine, which has now been completed. I have since provided them with details of all the losses I have suffered as a result of their negligence (including failure to issue a recall), but they have steadfastly refused to deal with my claim (which is for hire charges and some other bits and pieces). I've sent a letter before action to Citroen UK Ltd in Slough, but does anyone know the correct name of the organisation I should be issuing against? Is it Citroen UK Limited within the UK? Or is it some other organisation in Europe. Obviously, I don't want to waste even more money.

Can I advise anyone else who suffers this problem to file a vehicle defect report with VOSA, as I and many others have done. Citroen are continuing to refuse to accept the scale of the problem. Will it take a serious accident or even a death before they will take some action? Thanks in anticipation of any assistance that anyone can give.

31st Aug 2011, 07:49

My '03 Fiat Ulysse 2.0 turbo diesel broke its timing belt @ 89k. At the time I'd changed to a Peugeot dealer (and I'm still with them) and the recommended timing belt replacement mileage for same-engined 807s then (Nov.2008) was 100k. However, when I checked with my previous Fiat dealer, they told me Fiat suggested 60k. Two weeks after my engine blew-up, Peugeot specified 50k to all their dealers here in the Irish Republic.

The broken belt resulted in a 5k euro engine rebuild, and now my Ulysse is coming up to 150k (belt replaced again at 140k at cost of 550euro) and running better than ever! I've had the car 6 yrs, done 125k in it over the worst roads in Ireland (probably also Europe). The suspension is strong and gives a smooth, unfussed ride over all surfaces.

It has broken down 3 times - the timing belt and, more recently, a failed alternator and tainted diesel. The latter cost me 600 euro to put right, but fuel consumption has jumped from 32 to 38mpg after the entire fuel system was taken apart & cleaned, and the increased mpg will repay my outlay in a year in addition to improved power & acceleration. The alternator went at 140k (new Valeo cost 370 euro fitted), and the only other major repairs have been the underbonnet fuse box shortly after I acquired the vehicle (water damage resulting corrosion to leads/fuses), and 2 rear shock absorbers (at 90k).

Apart from the timing belt incident, I'd say this car is well built, safe and almost unburstable. It takes me to the beach through centuries-old narrow lanes, has carried me and my work in the past (loaded up with large window displays and fragile merchandising gear) all over the west of Ireland on all types of roads, and is happy 6-up and full of luggage for a 1,000k motorway blast across England dropping off university students and visiting relatives.

It's worth peanuts, has stopped being manufactured by Fiat, but who cares? Yes, I spend good money having it well-looked after, but it meets my and the family's needs brilliantly, and I hope will continue to do for several years to come. We also have a Multipla in the family, and we love that too!

31st Aug 2011, 15:43

This fault with the ESP/ASR that you described is your ABS sensors being faulty. They cost £100 each for the front wheels. Not too big a deal, had it happen on mine, and now that problem is solved. Onwards to the other problems, YAY!

22nd Sep 2011, 10:53

How 100% true about Citroen UK. Have recently scrapped my 6 year old C8 2.0 HDI after the cam belt snapped at 75,000 miles. Citroen UK, of course, have no interest in putting anything right, and have merely offered £750 - you've guessed it - off another new bloody Citroen!

2nd Nov 2011, 11:44

Hi, my C8 displays the fuel additive minimum quite often. I was shown a receipt when I purchased the car to say it had been refilled in July. I thought nothing of this, and carried on driving my car. I had the car plugged in, removed all faults, and within a few hours the faults reappeared, but now I have 3 more faults that appear

* Anti pollution fault

* Fuel filter blockage

* Braking fault (doesn't appear very often)

When the anti pollution fault appears, my car goes into limp mode, I have had the fuel filter changed today, and it had made no difference at all.