9th Jan 2007, 05:41

Having checked repair reports/correspondence to Citroen, forgot to say in my previous entry.

Already mentioned the alarm once, ie almost impossible to turn off the volumetric sensor if did leave anything/body in car when locked. However, do not leave the child mirror down, as if you do, it will almost certainly set the alarm off as it obscures the sensors. Lost track of how many times we woke the neighbours until we realised that this was the cause.

The reverse light switch broke, knocking out the reverse lights and parking sensors. Good job my wife realised before she reversed into something, as I wouldn't have fancied our chances of getting Citroen to repair the subsequent crash damage.

Has anyone any experience of the new Sedona, compared to the C8?

15th Jan 2007, 14:15

I've just bought a 2006 C8 Exclusive CC, an ex demonstrator with 3800 miles. I love the car, but am having problems with water coming through the map lights next to the sunroof. I can hear water moving around somewhere inside the roof lining. Has anyone else had this problem?

The dealer has checked the sunroof and says there's nothing obvious, but I'm worried that the water will damage the large array of electrics.

5th Feb 2007, 04:33

Reference comments 15th January, hearing water moving around in roof lining, and having it exit through courtesy light/electric door console. As mentioned in own previous comments, we have had similar problems on my wife's C8 Exclusive with triple sunroof option.

Before the water first actually came through, whenever it was damp, she could hear the sound of water rolling around. She always assumed it was running across the top of the roof... until it first came through. There is a channel within the frame of each sunroof, which can become quite full of water, and I think this is where the sound comes from...however, quite how the water gets there, no idea.

The first time our C8 went in for this they replaced the seal on the front sunroof... and it seemed okay for a while. However, three months later it leaked again... or when I say leaked... we had water coming through the light console. I water tested the sunroofs, and so did the garage, and neither of us could recreate the problem. We are now wondering if its caused by excessive condensation, which has no escape due to the poor design of the sunroofs, and the fact that there appears to be no drains, as would apparantly be normal.

Our reasons for suspecting this is that after the last time it appeared to leak, it rained torrentially for about a week, and no more water came through. Prior to the apparent leak, the car had been full with seven occupants all of whom had wet hair and coats... creating lots of comdensation.

Citroen insist that there are drains, and condensation shouldn't cause the problem, but they would need it for yet another week to investigate more thoroughly...they're having a laugh!!! Anyone else had similar problems and established the cause????

19th Feb 2007, 02:38

We have an 04 C8 2.2 diesel which has now done 70k miles.

The only problems we've had were:

* faulty tailgate lock (fixed by the supplying dealer)

* flickering headlights/random warnings on display (fixed by replacing the battery - under warranty)

* disintegrated aux drive pulley, taking out the air con and power steering - fixed under warranty, although the car was one month older than the warranty period.

The lowest fuel consumption was 29mpg - that was fully loaded, with roof box on a German motorway trip averaging 90+mph. Typical fuel consumption is 35mpg.

I think the dealer makes a big difference to the owner's experience. Our dealer is in Cambridgeshire, very close to the M11 and they've been superb. We'd have no hesitation in recommending the C8 based on our experience.

19th Mar 2007, 10:37

I have had no endless amount of problems including those mentioned by owners/drivers. I managed to get Citroen HQ to increase the warranty by extra year due to problems. The MPV has been almost rebuilt.

I've even had all seat belts changed (7 of them), 3 drivers car seats, reversing sensors all replaced, climate control changed twice. Tyres and alloy wheels changed from 15 to 16inch, due to early tyre wear at 10K miles. I've had water leaking into the front passenger carpet by the a/c vent. I've had the middle seat base replaced because the mechanisam broke and recycled bit of metal had buckled.

How can a car that's won awards have so many problems? I guess because they're not thoroughly checked out. How can Citreon be allowed to get away with all these problems?

I won't even tell you what my dealership thinks of the C8 (it's not good though!). I've got to know the dealership so well as the C8 is in there most of the time. They even lent me their new C8 demonstrator for 1 month while they worked on mine.

14th Aug 2007, 01:34

Have had my C8 for three years now, and have only had a few minor issues, mainly the flaking chrome on the door handles.

It did take the dealership 2 weeks to get a part replaced under warranty though.

Have just recently developed the water from the drivers light console, and wonder if anyone has found a cure for this? I just took it that it was due to the excessive rain we had been having.

15th Aug 2007, 05:31

Yup, well I've mentioned some of our many problems in previous posts; in particular, the problem with the leaking sunroof. We've started to use a different dealer for warranty repairs, and they finally found the problem. To do so they had to virtually remove the entire inside of the car!!! An adhesive metal strip on the underside of the sunroof seal was wrinkled and allowed water to slowly seep in. Due to the cost of the repairs, the dealer had to seek approval from Citroen, who initially refused, saying it was something we had done to the car. They relented after the dealer pointed out that it was a manufacturing fault that could only be accessed by removing the entire roof lining. The cost to Citroen was apparently over £1000, but thankfully, after 2 years of ownership we finally have a car that does not leak!!!

15th Aug 2007, 05:38

Further to our previous comments re: the dire quality of C8s and the saga of the leaking sunroof that was finally sorted after 2 years. At the same time as the roof lining had to be removed, so did every single piece of door and boot lining/panels, and they never go back the same do they?!!! The brushed aluminium door/boot handles turned out not to be metal at all, but plastic with a metal coating, which started peeling off everywhere. Cost to Citroen I believe was over £600.

The issue of MPG on the 2.2 HDi Exclusive is ongoing. Really it seems to depend upon what mood the car is in when it wakes up. Some days it isn't too bad; on others, it is atrocious. It still never gets anywhere near that MPG quoted. Its clearly something that will never be resolved, and what we save on fuel by swapping it for a decent car will pay for the cost of doing so!!!